That Sinking FeelingMature

Act 8

Scene 3

Gordon (in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice): QUICK GET TO DE DUNNEL! 

Imogen: Hey, that's my line… 

(Gordon is already running into the dark tunnel, as he does Danny notices movement) 

Danny: …the shadow… 

Mrs Layton: SHIT GUYS LET'S GO! 

Jaya (crying silently): Goodbye my husband.

(Leaves Thomas' corpse behind) 

(The group proceed to run, Danny goes straight to the left, away from the main group, just as the group are about to run into the tunnel, Wilhelmina notices Danny is absent) 

Wilhelmina: Hang on, where's Danny?

Mrs Conrad: Oh his gone too? Brilliant let's…

Danny: Over here! 

(Danny has snuck up right behind the shadow, at his yell she turns, but Danny is too quick as he pounces on her and she screams dropping a camera like Aaron's from her grip) 


Woman: LET GO OF ME! 

(The gang run to Danny) 

Greg: This camera, you were recording us, like Aaron was?

Woman: That's right, Roger had to find you somehow, and I was happy to serve him and his men, because like them. The Puppet Master made me a promise and I didn't get it.

Greg: Wait a second, I know you don't I?

Woman: I've always been there.

Suzanne: Your voice… you're… you're that woman in the crowds in Mortdale! YOUR RANDOM SLAG IN THE CROWD! 

(Random Slag in the Crowd, grins up at her) 

Jaya: My gosh, like Thomas said, the lady who knows and speaks for everyone in Mortdale.

Random Slag No Longer In A Crowd: Kept me-self hidden in crowds day I? Shouted the obvious, I was there, watching you lot, a spy for the puppet master, there to spy on Greg in particular.

Imogen: It all makes sense now, you were there for everything we went through.


Mrs Conrad: What a stupid thing to pick up on Gordon, anyhow speak up you pathetic loud-mouthed whore, what about TPM? What did he do?

Random Slag No Longer In A Crowd: He betrayed me didn't give me Roger or his men the reward we were promised, heck I got rid of those pictures in front of white view for him! He said he'd do something drastic! But too us… his own followers… 

Greg: This is it than, isn't it!? You're hunting us, not because you want us dead, it's because you don't want the puppet master benefiting if I get to the bunker.

Random Slag no longer in a crowd: It's unfair, he deserves no reward and neither do you little shits, once were finished with you, we'll steal your pass and get into the bunker. I was the sneakiest and the slyest, I tailed you everywhere. I was even their back at Sven's camp, remember? But I had to leave when you did, I've been recording ya ever since, so Roger knows where you are… and guess what?

(Punches Danny hard in the balls and as his grip on her falls loose, kicks his shin and breaks free, speeding past the others who try and grab her, she picks up her camera and dashes off) 


Wilhelmina: Fuck, she's getting away!

Mrs Layton: We won't get her! Roger's men are too close we need to get into the tunnel and… 

Wilhelmina: No listen guys, one of us needs to stay behind and finish her off, a self-sacrifice I reckon I have to do.  Look ,you guys get into that tunnel and I'll deal with that slag, I'll…

Greg: JAYA! 

(While Wilhelmina was talking, Jaya had already set off to deal with Random Slag no longer in a crowd) 

Wilhelmina: SHE'LL DIE! 

Greg: She did this for us! Now let's go! C'mon!

(Turns back to where Jaya is, just before he enters the tunnel) You didn't even have any last words for us Jaya. I guess that's how you wanted it, but I'll miss you good friend.

(he leaps into the cave) 

(Meanwhile Jaya catches up with the Random Slag) 

Random Slag no longer in the crowd: NOOOO! 

(Jaya uses her knife to stab the random slag, killing her instantly, as she falls to her ground Roger's men surround Jaya) 

Roger: Y-you killed her… (Jaya smiles and crushes the camera she used to record them with) 

Roger: Yeah well you're dead little girl! FUCKING DEAD! YOU HEAR ME!? WANNA BEG FOR MERCY!? HUH!? 

(Silence, Jaya stares at her ring in silence and then bellows) 

Jaya (brave hart style): FREEDOOOOOOOOOM! 

(A pause, as Roger raises his axe preparing to execute Jaya, she does not move or say anything more. She is proud in the fact she saved the group from being tracked and brought them time, she gets nervous as Roger's axe comes down, but then through the crowds of Roger's men for her last few seconds, she sees the form of Thomas grinning openly at her, she is stunned for a few seconds before she lets out a last grin right back at him) 

Greg: Jaya… (He watches as her head is sliced off her body and her form crumples with the whole of the group seeing this they have no choice but to flee further into the tunnel, if they don't, Jaya would have died for nothing) 

Mrs Conrad: Keep going… keep going… okay now it's pitch black.

Mrs Layton: Can't see a goddamn thing! Okay everyone, just keep marching forward we should be fine! 

Greg: There's something wet on my leg.

Gordon: Sorry.

Mrs Conrad: I don't even need to comment on this.

Gordon: Well I said I didn't like the dark.

Imogen: Shhh! What's that? 

(They are all silent and here distant male voices) 

Eric: Roger and co have come after us I see.

Chantelle: Well let's run forward! (Bumps into a wall) fuck! Has anyone got a flashlight? 

Mrs Conrad: Unfortatley we are not all Miss Noel and don't carry flashlights with us in case we happen to bump into, dark, enclosed, spaces.

Florence: So now what do we do? 

Greg: Just run forward, everyone grab hold, we need to feel each other.

Chantelle: Hell yeah we do… (Grabs hold of someone's crotch in the dark and begins to rub it) oh hello whose this… got a big cock on ya.

Eric (mortified): Erm… that's me.

Chantelle: Oh is it? Well… (She suddenly screams in pain) OW! FUCKING HELL WHO JUST KICKED ME!?

Mrs Conrad: Bullseye.

(There is a splashing noise in the dark) 

Mrs Layton: Damn I just stepped in a puddle.

Mrs Conrad: Gordon, pathetic boy! Wetting yourself again.

Gordon: I day do it this time actually.

Mrs Layton: His right, this isn't just a puddle, feels like the whole road has been flooded (moves forward) damn it's coming up my waist.

Danny (hands clasping around a torch on the ground): Hang on. (clicks it on) let's get our bearings.

(The torch shows an wrecked tunnel, full of broken and looted cars, ahead of them they can see the tunnel has partially caved in and that it's flooded up to the drooping roof) 

Greg: How long do you reckon that’s flooded? 

Gordon: A pipe must have burst or something! This could go for miles! 

Mrs Conrad: Your bladder, may have burst and caused this.

Gordon: But miss that ay physically possible.

Mrs Conrad: The amount of times your manhood, has failed you I wouldn't be surprised.

Gordon: My manhood is big actually and as solid as a rock.

Suzanne: We did not need to know that.

Mrs Conrad: I suggest you wear a nappy, like Rhys did to avoid any situations like this.

(Just then there are shouts from behind them) 

Greg: There gettin' closer, we gonna have to swim through this.


Greg: And what if we stay here?

Mrs Layton: His right, we have to do this, Danny keep the light shining ahead we need to know where were going underwater.

Danny: Right (Everyone prepares to dive into expect for Wilhelmina who backs away pale and shaking) 

Wilhelmina: I'm not going in that! 

Greg: What are you speakin' nonsense for Wilhelmina? Come on! 

Wilhelmina: No I can't! I'm staying here! 

Danny: What!? Wilhelmina, this isn't a joke, get in the water right now! Or so help me I'll push you! 

Wilhelmina: You don't understand! When I was five, I nearly drowned in a local swimming pool, mum and dad didn't really help me out, the guy on watch had to dive in and by that point... (Shudders) I nearly died that day, been hydrophobic ever since.

Danny: Your point? 

Wilhelmina: I'll drown! I can't swim! I'm panicking just looking at it! 

Danny: If you got to the third task of the Penti present tournament, what would you have done? 

Wilhelmina: A Gordon probably and hightailed it outta there.

Gordon (turning to her): Hang on (remembering drug in his pocket) I think I have some… 

(Just then some of Roger's men come into view) 

Danny (shoving Gordon away): No time for that, get in that water and swim like you never swam before! (Gordon does so) Wilhelmina get your ass in there! 

Wilhelmina: NO!

Danny: Fine, you leave me no other option…!

(He grabs a startled Wilhelmina by the waist and hoists her up, before throwing her struggling form into the water and he hastily follows, pushing Wilhelmina on as he flashes his torch ahead, the group swim on with Mrs Layton in the lead) 

Mrs Layton (thinking): Okay, keep going, keep going… oh thank heavens there's an opening near to that maintenance room, okay I'll led everyone there.

(She swims up and eventually everyone follows, until they reach the surface, gasping for air the group end up in a half flooded maintenance room) 

Wilhelmina (clinging to Danny and shaking terribly) ugh, never again…

Mrs Conrad: Stop splashing me in the face, honestly I know you can't swim but this is pitiful.

Wilhelmina: Danny's holding me up, that's not me.

 (She turns to where Gordon is splashing around) 

Eric: Hey Gordon, it's okay were on the surface.

 Gordon: We are… (Breathes a sigh of relief and calms down) thank God, I thought Roger's men were gonna get us.

Mrs Conrad: I can still get you.

Gordon (thinking): Well shit… add that to the fact my drug is now soaked, it's good for nothing! 

Mrs Layton: Right… (pulls out map and discovers it's soaked and peeling to pieces) FUCK! 

Suzanne: What is it? 

Mrs Layton: The map's soaked, now we won't know our way to that Bunker! 

Suzanne: Well let's just find a way outta here first and then worry about directions.

Mrs Layton: It was just heading east anyway, still these maintenance rooms, there should have an exit door nearby. (spots an exit door under a staircase) right got it. I'll go open it when you I get back you guys follow me.

(They nod to show they understand and Mrs Layton takes a deep breath and goes under…) 

Mrs Layton (thinking): Right here we go. (uses all of her strength to tug the door open underwater) okay, now I'm exhausted better go and… 

(She tries to swim, but panics, as her shirt has caught on a low hanging wire, she tries to struggle, however this only allows more water to enter her lungs she makes a jerk type of movement to free herself, but ends up knocking her head on a piece of sharp pipe, which is sticking outwards. This cuts her head open and she slowly sinks…) 

Eric: What's taking so long! 

Mrs Conrad: Let's go find out!

(The whole group dives beneath the waves and Eric spots Mrs Layton's bleeding form he carries her and with the help of Daz, they slowly swim her through the door and manage to reach the surface, on the other side of the tunnel, meanwhile Wilhelmina gets stuck on the same wire that Mrs Layton did, but Danny frees her quickly, however she Is panicking and quickly swims for the surface only beaten by a speeding Gordon) 

Gordon (gasping for air): Never again!

Wilhelmina (panicking): H-hey that's m-my line.

Greg: (reaching surface): Dan! Dan where are you! 

Daz: Over here! Layton's passed out and she's bleeding, must have caught her head off something.

Greg: Shit (Just then everyone else manages to reach the surface) 

Chantelle: I'm carrying a bab here thanks for the help! You all go to help the geography teacher who can handle herself!

(Sees Mrs Layton's condition and shuts up)

Imogen: You were saying? 

(Chantelle is silent and exhausted and she simply lays back and tries to ease her aching back and limbs) 


Imogen: Oh crap, come on… Mrs Layton come on… 

Mrs Conrad: Eric… 

Eric (demented): No! No! COME ON! FUCKING COME ON! BREATHE FUCKING BREATHE! (Is now practically hammering on her chest) 

Mrs Conrad (slightly worried): Eric stop, she's… 


(Shocked silence) 

Chantelle: Well the tables have turned here.

Eric: I Can save her Helen! Why don't you think that! THINK I'M TOO WEAK! HUH?! I KNOW I CAN…!

Mrs Conrad: Eric hon, I know you're not weak… 


Mrs Conrad: Eric darling she's dead! I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't true, she either bled out or drowned or both! I don't know! But listen to me, you live in my household, so you're the best doctor I know if you can patch up wounds inflicted by me onto Imogen, and she comes out scar less. You're not weak, you're the bravest man, I know you married me, that is a solid fact to prove you're the man with the biggest balls here.

Eric: I.. I (slams floor in frustration) FUCK! (After several deep breathes he calms down) I… I tried my best… but you're right Helen, she is gone.

(The group stare at Mrs Layton's corpse in silence, a shaken Imogen clinging onto Greg’s arm like it’s a vice lock, eventually Florence of all people stands) 

Florence: Look today has been maddening, and upsetting and whatever else, but both physically and metaphorically there is light at the end of this tunnel, look.

(They can all see the other side of the tunnel) 

Mrs Conrad: Guess it's time to go.

Greg (closing Mrs Layton’s eyes): Thanks miss for getting us this far.

Imogen: Now we head straight… straight to the east… keeping on the straight and narrow.

Gordon: I remember when she was chatty… now she's (bursting out in grief) OH-GOD! 

Daz: Greg c'mon we gotta go before Roger… 

Greg: I know Dan I just… well.

Daz (placing arm around Greg's shoulder): Come on time to haul ass.

Greg: (without releasing he mumbled it and not knowing Daz hears him): Thanks dad… 

Daz (touched by this gesture): Well get off your arse and let's go. (As they reach the end of the tunnel they realise the sun is setting in the sky.... Florence also realises…) 

Florence: UGH! I'm covered in filthy water! 

Chantelle: And there's a 10 centimetre spider ahead, now go on Florence, faint! 

Florence (despite getting jelly legged): No, the time for fainting is over.

Wilhelmina (who is being supported by Danny): Well night time's coming, I survived nine days of this shit wouldn't have done if you hadn't had been there, so thanks Danny I guess.

Danny: Ah first I save you in woods and now this? I deserve more credit.

Wilhelmina: Um hello who saved your ass back in Liverpool with the green bottles? And earlier today?

Danny: So it's evens, we saved each other twice.

Wilhelmina: I count the bridge as saving you as well.

Danny: Well I don't.

Wilhelmina: Whatever… Denny, because that name suits you Denny… could even make it Dennis… yeah Dennis the menace.

Danny: More like… Danny the champion of the world! 

Wilhelmina: Keep dreaming and speakin' of dreams I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight when I caught on that wire back there, I... I thought that was it for me again. (Shivers) I swear I’ll never swim again for as long as live.


Greg (wiping camera): This will still work do you reckon?

Imogen: I dunno Greg, ask Suzanne she knows a lot about cameras I guessing plus why are you keeping that thing? The puppet master is watching us through there.

Greg: We need it, because it has Mrs Wellington's instructions on it to get to the bunker, without it, even if we do reach the bunker were screwed, plus it will be off most of the time so The Puppet Master can't watch us every second of the day.

Imogen: Well I guess that makes sense.


Suzanne: Yeah? 

Greg: This camera? Do you reckon it will still work after being soaked through? 

Suzanne: Let’s see (inspects it) my past cameraman were all cameraman so my knowledge of camera's is number one here (as Florence opens her mouth) I mean second best to Florence (she seems satisfied) still, this camera is waterproof and shockproof and it doesn't seem to run out of battery… so yeah it will be working fine.

Greg: Should have suspected that sooner… Aaron just carrying around that camera recording constantly not runnin’ out of battery, it seemed way to odd. Why didn't I pick up on it? Added to the fact he was the one that suggested we go into the pub, he must have knew it would have sheltered us from the bomb.

Suzanne: Well I've heard you bunch are half-soaked (they both laugh) but since I'm with you I am as guilty as you in this.

Greg: Yeah all those people we could have saved (mournful silence) 

Suzanne: Still Greg… Dan and I were thinking if we survive this I could maybe… maybe if you want… 

Greg: Move in with us? Yeah Dan told me, it's fine.

Suzanne: Really!? You don't mind!? 

Greg: Not at all ,compared to Dan's past girlfriends you are by far, the best, plus you've lasted the longest.

Suzanne: 3 days? 

Greg: Dan's a pimp what can I say? (They both laugh again) 

Greg: Nah, thinkin' about it, you ain't lasted the longest, but you're the best and I approve of you.

Suzanne: I'm glad you approve and you know what? You could ask your little girlfriend to come live with us too.

Greg: What? Oh not you as well…

Suzanne: I'm trained to pick up on things and you and Imogen, well sparks are flying like no one's business, it's so cute to watch you two together.

Greg: Were good friends, that's all.

Suzanne (popping up behind Greg): Yeah well (as Greg jumps) I don't believe that.

Greg: You… you did Wez's thing!

Suzanne: Yup, finally learned how to. still (pops up to his left) you treat that Imogen real nice, because she's a nice girl if you don't well… Suzanne like a puma she got her eyes on you.

(Suzanne goes off to talk to Daz while Greg is left to smile, thinking she is alright after all) 

(Midnight is fast approaching the remaining 11 camp in open wasteland with Gordon on watch) 

Mrs Conrad: We kept on the straight and narrow, keep going this way and we should hit the bunker.

Imogen: Yeah, we hope…

Greg: Jaya, Thomas, Mrs Layton heck even Aaron. I'll miss them all. I'm still in shock over it but still (turns over) we'll get to the bunker for them.

(Midnight arrives) 

The Puppet Master: (to himself): Day 9 and they should be here soon, if my minions do their job right. Reverse Psychology to repel them from Roger's gang. 

(Smiles to himself)

The Puppet Master: and Provocation, to draw them to me.


The End

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