The I in TraitorMature

Act 8

Scene 1  

(March 8th) 

(Greg, who is on guard, stares silently at a sleeping Imogen)

Greg (thinking): She's kinda cute when she's like that… no scratch that, she's always been pretty cute and let's face it, I almost kissed her before the bomb fell, but she keeps actin' like it didn't happen, maybe it didn't, hell she could have just been trying to wipe something off my nose. I dunno, maybe it's case of I like her but she doesn't feel the same way… heck we've been friends so long, do I tell her how I feel? Do I… 

Danny: Quit the inner speech Blondie.

 Greg: Aw shit Danny! Ya scared the living lightbubls outta me! 

Danny: I have that effect on people, It's okay to be nervous around me, I know I'm simply that good...

Greg: Yeah, I'm getting the hots for you *Note the sarcasm*  

Danny: I bet you do, still, I know it's not me you've got the hots for.

Greg: Oh for the love of… not you as well? 

Danny: Yes me, thought I'd add to you suffering.

Greg: Look me and Imogen… 

Danny: … are friends yada yada bullshit, dude I came to talk to you for advice, because I simply know more than you about girls.

Greg: Oh yeah? How many girls you dated?

Danny: 10, 9 were slags back at Mortdale High, each one I musta kissed only once… anyhow and then there was number 10, the one you're looking at.

Greg: Oh here we go, "I still have feelings for Imogen so back off Greg". I ain't the mood for love triangles Danny, let's not turn this situation into Twilight.

Danny: I don't have feelings for her, the relationship ended when she broke it off at the prom, and speaking of Twilight, what are you going to tell her in the morning if she wakes up and finds you staring at her like a retard? 

Greg: Erm… 

Danny: "I like to watch to you sleep, it's fascinating to me"? Okay, when she was with me if I said that, she'd drop me faster than my balls dropped during puberty.

Greg: Not very far then.

Danny: Yeah well, as much as I'd like to insult you, Imma going get to the point, the way you're staring at her and drooling. (Greg wipes his mouth, when he realises he is indeed drooling) I can tell you're thinking about her and I can tell you find her attractive and that you like her. I'm not here to say just get together already, because you've probably had enough of that.

Greg: Then why are you here? 

Danny: STOP STARING AT HER! Jesus Christ it's creeping even me out! I can't sleep with your rape face on full display out of the corner of my eye.

Greg: Does it really look that bad? 

Danny: Yes.

Greg: Wait, I thought you said you was gonna give me advice?

Danny: I have if you wanna date her, watching her in her sleep, is not the way to go, plus if Mrs Conrad saw you, well let's just say you'd die instantly. Trust me I know what's she like when it comes to defending her daughter and with you dead, the whole point of this is would be worthless, plus you'd probably make a great meat shield.

Greg: Or you could just be gettin' nicer.

Danny: Ugh, don't even go there. I'm going to go to sleep now and don't put on that face again. I have enough nightmares as it is.

Greg:  Sure… (As Danny goes back to sleep, Greg thinks to himself) If Danny, Dan and Eric pick up on it, then who else? Everyone? Heck I should just ask her already… but what if she says no, or Mrs Conrad does something, plus now is not the time for romance we need to survive first.

(He remains on guard all night, his thoughts keeping him awake as the sun rises over the horizon everyone else begins to stir) 

Eric: Everyone sleep comfortably? 

Chantelle: Oh yeah we all slept fine on the floor, fuck my back is aching.

Eric: Sings of a healthy pregnancy, how far along are you Chantelle?

Chantelle: 5 months.

Eric: Looks like the bulge is really starting to show.

Chantelle: Yep, still when it's a shame, when this bab is born I cor give it to the orphanage.

Imogen: I know, you'll have to care for it, oh the horror.

Chantelle: I know I'll have to feed it… socialise with it… take it to the toilet… get it toys… 

Greg: “It?” say he, or she, or the child at least.

Chantelle: Nah, to me it's just a thing. I cor be Bovvered to look after it.

Imogen: Is that all your children were too you? Things? Things that gave you money? They were human beings for crying out loud! 

Chantelle: Didn't get money off them actually, didn't even name them, straight to the orphanage for em.

Imogen: That's your problem, you're like this because of how fucked society was, you did so many stupid things, got yourself pregnant 4 times and yet you didn't face the burden of looking after those 4 kids, but now… oh now that old society has crumbled, you'll have to look after your baby, and face up for making the mistake of having kids, when you're not ready too.

Chantelle: I went through with the pregnancies day I? I didn't abort em did i!? And the childbirth itself fucking hurts...!

Imogen: Yeah, but still… 



Eric (warningly): Girls… 


(Greg and Imogen are silent)

Eric: Okay that's enough! We need to move! 

Mrs Layton: Right, as of today we turn east.

(The group proceed to walk east) 

Mrs Layton (to Chantelle): You know out of curiosity, why didn't have your babies aborted? I mean, you could have done plus even though the children were born, you didn't want them.

Chantelle: Well my mum day abort me, so I decided to do the same with my children, see I do have some morality in me.

Mrs Conrad: Yes, but that is very minimal.

Wilhelmina: Still every child deserves life, that's my motto, no matter how fucked up you mum and dad are, the child deserves a fresh start in life.

Florence: Yes I agree.

Mrs Conrad: You're only saying that now the camera is present and recording.

 Florence: Oh Mrs Conrad, ever the critic.

Mrs Conrad: Oh Florence, ever the fake.

Wilhelmina: Me ever the drunk, Danny ever the asshole, Aaron ever the cameraman.

Danny: Well it was fairly obvious you'd say that Wilhelmina, and your whole view on life, it only stems because your parents were shitty to you.

Wilhelmina: So were yours, well your dad at least.

Danny: Yeah he was evil as... Tony Blair. But he let me run free to be a chav, like I was meant too, got me a shit ton of slaggy girlfriends and a habitat for stealing things but nothing else really, other than my ability at being streetwise.

Wilhelmina: At least your dad let you out the house. I was stuck in the house and as for bad girlfriends, my mum and dad actually betrothed me to a 18 year old guy, when I was 16, just so our two rich households could be untied by marriage and hence my parents got more money and higher class, sadly for them, the wedding never happened.

Danny: What, did you kill the guy? 

Wilhelmina: Nope, let's just say my table manners failed me, hell even back when I was “posh” I could be brash as hell.

Imogen: You two finish your x factor sob stories? 

Wilhelmina: No I'm working to improve mine, still for X Factor Imogen, at least I'll get on the show, whereas you with your singing voice…

Imogen: I don't care, I love to sing.

Eric: You tell em Imogen, that's my girl. (turns to Suzanne) Yeah she's an awful singer.

Suzanne: Weirdly enough, I wanted to be a singer when I was younger.

Eric: Really? I'm guessing it didn't go so well.

Suzanne: No, but my mum and dad used to say I was amazing at it, then again I suppose everything was sugar-coated and perfect as I grew up, now I'm in the big, bad world.

Eric: Not that easy, is it?

Daz: Well it that explains why you're so fucking uptight and expect everyone to be perfect when their not.

Suzanne: I know and I am sorry Dan, this whole situation has just got me so stressed.

Daz: Well y'am still fit to me.

Suzanne (smiling): Picture perfect? 

Daz: Well I suppose.

Suzanne: It’' okay to say I'm not, after this all I want is a hot cup of coffee, if I survive this then I’ll focus on my appearance again.

Florence (barging in): Yes well you look horrible and sadly, some people were just not made for the camera and your day is up, you're way too old for this now.

Suzanne: I'm 26.

Florence: And I'm 16, 10 years younger, hence I am the new talent on the block.

Suzanne: You're not new talent, if you don't know what you're doing. You're coming across as slutty, but I could teach you how to be classy.

Florence: Thou art already a class act, I do not require assistance from a Madonna wannabe.

Suzanne: Again, I'm 26.

Florence: 26 is 46 in showbiz baby, your day is over, now retire with dignity and put it all away.

Suzanne: I'm fully clothed.

Florence: Well now you are, but in front of the camera, jeez you were… 

Suzanne: Before you go on dissing me, I've noticed you're back to your… well… loud self.

Florence: It is what Jack would have wanted, besides there are still people out here who cherish me (Aaron winks at her) because unlike you, I treat my cameraman with respect.

Suzanne: Oh boy here we go... 

(As Florence goes on, Thomas requests to borrow Aaron's camera) 

Aaron: But whaddya want it for? 

Thomas: Just checking a few things.

Aaron: Fine (hands it over) but wreck it in any way and I'll fucking have ya.

Thomas: Yeah whatever, now piss off.

(An astounded Aaron does so) 

Jaya: (looking at her stump) I see you finally gained a backbone.

Thomas: Well yes… 

Jaya: After I lose my hand.

Thomas: Are you mad at me? 

Jaya:  A little, I cannot help it; it's just why now and not back then? Why do I have to lose a limb, for you to gain one in the form of a sturdy spine?

Thomas: I know that's how you feel Jaya and it kills me inside and it will do for the rest of my life, you're stump will be a reminder of my cowardice. I just want you to know it hurts me too.

Jaya: I know… I was just telling you how I honestly felt. I may get mad at you at times but… I guess I love you or else I wouldn't have agreed to marry you.

Thomas: Yeah and maybe one day, when were ready when can have kids! Not like Chantelle over there, no. I won't do it like that, I'll get our child the best of what the world has to offer.

Chantelle: Yeah a cot made of shrapnel is the best ya gonna get around here.

Thomas (ignoring her): And we could name our children, after friends we have lost, maybe Sanjay or Sanjeet?

Jaya: Or Lucy, or Sarah?

Thomas: Or Asif?

Imogen: Don't even go there! 

Aaron (jokingly): Oh My God as-if you would react like that Imogen.

Imogen: Don't…!

Greg (also joining in on the joke) Oh come on Imogen, were joking, as-if we would really annoy you.

Imogen: Great, real mature Greg (as he laughs) real mature.

Mrs Layton: OH MY GOD! AS IF! 


Mrs Layton: Doing what? 

Imogen: The whole, as if thing!

Mrs Layton: What? Sorry must be a coincidence. I was shouting at that the entrance to that tunnel over in the distance.

Suzanne (peering ahead): That's gotta be a few miles away at least.

Mrs Layton: Then we'll just have to get there and go through. It's the quickest way forward.

Mrs Conrad: I sense another bridge scenario coming up.

Gordon (whimpering): And I don't like the dark… 

Chantelle: As bad as Gord put it, we'll be blind in there, how the fuck we gonna see? What if Roger and his men attack? 

Eric: We have to go through, we risk it or we die here, and I'd rather die blind than having the last thing I see being his ugly face.

Gordon: (black woman voice): Oh did you hear that Roger, you just got ownnnned! 

Aaron: What? 

Gordon: Like no way fam! Oh that was sick blad! Cannot believe he just said dat though… 

(Jaya rolls her eyes) 

Jaya: Gordon will always be Gordon, (looks over to Thomas) Thomas what are you doing?

Thomas: Rewinding this thing, back to yesterday when Imogen had it. I want to see what she was recording, it might help us figure out who the traitor was.

Jaya: Thomas…

Thomas: I have to know Jaya, to keep you safe I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt again. (pauses camera) okay, so this is when the flare went up… 

Jaya: Imogen is recording, I know for a fact it was not me or you and Greg and Mrs Conrad were at the site first and I know it wouldn't be one of those two, it can't have been Eric either, he has no reason to murder people.

Thomas: So that leaves, Danny, Wilhelmina, Mrs Layton, Florence, Gordon, Aaron, Chantelle, Daz and Suzanne to blame.

Jaya: Hang on, what's that in the corner of the shot?

(Thomas pauses and has a look) 

Thomas: As the flare comes up… someone wearing white sneakers.

(Looks ahead at the group and sees that Daz is the one wearing white sneakers)  

Jaya: It wasn't him then.

Thomas: Ah yes I remember now, Suzanne was next to him! They were arguing!

Jaya: So it we can tick those two off.

Thomas: Chantelle and Mrs Layton were also chatting, plus Chantelle could not have moved to where Helpless TA and Chelsea were, popped that flare and come back. She's pregnant, she can't have run fast enough.

Jaya: And out of theory, it was not Gordon nor Florence, Gordon does not have the heart and Florence falsely confessed, just to deter Jack from snapping. Plus, we'd have realised if she was missing, because she is very loud.

Thomas: True, I remember seeing Florence when the flare went off.

Jaya: That leaves us with 3, it was Aaron, Wilhelmina or Danny all three were absent or alone, when the flare went off.

Thomas: It has to be one of them! It has to be! 

Jaya: Thomas… 

Thomas: I need to know Jaya! I need to fight for once! Going to the D Bunker it feels like the old days, back at White View, where I'm just fleeing to the old bunker again! Before I get there, I want to fight at least and do something useful.

Jaya: So I reckon we know who it is.

Thomas: That's right, it's Aaron.

Jaya: Aaron? Thomas think logically, it maybe Aaron but he has recorded us this whole journey, he is growing closer to Florence, he is simply surviving and growing and as much as you may hate him, because of what he did to you, let's not think rashly here. Thomas use your head, your logic! 

Thomas: Yes… it may still be Aaron, but chances are, it's either Danny or Wilhelmina, their arguments have been over the top and have hindered us, or drove us mad, they could be staged to make themselves look so bad, that if anyone suspected a traitor they would not consider them.

Jaya: Wilhelmina is loud and slow, whereas… 

Thomas (realising): Danny's fast and can be silent, he could have easily have set off that flare… plus, his got the personality for it. He only looks out for himself, remember how swiftly he stole that bunker pass from beneath Roger's nose? and how he drove even the cold hearted Charmaine to tears?

Jaya: That’s it then. We have the evidence we need, to stockpile against him, now all we need to do is make him confess.

Thomas: That's right… now whose got the group's guns?

Jaya: Aaron has a pistol and Mrs Conrad has the group's shotgun.

(Thomas pauses and considers this, he hands Aaron the camera back and as the group approach the tunnel Greg turns to Imogen) 

Greg: You know in the dark, I think the traitor might strike again.

Imogen: We don't know if there is a traitor, so let's not go down that road again.

Thomas (grimly): Oh no Imogen, me and Jaya have just been discussing it the traitor has to be dealt with now! 

(He swipes Mrs Conrad's shotgun from her grip and aims the barrel of it at Danny's head) 

The End

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