Daz. Dan. Dad.Mature

Act 9

Scene 1

(Gordon is on guard, sitting alone in the dark nigh,t he slowly reaches a hand into his pocket and pulls out his now clumpy, wet, drug) 

Gordon: This… gfrynmjuhskfuhdmnkghfunmfhbvnmfvhmuirjeuyhtjrfyudhjf, it's useless now… fucking useless… Auntie Jeana, Jaya, Joey, Charlie, Jack. I could have disbanded that argument; I could have used it on myself and turned badass to save Auntie Jeana. I could have saved Jaya and gone after that Random Slag myself, but no. I waited too little too late…

Wilhelmina (walking up and spotting Gordon talking): Dude, who are you talking too? 

Gordon: Oh! Erm no one fam! What the… (There is a silence and he sighs) okay so I'm talking to myself and going crazy, that's what you wanna know? 

Wilhelmina: Please were all going crazy, Danny's a klemo, Greg can rabble on, Chantelle has always been messed up, Mrs Conrad's a serial killer, were all losing it. I'm the crazy drunk of the group remember? 

Gordon: Yeah… (Putting drug back into his pocket, so Wilhelmina does not notice it) I just feel guilty, like I could have done something to save the others and I just… 

Wilhelmina: Been a coward yeah… let's face it, you are, and no chavvy accent is gonna cover that, but you couldn't have done anything.

Gordon: No, I couldn't have. (Feeling guilty as he has told no one about the drug in his pocket) erm… I guess.

Wilhelmina: Look It's unfair how Mrs Conrad treats you, but she's right, you need to develop a backbone, and the sooner you do the better, if you don't… well I'm sorry then you're gonna be one of the next of us to die.

Gordon: W-what m-makes you t-t-hink like that? 

Wilhelmina: My God you're sounding a helluva lot like Alan, but you can't run away from your problems forever. Heck Alan was a nice guy, but he wasn't strong enough and those men eventually caught him and killed him… and like me earlier, if Danny hadn't pushed me into my worst fear and if I didn't get my shit together and swim… hell, I would have died.

Gordon: Danny is an asshole.

Wilhelmina: See? Say that to him, not me, and yes his an asshole of the worst kind, but I get him and like it or not, he knows his shit.

Gordon: Was it scary? You know… swimming? 

Wilhelmina: Horrific, felt like I was gonna drown, or sink like I did when I was 5 all over again. But you have to face it. Sooner or later.

Gordon: I guess you're right.

Wilhelmina: Yeah, because you can run fast and you may be the next of us to fall or one of the last, I dunno, but by the way you're opening up now, if you're not killed by Roger's men...

(Gordon shivers)     

Wilhelmina:... Or eaten by a cannibal, heck, then the guilt will finish you.

(Gordon nods as Wilhelmina heads back to sleep) 

Wilhelmina (to herself): Great, I'm the one having to comfort the big “manly men” and be the emotional support of the group and when the emotional support is the alcoholic who can't cope with reality, then you know your group is done for. (sighs) I'd kill for a pint right now, This thinking and comforting people is horrible, I preferred being so blissfully drunk.

(The night drags onwards, in an uneasy silence, finally as dawn is nearing and it's apparent that everyone can no longer sleep, in nerves, or fear, Mrs Conrad tells herself and the remaining 10 survivors that they have to move) 

Gordon: Oh god walking in the dark, I hate this.

Eric: Either that or we allow Roger and his men to catch up with us, which will it be? 

Gordon: This option, it's just… Roger and his men, their like us, they have to eat, sleep, drink at some point, they must be struggling, as badly as we are? Maybe we could ask for an alliance? 

Chantelle: Sounds like a good idea, I need some cock and despite his messed up face Roger's a fucking stud.

Florence: NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! More people here would mean more dramas, more romances, more sex scenes, and more fallouts, where would I fit in all that! I will not be lost in a crowd of thugs!

Imogen: Florence, we couldn't lose sight of you, if we dropped you into the middle of Tokyo.

Florence: Because I am simply that memorable.

Suzanne: Or simply that loud.

Florence: Humph! Just jealous, that's all.

Suzanne: (to Daz): She's an absolute nutjob, Florence, yet I can't hate her, after all she's been through.

Daz (who will now officially be known as Dan, because his character has changed so much in the script so…)

Dan: Trust me, if she makes a play on this and we have to sit through it, we'll have more than enough reason to hate her.

Suzanne: (thinking back) Well I heard that you used to throw eggs at a certain parade…

Dan: It was uncalled for back then… but if I'm forced to sit through a play of her's, then trust me, eggs will be thrown.

Greg: Well I agree with you there.

Florence: As quoted “Forget the haters, because somebody loves ya”

Eric: Guys, you'e straying off the track! Keep moving straight! 

Chantelle: Like your cock, when you look at me? 

Eric (sighing): Be thankful my wife didn't hear that.

(Mrs Conrad is far ahead pacing forwards) 

Danny: It's best she stays ahead, still (he eyes scan the ground and in the rubble he spots something interesting, because of his condition he swipes the green piece of cloth up and ties it around his head, like a headband) 

Wilhelmina: Didn't you used to wear a bloody headband, all the time? 

Danny: That bland, blue, piece of shit? Yeah I used too, now I have this.

Wilhelmina: Reading… “The Legend”.

Imogen: Were gonna have to tighten that headband, or else Danny's inflating head will break it.

Danny: Actually, it's very accurate.

Wilhelmina: Why don't you have, "I am the boss" tattooed all over your body, y’know? Just to make you look as stupid, as you really are.

Danny: We already know I am the boss and a legend, anyhow speaking of clothing choices, your rags ain't changed much, other than that yellow scarf you've got on you all the time.

Wilhelmina: I brought it when I was 8, only thing I brought for myself as I liked the colour, kept it with me ever since, it's a sign of my freedom from the stuffy house I lived in.

Florence (butting into conversation): Thou art have a crown! (pulls it out of her pocket) an exact replica of the queen's crown I won at the year 6 disco. I was queen, Jack was my king, he made it for me, right after the Penti present tournament.

(Thinks of Jack, her eyes distant) 

Imogen: I ain't got no clothes but I do have a scar on back from when a chav snuck into my house when I was 3 and tried to kill me with a knife, for no reason. Mum saved the day and I survived and since that day, Dad's always called me a little fighter.

Suzanne: Well, all I have on me is the music locket (opens it and Melody for, "Pop Goes The Weasel" begins to play) used to be obsessed with it, when I was little girl. I kept it on me since then, as a good luck charm.

Gordon: Well I ain't got shit on me.

Dan: What's that around ya neck then? 

Gordon: Nothing, just a dog tag…

(Is actually a locket and inside, it is a picture of Gordon with his mum and dad) 

Dan: Only thing I kept on me, is this note from my parents, basically it says, come to Mortdale you'll find something good here, yeah they lied, day they? 

Chantelle: Well doe look at me, I doe wear clothes, there overrated.

Greg: And the thing I like to treasure is my little red cap right here. (points at where it lopsided on his head) it's soaked, it's burnt, it's crumpled, but it's survived so much, been in my family for generations passed on from father to son, always had the same words on it, Winters in capitals and stitched in yellow and a star below that to show us Winters are stars.

Danny: (to Wilhelmina): And I'm the only one with arrogant headgear now, am I? 

Wilhelmina: Yeah because that cap for Greg means a great deal, it's been around in his family for years, whereas you just picked up that ragged old thing.

Danny: Still the best personal possession here.

Florence: Bitches please, I beg to differ.

Mrs Conrad: Hurry up you incompetent imbiclies! We have places to be and…

(Pauses as she notices a lone figure standing somewhat 30 feet in front of them) HEY! (Everyone pauses and spots the figure) 

Greg: HEY! Holler back at us! 

(Figure is silent) 

Chantelle: It cor be that random slag again, can it? 

Eric: No this a dude, you can tell and they ain't recording us.

Imogen: His just standing there, I don't like this.

Dan: (pulling out knife): Greg get back (he does so) I'll deal with this fucker, if he so much as so breathes at me funny.


Florence: Maybe thou art not, looks can be deceiving, remember Sven and co? Who turned out to cannibals.

Gordon: But he was still kind.

Florence: Yes, but if you have eyes to see, that guy tricked us and this fellow may follow thee.

Mrs Conrad: HEY! ANSWER US! 

(At this point the sun is rising in the sky and after watching him for a short while the sunlight highlights his features, he is a small, pale man. Looking as if his in his mid-30's, with his blank grey eyes, he stares at the floor but he clearly has two massive steel blades in his hands) 

Mrs Conrad: Let's just shoot him, I don't like this at all.

(But just as she pulls out her shotgun ready to shoot him, he vanishes) 

Chantelle: What the fuck? Where'd he go? 

(Suddenly, there a crunching noise and a female sharp gasp of pain, everyone turns to see Suzanne, with one of the stranger's blades sticking from her stomach) 

Dan: NO! (The stranger pulls out the blade from Suzanne's stomach, as she falls to the ground, he licks the blood of the blade and smiles at the group) 

Stranger: Imma be rewarded for this, she was only one out of eleven, now I'll kill the rest of you and grab the little Wintie kid.

(Just then, Mrs Conrad shoots at the man, but with an unearthly speed, he ducks) 

Stranger: SHIT! Fine have it your way! Puppet Master says hi, by the way.

(And with that he runs off at an incredible pace, this man is Minion 1 for the Puppet Master and Mrs Conrad's shotgun shells, miss the agile man) 

Imogen: Shit! I think we just met one the Puppet Master's faithful workers.

Chantelle: Well, he was a bit more blunt than Aaron, no creeping around us just straight to the "Imma kill ya" bit and "Imma take Greg".

Eric: That was scary, but still… (Leans down to where Suzanne is bleeding out on the floor and where Dan is cradling her to his chest) Stay still Suzanne we need to patch this up… just… FUCK! (Exclaims this, as his hands are sweaty and covered in blood and he just dropped the bandages in his hands) 

Imogen: Dad, I don't think there's enough to… 


(Imogen is stung by this and a silence hovers over the group, after the exclamation as Eric tries to patch up Suzanne with little success)  

Dan (panicking): DO SOMETHING! 





Eric: I AM…!

Suzanne (weakly): Dan just leave it… (Coughs blood) I'm finished, we all know it.

Dan (sobbing): But you and me… we were meant to be.

Suzanne: And we were and it was great, but let's face it, this is real life, not some picture perfect news report, or something on TV, and in real life, people die and me dying… it was only to be expected.

Dan: But we had so many plans… (Sounding lost) what am gonna do without ya?

Suzanne: Hey look at me (he does) now listen… you're gonna find out the truth for me… and look at me… look… look… after Greg, be a good Da… I.. I…ove… you.

(She makes one last shuddering breath and then goes still, with this, Suzanne Reid the newswoman of Mortdale, is dead) 

(There is a grieving silence, as Dan sobs loudly into Suzanne's dead chest, as everyone stares at him in silence, Greg approaches him slowly) 

Greg (putting hand on Dan’s shoulder): Dan.

(Dan looks up, his eyes burning as he spots the distant form of Minion 1 sprinting away) 

Dan (enraged and screaming to the minion): FUCKING BASTARD! I'LL FUCKING FINISH YOU!

(Clutches his knife so hard in his grip, his hands begin to bleed and the before Greg can stop him, he bolts off after the minion) 


(Runs after him, but can't keep up with an enraged Dan)

Imogen: Greg get back here! 

Greg (to the distant form of Dan): DAN COME BACK! COME BACK! I NEED YOU! DAN! 

(Dan seems to ignore him) 

Greg (at the top of his voice) DAD COME BACK! 

(Dan continues to run after the minion, until both their forms are out of eyesight) 

Greg (sinking to his knees and weakly murmuring): Come back… (falls into weak sobs) 

Imogen (crouching next to him): Greg…I'm sorry.

Greg: It's okay, I'll find Dan again and oh god! Suzanne! She didn't deserve this, none of us did… but now we need to know the truth! We have too! 

The End

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