A Parting KissMature

Act 9

Scene 4

Mrs Conrad: Just keep going… just keep going… keep going… almost there… almost there… 

(They continue to jump over rooftops, with Roger's men in hot pursuit, but after making a large jump, they appear to lose track of Roger and his men, but the group know that he can't be far behind) 

Eric: Okay everyone, over here (panting) just a few more jumps, should get us in the cle- AH! 

(He yells, because he is exhausted and distracted, as his foot slips on the slope of a roof and he falls short of grabbing it with his hand, with a surprised yell he hits the ground with a thud) 

Imogen: Dad! 

Greg: There's a fire escape over here! We can get down it!

Mrs Conrad: Let's pick him up and go then.

(Greg, Imogen, Mrs Conrad, Danny and Wilhelmina proceed to do so) 

Eric (groaning in pain): Ah shit…help me… 

Imogen: Dad are you okay?

Eric (blood leaking from his mouth): M'okay… M'okay.

Mrs Conrad: We'll have you outta here in no time, now just… (She freezes, as she and everyone else spots it, a piece of upturned shrapnel from the floor, has impaled Eric in the stomach) 

Imogen: No… no…no… (Begins to cry) 

Eric: It's okay baby girl, you just gotta go listen to me, Immie look at me… 

Imogen: No, please no...

(Weeps onto his chest) 

Eric: Hon… Helen… please.

Mrs Conrad: Were not leaving you, now come on!

(Tries to lift him off the shrapnel, but he only squeals in pain and his ribcage prevents the shrapnel from leaving his body) 

Eric: (crying in pain): Fack… fack... just go… please.

Mrs Conrad (paling): No, you're not stuck. Come on Eric honey, move!

(Tries to tug at him again, but releases its helpless) 

Danny: His gonna bleed out, if you keep doing that! 

Mrs Conrad (snapping at him and genuinely upset): I KNOW THAT YOU IDIOTIC BOY! BUT I CAN SAVE HIM! 

Wilhelmina: Guys, erm... we have company

(They look up, to see Roger's men approaching) 

Danny: Guys, let's get fuck outta this alley!

(He hurriedly ascends the fire escape) 

Eric: I can't go, please Helen go… take Imogen and… 

Mrs Conrad: (drawing axe) I'm not leaving your side Eric, end of story.


Mrs Conrad (crying, to surprise of everyone present): I CAN'T GO ERIC! YOU'RE THE ONLY DAMN PERSON I CARE ABOUT! IF I LOSE YOU! I LOSE EVERYTHING! 

Eric: You have Imogen, think of her.

Imogen: No, she's right dad, a family never leaves each other behind. I'm not going anywhere.

Eric: You'll die! 

Wilhelmina: Their getting closer! I respect your guys last wish, but I… gotta go!

(She hurriedly ascends the fire escape, after Danny) 

Greg: Don't worry Eric, I'll take Imogen here and… 

Imogen (as Greg tries to drag her away): NO! LET GO OF ME! GREG GODDAMIT! 


Imogen (trying to wrestle out of Greg's grip and sobbing): I need to do this… Greg… Chantelle was right, I am sheltered. I have my family.

Greg: Don't let those words get to you… Imogen you're… 

Wilhelmina (from above): YOU GUYS! ARE YOU COMING!? 

Greg: IN A SEC! (Back to where, he holds Imogen) Imogen you're the most amazing beautiful, most badass girl I've ever met. Don't let anyone tell you different and don't let me lose you.

Imogen: If you think so highly of me Greg then you'll let me do this. I'm not going to die I'm going to fight.


Imogen: My dad is gonna die here Greg. No matter what happens, I need to be there for him and mum, and when he dies, mum is gonna need me. I can't ditch my family Greg, this is my service to them.

Greg: Please! You've done enough, come with me.

Imogen: No, you can never do enough, that's how I work.

Greg: This is why I like you so much, you're so goddamn nice and now (begins to cry heavily) I'm gonna lose you.

Imogen: Believe in me all right, it will keep you going, you have to go Greg get to that bunker, get those answers you really want, but my place is here and as much as I want to go. I can't, this is where I'm needed.

Greg: You could come, but in your eyes, that's the selfish thing and I understand but… 

Imogen: Yeah?

Greg: I love you so damn much.

(Their heads come together and at long, long, long fucking last, as Mrs Conrad states from in front of them, as she looks back. Greg and Imogen share their first kiss, which is very deep and passionate, they break apart as two injured, weary, crying, blood-stained people panting heavily) 

Greg: I know everyone picked up on it, but now Imma say it. I love you. Plain and simple.

Imogen: I love you as well Greg, we should have acted sooner, now go and remember me.

Greg: Don't do this to me.

Imogen: GO! 

(Greg retreats at the last possible second, and just as he does, Roger hits the scene)

Roger: Aw what a shame, the lovely dovey family have finally met there match, too bad you all have to die now.

Eric: It's okay you guys, it's okay, it's… 

Roger: Kill them all!

(They attack, knives shining, Mrs Conrad has her axe and Imogen a small knife, to fight them off, Greg gasps when he sees Roger silt a defenceless Eric's neck) 

Eric: Girls… I… I loved you both so… so…much…

(He dies) 

Imogen: Daaaaaaaaaad! 

Mrs Conrad: (to Roger): The queen called.

Roger: What did she say may I ask?

Mrs Conrad (fury and grief exploding out of her): OFF WITH YOUR FUCKING HEAD!

(She strikes, with her supernatural like power, before Roger can react and the gruff military man head is removed from his body, as his body slumps. Mrs Conrad in her rage begins to slaughter members of the Aeternis)

Greg: Guys! 

(He sees Roger's men overwhelming Imogen and Mrs Conrad, until they disappear from sight) 

Greg: (heartbroken cry): IMOGEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! 

(No response, they are both dead no doubt. The Aeternis members however hear this cry and spot him, pulling himself together, Greg manages to flee to the rooftop, although he is shaken and in tears. A nearby Wilhelmina and Danny run over to him, when he reaches the roof)   

The End

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