The Traitor RevealedMature

Act 8

Scene 2

Mrs Conrad: Why on earth does everyone steal my gun? First Jack, now you, go steal Aaron's.

Thomas: Doesn't matter miss, we got the traitor.

Danny: Me? Seriously? 

Jaya: Yes you, you're Morales are appalling; you're quite frankly the rudest person I've ever met and you're fast Danny, too fast and sneaky, the evidence is stockpiled against you, now just confess that you killed Helpless TA, that you're the traitor! 

Danny: Look as much as I hate the group and everyone here… 

Mrs Conrad: That gives you perfect reason to kill us and betray us, you'd made it clear you hate us, so why stick with us? 

Danny: Oh and what's the alternative? Wonder alone in a nuclear wasteland and wait to get eaten by a cannibal? Or simply die of radiation poisoning? As bad as the group is, you're my best bet for survival.

Aaron: HA! You've just told us you're only here for survival! So I bet you made a deal to betray us, so you survive! 

Danny: Look I'm gonna look you all in the eyes and say it wasn't me, yeah I've been dickhead and that ain't gonna change, but I'm this group's dickhead. I-am-no-traitor.

Jaya: I call bullshit on that.

Danny: But come on! Why now!? Why all of a sudden, do you turn on me!?

Eric: Because were about to enter a dark tunnel, where the traitor can gun us down and not be identified. Jack got the timing wrong, but his goal was right, the traitor needs to go, if Jack had been right he would probably still be here, as would Helpless TA. We can afford no more deaths.

Aaron (drawing pistol): We kill him.

Danny (paling): You guys are serious about this, aren't you? 

Florence: I am afraid so and you're not looking to innocent in my books Danny.

Danny: Fine shoot me! (Laughing) BLOW MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT! COME ON THEN! BLOW EM OUT! (Grabs gun from where Thomas is holding it, everyone tenses expecting him to shoot them, but instead he turns it on himself) 

Danny: If you don't have the guts to do it you fucking wimp, I'll do it myself then, as a ghost I'll laugh at you all. Because you suspected the wrong motherfucker today.

Daz: We gotta do this, to be on the safe side.

Suzanne: I'm not too comfortable with it, but yeah, I know what has to be done.

(Mrs Conrad tugs her gun back from Danny) 

Mrs Conrad: I'll do it and have no regrets.

Eric: Sorry kid… I don't want this but… 

Danny: I'm not a fucking kid, I'm 18!

Aaron: And you'll die 18!

Danny: Fine, so do it then, fuck yourselves up!

Gordon: I CAN'T WATCH! (Hides behind Mrs Conrad) 

Mrs Conrad: Getting this blubbering, weakling, off my leg before I turn this shotgun on more than one person.

(Gordon moves) 

Chantelle: What we waiting for! SHOOT HIM! 

Mrs Layton: Oh crap… what to do… what if his innocent?

Greg: What if he ain't? I'd rather be guilty and alive, in that tunnel, than dead and with a clear conscious.

Danny: Whoa Greg, your morale compass is fucked up.

Greg: I just fed up of this traitor! Of the shadow! Of TPM and Roger and god knows who else, toying with us! With me! Like I'm some sort of puppet and someone else is pulling all the strings!

Imogen: Guys, I don't like this, can't we keep him on guard or something? Killing is too radical and I ain't comfortable with it.

Greg: Imogen, this is too keep you… and us safe, you understand?

Imogen: I can't live with myself If I killed someone innocent, sure Mary-Sue and the black Crestors had it coming to them, but as bad as Danny can be. I reckon his innocent.

Danny: Thank you! For some support! 

Greg: Please, I'm so sorry Imogen and I regret it too, but I want you understand why we have to do this.

Imogen: (bitterly) I thought YOU were better than this!

(Before a shocked Greg can reply back, Mrs Conrad speaks up) 

Mrs Conrad: Imogen! Shut up foolish girl! Remember when I killed Caz even though she was innocent? I could live with myself then and sure as hell I can live with myself now.

Imogen: Than how does that make you better than Frank Tibet, or Kyle, mum? Right now were as bad as them! 

Mrs Conrad: We kill people to protect the group, to protect the one's we (barely gets last word out of her mouth) love. The likes of Frank Tibet and Kyle did it for their own sick ends, the only thing they wanted to protect was their own reputation, or save their own lives, or simply kill for fun, we kill, for a very good reason and we have to live with ourselves.

Imogen: I don't… I can't…   

Thomas (looking into the distance) hmmm… (noticing far away movement) 

Mrs Conrad: Let's just get this over with then… (Pauses as someone runs in front of Danny) 

Chantelle: Get outta the way! I wanna see his brains litter the floor! 

Eric: You're a bit cuckoo, you know.

Chantelle: You agreeing to this too.

Eric: Yes, but I don't enjoy it…

Mrs Conrad: SHUT UP BACK THERE! (Silence) Now get out the way you foolish girl.

Wilhelmina: No (Wilhelmina who has rushed to Danny's aid, after being silent the whole time now stands in front of him, with her arms spread out to protect him) 

Mrs Conrad: Move or I shoot you both.

Jaya: Could be fitting, they could both be traitors.

Wilhelmina: I ain't no traitor and neither's Danny here.

Greg: You bicker with him all the time! I thought you'd be all for this! 

Wilhelmina: Look Danny here his rude, ignorant, hot headed, a shitface, a dickweed a… 

Danny: Can you get to the point? 

Wilhelmina: Yeah well all of that, but I just know that it wasn't him because… because Danny here is… 

Danny: DON'T SAY IT! 

Wilhelmina: Just cause you won't tell anyone Danny, I will! I have to! Danny here is a Kleptomaniac.

(Danny shrinks in embarrassment as everyone stares at him) 

Greg: So that all makes sense, a klemo huh? Jack turned physco in the end, and you're a klemo, you're shared dad was a serial rapist. I guess mental disorders run in the family.

Chantelle: And why would he tell you of all people!?

Wilhelmina: Because believe it or not, me and Danny may hate each other, but for some reason we understand each other better than anyone else. Maybe we both have shitty parent syndrome, or the fact we were both homeless, either way I just know his not the traitor.

Jaya: You have too much faith in him! Where is your evidence!?

Wilhelmina: I just gave it! I wouldn't tell everyone Danny was a klemo without good reason, because which Klemo, y'know people who simply cannot resist to steal things, leave that horn thing and the flare lying around!? 


Greg: But Wilhelmina…

Wilhelmina: Greg, a few months back I was in Danny's position, no one believed me, but it took the power of one to give me the chance to prove my innocence and I did. What Joey did for me… it inspired me, wherever he is now his looking down and smiling at me, because I know, I'm defending the innocent person here, but what would he think of his own cousin, his own family, resorting to this!? 

Greg: Oh dunno Wilhelmina, Joey's dead now, so we'll never know what he wanted.

Wilhelmina: We can honour his memory though, you know what he would have wanted. You knew your cousin better than anyone.

(A breeze rolls past and there is silence, Thomas distantly sees the shadow, he remains silent, he can see the shadow is clearly recording them and as the shadow  disappears he realises who the traitor really is)  

Thomas: Guys, we were wrong the traitor was not Danny.

Danny: (relived but still cynical): Changed your mind have you? 

Thomas: Yeah… Helpless Ta's neck was silt by a knife, the line was not jagged so it can't have been shrapnel.

Mrs Conrad: Only me, Mrs Layton, Aaron, Chantelle, you and Jaya are carrying proper knives.

Thomas: And I just saw the shadow… and they are defiantly recording this, so cameras can record things, that can be seen to others, which means the traitor is… 

(He is about to point to the traitor, when a gunshot rings out and Thomas falls to the floor with a hole in his head, by the time he hits the ground, the leader of the nerd squad and the brains of the group is dead) 

Jaya: THOMAS! (Everyone turns the traitor who is…) 

Greg (spitting out): Aaron!

(Aaron grins from where he is standing, with his smoking pistol, everyone can only stare as he has just killed Thomas in cold blood) 

Aaron: Always wanted to do that, nerdy little shit had it coming for 5 years.


(Charges forward, but Aaron pulls out the knife he used to kill Helpless TA and grabs Florence by the neck and holds the knife to her neck) 

Aaron: Come any closer and she dies! 

Mrs Conrad: (raising shotgun) I'm still coming forward, I don't care about Florence! 

(Using his other free hand, Aaron aims his pistol right at where Eric is standing) 

Aaron: Fine fire! Fire away! Me, Florence and your husband come down with me.

Mrs Conrad: Goddamit Eric, stop being a damsel in distress.

 Eric: Ain't my fault, I… 

Greg: Never mind all that… why? Aaron? Why did you do all this? 

Aaron: Simple, my original objective was to get you all to that bunker then I'd be rewarded. Hence, I didn't attack you guys earlier.

Greg: Are you in league with Roger then! 

Aaron: Roger! That thug! Hell no! He could have killed me, just as easily as he could have killed you, but I knew this group were good at surviving, so I took my chances and they got me this far.

Imogen: So you're in league with TPM? And what a second… you had to get us to bunker? 

Aaron: Yeah, is it all adding up now? 

Imogen: Oh I get it all now, TPM, his at the bunker, isn't he? 

(Aaron nods) 

Imogen: And we were gonna stroll in there, thinking it was all safe and TPM would come out of nowhere and catch us… imprison us… expect for you. You would unveil you were the traitor, that you had to get us here.

Aaron: Not all of you, just Greg.

Greg: Why me? Why not Dan or Joey? 

Aaron: Because you have what TPM wants.

Greg: What is it? In fact I get it now, you make sure I get to the bunker alive this TPM catches me, and then you walk free with the reward?

Aaron: Bingo! That was my plan! TPM contacted me a week back, told me that the whole of the UK was gonna be nuked and he was gonna be the one to do it, he contacted me as I had the most common knowledge in the group.

Jaya: The weakest mind more like.

Aaron: But you see, he was always watching us, from the first day Greg arrived here… too now. What he asked me to do was simple, get Greg to the bunker and myself, him and anyone else still alive at that point, would be imprisoned, as I received my reward and walked off into the sunset with it.

Daz: I doe get it through? What's the motivation? 

Aaron: This nuclear attack has killed millions, those of us that remain will be the ones who rebuild the UK! Whose story we tell the rescue teams, and with my reward, I’ll be IMMORTAL! I'll return the UK, to the state it was! Chavs will rule and I will be there ultimate leader!


Florence (sobbing): So did I.

Aaron: All an act… like the puppet master said were all just puppets on his strings.

Imogen: T-P-M tha'’s his initials and that's his name, The Puppet Master? 

Aaron: Yep, I did my job, I found the camera in the rubble and the walkie talkie so TPM would be able to record you all but secretly.

Greg: That’s how TPM was watchin' us! 

Aaron: Yep, I didn't pick up the walkie talkie by accident, it was always on me before I "apparently" found it. So The Puppet Master would be able to communicate to you… and when he did I would be able to scribble down those notes and… 

Greg: You… you were the one scribblin' those notes!

Aaron: Giving ya warnings, I saw Roger and his men in the library and everywhere else… 

Gordon: But how?

Aaron: I’m a proper chav Gordon. I know how to sneak up on people and stab em so I also know how to sneak up on people and stick a note into their pocket, had to be Greg's pocket though, because the puppet master always said Greg was the top target, had to get through this alive, and my camera picked up Rogers men when they approached, hence The Puppet Master knew when to contact ya.

Greg: So that's what this is all about? The Puppet Master has been watching us in Mortdale he knew that if you were given a chance you would take it and you did just because you could get your hands on some reward!

Aaron: The reward ya on about, cannot be given to me, or can't benefit him without you.

Imogen: You were willing to betray us all, to get some stupid reward?

Aaron: This ay just any reward...

Wilhelmina: This is an MNS reward (receives Weird stares) sorry, couldn't resist.

Aaron: Nah this is better than an MNS reward, this reward… it will make me immortal! A legend…!

Mrs Conrad: It's money no doubt.

Greg: Could be something else.

Aaron: Well if you wanna find out, get to the D bunker and the puppet master will answer ya there, I ain't telling you anymore I'm off.

Greg: Off? Aaron: Yeah thanks to this fucking low life nerd. (kicks Thomas corpse) thinking too much, I had to silence him, sure I went to great lengths to avoid being detected, but now…I got ya as far as I could. I'll still be rewarded, the puppet master and me discussed this. I'll just take Florence here, hide out from Roger's men, bang her out, have some fun… survive this. Then I'll finish off with Florence and by then, the Puppet Master will have killed you all, disposing of all the evidence and I’ll be free as any survivor and then I'll be rewarded and… 

Florence: I trusted you… but I guess Jack was right about you all along.

Aaron: Yep, too late now babe, were gonna have fun.

Greg: Wait a second you've just told us The Puppet Master is at the bunker and his planning to kill us, so why should we go there? 

Aaron: Because you'll die out here, ain't enough food for you all and there's plenty in that bunker, no radiation to worry about either. I'll be able to cope with it out here, I have enough food and supplies for myself.

Mrs Conrad: We will hunt you down and kill you.

Aaron: Chase me then! Kill me! But Roger's men will get ya because you lot am obviously still gonna band together, but their only really after Greg, to make sure he doesn't get to the bunker.

Greg: Wait a minute, do you know why Roger's men are doing this? Hunting us? 

Aaron: Hunting you guys as of now… I'm taking Florence here and high tailing it outta here.

Eric: Their after all of us, they know our faces, they'll get you too.

Aaron: Risk I'm willing to take, besides they'd probably go for you lot, rather than me, now (begins to back away) tell the Puppet Master I say hi.

Florence: You… you're the reason Jack's dead… and now you're just going to rape and kill me like an animal.

Aaron: Bad news? Face it bitch, it's all ya good for.

Florence: I loved Jack since we were kids. I knew I should have taken his warnings more seriously, at first I thought he had gone mad but I still loved him, now I realise how much he truly cared for me and I love him more than ever, and you… you took him from me!

Aaron: Actually, that was one of Roger's men and guess what bitch? I don't regret being the traitor here if you knew what the reward was, you'd take it too!

Florence: I’ll kill you! (Tries to struggle out of his grip but fails) 

Aaron: Yeah, put up a fight I like a girl who can fight, but y'am too weak to break outta my grip.

Florence: Screw you!

Aaron: You cor screw me... If I went with you and your group, what would happen to me? I'd just become another Ryan. Dead off my own drugs. I ain't dying, and I won't let you kill me, you prissy, pathetic, little cunt... 

Florence: NO I'M NOT! FUCK YOU!

(Goes into her rage "super saiyan" mode, and bites down on Aaron's arm, so hard it bleeds. A startled Aaron drops his knife and she kicks free of his grip, Aaron tries to tackle her back, punching her a few times in the face and tackling her to the floor, but she returns these punches as she does Aaron tries to turn his pistol on her, but she manages to push it in his direction just as he fires… shooting himself, his grip goes slack as Florence pulls the gun from his bleeding fingers…)

Aaron: No…please… no! 

Florence: To hell, you can go!

(Fires the pistol into his brain, killing him, and even though his dead, Florence continues to shoot) 

Florence: DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! 

Greg: Florence! (She continues to fire) 

Suzanne: Let me (runs up to Florence just as the pistol runs out of ammo and she drops onto the floor, an enraged Florence turns to Suzanne) 

Florence: I… 

Suzanne: It's okay, it's over.

Florence: Jack… I guess he has truly been avenged.

(and then she breaks down and cries loudly into Suzanne's chest who comforts her) 

Daz: Well, guess the traitor is down, we can get through the tunnel now.

Mrs Layton: Why? If TP… well the Puppet Master, is at the bunker, then were dead.

Daz: And you wanna stay here? Where the fuck would you go?! 

Mrs Layton: Anywhere but in there! Were wounded, sick, starving, we wouldn't stand a chance against this Puppet Master!

Daz: Lady! We're heading to that bunker! Roger and his people will get us otherwise! 

Mrs Layton: Look, I might just be direction lady to you, but I have an opinion too and after hearing that, I do not think the bunker is a good idea at all.

Greg: But why would Roger and his men so desperate to stop us?! I'm still getting there, Puppet Master or not, I need to know the truth! Plus his after me anyway! Like Melody predicted, it's my destiny to be there! Roger and his men are aiming for me anyway and I can't kill them all. So yeah, I'm going alone if I have too, I haven't come this far too turn back now! 

Daz: Greg y'am mad (Greg frowns) which is exactly why I'll be going as well, gotta watch your ass, plus I going pull the puppet's master's strings.

Suzanne: You tell them, besides I need to uncover the truth, I haven't come this far to back down. This scoop could the scoop of the lifetime for me, plus if Dan is going, I'll follow him. We need to watch out for Greg.

Greg: Aw thanks y'all, so anyone else?

Danny: Yeah I'll follow, when a certain someone, gets an apology.

Chantelle: How could we forget?  Dear Floor, I'm so sorry you had to have Danny sit on you, how can we make it up to ya?

Danny: The floor is thankful, my ass touched it.

Chantelle: It will be churning into itself.

Danny: Yeah because it's so honoured, still if that’s the best apology I'm gonna get you guys can all forget a thanks for not killing me. Except you Wilhelmina, I guess I have to… (Barely gets it out) thank you.

Wilhelmina: No problem, look I'm sorry I had to reveal you're were a klemo, but they'd have probably have shot you without some evidence, that you wouldn't leave things lying around.

Danny: I don't get it though I treated you like you were shit on my shoe, virtually no one here respects you… why'd you put so much faith in me? 

Wilhelmina: I just knew it wasn't you, let's leave it at that okay? 

Danny: You're not appreciated enough, no wonder you turn to drink.

Wilhelmina: You're not loved enough, no wonder you lash out at people.

(The two share an understanding smile) 

Greg: Look Wilhelmina I'm proud of you, and I'm sure Joey would have been too, and as for you Danny I apologise for nearly killing you, and it's great you two are finally startin' to understand each other. But I wanna know, are you two up for gettin' to that bunker?

Danny: Well… why not. Like I said, I got no-where to be going at the moment.

Wilhelmina: I just wanna indulge myself in the luxuries there to be honest, selfish but better than staying out here, hey? So let's do this shit! 

Greg: Alright, Imogen you coming? 

Imogen: Well I don't like how quickly you became savage back there Greg, but I'm glad you didn't kill the wrong person and yes of course I'm coming.

Chantelle: Bet you are… bet Greg's cumming over you too.

Imogen (ignoring this): So damn what mum and dad say, you're my best friend. Of course I'm going with you.

Eric: Well if my little Immie's going, I have to follow, my duty as a dad, plus we've come this far.

Mrs Conrad: I carrying onto the bunker, because personally I want the throttle this coward they label the puppet master, can't even reveal his real name and thinks his threat by speaking to us over a walkie talkie while hidden in a bunker. He is going to be as spineless and as weak as Gordon, so yes I am going to kill him and enjoy It, so that's why I'm going.

Chantelle: Well I'm going, wanna see all the action plus, there might be a man there and I can finally get a cock, this puppet master sounds like a stud.

Greg: I doubt that, but still thanks for coming.

Chantelle: Oh I'll cum for you sexy (winks at him) plus this Bab needs to be born in a safe place.

Greg: Okay, so who else.

Jaya: I will follow in memory of Thomas.

Florence: No show would be complete without me there!

Gordon (whimpering): Guess I'm coming along… can't believe I'm the last male chav standing, what the fuck?

Mrs Conrad: I know it's shocking, still you! Layton! Are you coming or not!? 

Mrs Layton: NO! What about rescue teams! They have to come eventually, right? We can just keep outrunning Roger's men and… 

Greg: We run out supplies and they will eventually get to us and as for rescue, it ain't come in eight days, it's gonna take a while for them to find us, well if they find us it will be too late, we have to get to the bunker, it's our only rescue right now! 

Mrs Layton: But they have to come eventually, someone has to help us? 

Greg: High levels of radiation will keep people at bay for a while, come on Miss we need your directions.

Mrs Layton (sighing): Fine, but just so you know, I really don't like this.

Greg: I know you don't, I don't either, but we got no other option, have we? 

Mrs Layton: I guess not, if my husband were here now, he'd tell me to go on, he was a good hiker, if he survived he'd tell me to snap outta it and move forward, but without him it's hard you know?

Florence: It is hard on all of us, especially me, as there is no camera anymore.

Greg: Hang on (lifts Camera from Aaron's body) 

Imogen: Greg what are you doing? 

Greg (switching it on): Letting him now were coming, if his camera's off for too long he'll know anyway, he'll know Aaron's been killed (turns to camera) yeah Puppet Master. I know your name and I know you're watching us through here, you little worker Aaron is dead and we know you're in the D bunker, we know you have some sort of reward in their which is valuable and we know you want me for some reason.

Walkie Talkie (buzzing to life): I knew Aaron wouldn't go the full way, he seemed a tad weak… still he was deluded thinking I would actually give him… did he tell you what I intended to give him? 

Greg: No, he just said it was a reward.

Walkie Takie: Surprising, he kept his word, you know then? Well come on to the bunker Greggie I'm waiting for you.

Mrs Conrad: And were coming for you! Yes you foolish man thinking you are the puppet master? Is that nickname meant to be intimidating I've been called scarier things since I was in pre-school.

Walkie Talkie: (flatly) Whatever.

Greg: If you're in the bunker, why say we wouldn't get there.

Walkie Talkie: Reverse Psychology works wonders, I can't have Roger and Co capturing you, it would ruin everything.

Greg: Just so you know, this big bad gang is coming for you.

Walkie Talkie: Well you scary bunch had better run, I can see behind you and Roger's men are coming and there's no Aaron to drop the notes off this time for me. So just run, oh and by the way, do you know why Roger and his men want you dead?

Greg: No.

Walkie Talkie: Then keep running if you don't want to find out.

(Walkie Talkie goes silent) 

Eric: Guys, he was right, Roger and co are on their way. 


The End

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