Lurking In The ShadowsMature

Act 7

Scene 3

(A little while later, in the deserted village) 

Mrs Conrad: Well Greg and Jaya are patched up, so let's get back to Chelsea and let's go.

Greg: Well that ain't all miss, there's tons of supplies in this ol' house here, like food and drinks and all sorts…

(He stops, as a red flare soars into the air and pops with a bang into the sky, this is followed by two, loud, horn like noises, coming from the spot beneath the flare and everything turns deathly silent) 

Greg: That was where Helpless TA and Chelsea were!

Mrs Conrad: We've been dilly dallying here, for far too long, Roger and his men will be gaining on us and that flare and those horn like noises, are bound to alert anything in a one hundred mile radius of where we are.

Greg: Shit, Roger's men will be coming… we gotta check on Helpless TA and Chelsea and see what the hell's going on over there!

(Mrs Conrad and Greg rush to the site) 

Greg: This is as gory as a cow in cheese grater!

(Both he and Mrs Conrad gaze at Helpless TA's silt necked, bled out body and a pale detached arm that belonged to…) 

Greg: Chelsea.

Mrs Conrad: Someone killed them, well killed Helpless TA, they'll have ripped Chelsea to pieces and hidden her limbs in various places, as she lacks the ability to die and even if she did, she wouldn't know how to climb the stairs of heaven and God would simply send her back to our great luck and relief. *note the sarcasm here* 

Greg: The traitor must have done this, we should search everyone! See who has a flare and… 

Mrs Conrad: Too late, look down there.

(Greg can see the flare gun and horn like instrument, next to Chelsea's arm) 

Greg: They ditched the equipment, at the scene of the crime, they must have been waiting to use it and now they have cleared their evidence.

Mrs Conrad: Well everyone is carrying some sort of shrapnel, or a knife and they'll have cleaned the blood from that by now.

Greg: Goddamit! If only we had DNA testing with us right now.

(Just then the rest of the gang run onto the scene) 

Mrs Layton: What's going on! OH MY GOD! HELPLESS TA! I mean oh god! Tia!

Danny: So somebody sends up a flare, killing these two in the process?

Aaron: The traitor was here, if only I had my camera.

Imogen (whose carrying it): Well you didn't and I guess there is a traitor here then.

Suzanne: But why kill these two? Well, kill Helpless TA and dismember Chelsea? 

Eric: If we could find her missing limbs, she could pull herself together and tell us who the traitor was!

Jaya: It is too late for that, look in the distance.

Wilhelmina: Oh crap it's Roger and his merry men.

Thomas: That's the reason the person who did this sent up the flare and blew the horn. To attract Roger and his men, so we'd be forced to flee the scene, so we wouldn't have time to search for her limbs, whoever the traitor in this group is, they have cleared their tracks well, plus it looks like Helpless TA was had her throat silt by what likes look a knife wound, this is interesting.

Danny: Well you could be the traitor, you seem to know a lot about this.

Thomas: Me! You're the one that sneaks around and steals things! 


Danny: And we'll all die if the traitor continues to trek with us.

Mrs Conrad: And we'll all die if we stay here and continue to argue pointlessly, all of you grab as much supplies as you can, we have five minutes! MOVE! 

(They do so, Greg also tries looking for Chelsea's lost limbs, but is unsuccessful) 


Thomas: Because all you're good at is running.

Gordon: Shut da fuck up fam Imma bag yu de fuk out and brake ya legs and see if ya can run then…

Jaya: Mood swing again Gordon?

Gordon: Nah cunt, just high back then.

Eric: Even though you've got none of your drug on you? 

Gordon: Erm… 


(They flee the village in the nick of time, sneaking to safety just as Roger and his men arrive in the village) 

One of Roger's men: FUCK! THEY MUST HAVE RAN AGAIN! 

Roger (staring at Helpless TA's body): But their falling apart by the looks of things, we'll keep on chasing them boys. Keeping them on their toes, they'll all snap eventually, plus this severed arm (holds up Chelsea arm) I think belonged to flying chick, without her… they can't fly off and we can catch em.

Another one of Roger's men: This should be fucking easy but we need to check.

Roger: Good point (lifts up device in his hands) now let's see if our little shadow has managed to trace em.

One of Roger's Men: I doubt it sir, she lost contact with em when we did, when they flew to freedom.

Roger: She's in the wasteland now, but she'll find them, out of everyone here, she's the best tracker, she'll find em for us. 


Eric: Sun's setting.

Greg: Man my leg is playing up again.

Daz: I seriously feel like I'm about to fall apart, can we just fucking stop and have a rest! 

Mrs Layton: Nearly! Just a few more hours.

(Group groans loudly at this) 

Wilhelmina: I really miss Chelsea right now.

Imogen: What about Helpless TA, I mean Tia?

Wilhelmina: Oh her, the whinging un, nah sorry, don't miss her in the slightest.

Danny: How heartless of you.

Wilhelmina: The word hypocrite, ring a bell with you? 

Danny: No because I have a beating heart.

Wilhelmina: Yeah, one of stone… 

Suzanne: Before you two start again, can you keep your voice down, were being tracked down, especially by that shadow.

Thomas: The shadow must have lost us, when Chelsea flew us too safety, but whoever the shadow is, they'll be on us again soon ,whoever it is, doesn't seem to attack, but seems to be watching us, he or she could be working for Roger, or anyone for that matter.

Greg: God first TPM… Roger and whatever the hell he wants… this shadow and now a traitor!? (Punches floor in frustration) what the fuck is going on!?

(To walkie talkie) TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! 

(Walkie Ta;kie is silent) 

Imogen: Greg, remember what I said, get to the bunker we'll be safe in there then we could figure this all out.

Mrs Layton: Not far now… we've lasted a week and after tonight, we turn east, still if only Chelsea was here, we'd be there in no time. I bet that's why the traitor aimed for Chelsea and Helpless TA, who was with her, to prevent us from getting to the bunker.

Daz: Or hinder us… but we're still gonna fucking get there (stumbles over in pain but Suzanne helps him back to his feet) no matter how much pain were in.

Imogen: Tia in the end, she was different, and I'll miss her… and as for Chelsea, well she's gonna outlive us all, as we simply left her behind, but if that was the last time I saw her because I'm gonna die. I'm going miss her stupid ass.

Greg: Me too, it's Weird not having her around.

Chantelle: And I’m the last chavvy girl standing, I can take pride in that! 

Mrs Conrad: Save it for the bunker.

Imogen: Yeah we'll be fine there.

Chantelle: Yeah you will, you can fuck Greg in the dark with no one watching.

Greg: Oh for… the lord, please give me strength at this time… 

Chantelle: Ya gonna need strength to impress her Greg, if ya don't shag girls hard enough and they don't squeal, she'll ditch the guy. Trust me, I have been there.

Greg: Right, because I want advice of you.

Chantelle: I know right, it's brilliant coming from an expert.

Florence: Night is here… (Aaron is still recording and Florence smiles at him) and so our venture continues.

(They all eventually stop and rest in the open wasteland, with Greg deciding to take guard) 

(Meanwhile back at the village) 

Chelsea (pulling herself back together): Ah… there we go… HEY GUYS THE TRAITOR! THEY KILLED HELPLESS TA! IT'S… 

(She looks around and realises she is alone, that no one is around, the only thing in sight is Helpless TA's dead body) 

Chelsea: Oh, I'm alone (eerie silence) 

Chelsea: Oh… (begins to cry in fear and approaches Helpless TA's body) 

(More silence) 

Chelsea: Miss, please help.


Chelsea: MISS! 

(Silence, as Chelsea now must fully accept Helpless TA's death) 

Chelsea: But miss, I can breath now. Miss?

(Silence, Chelsea is left in panic and confusion, alone, upset and scared, no one comes to her) 


Minion 1: One week down.

Minion 2: Subject F is separated from the group sir, the traitor took care of it.

TPM: Good, I knew when I asked that person, they would do all my bidding… and they will be rewarded… if they survive that brute Roger, now I see it is approaching Midnight.

Minion 1: Yes sir.

TPM: You two know what to do then, head out and take them.

Minion 2: Yes sir and we shall be rewarded, I assume? 

TPM: Yes you will, I give you my word as you know, I am a man of my word.

Minion 1 and 2: (In excitement) We'll get them sir.

(They head off) 

TPM: Seven days down, a full week and now the eighth day awaits… 

(Midnight comes and goes) 

The End

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