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Act 7

Scene 2

Chantelle: Ya should feel bad, Bab. I mean all that walking we had to do, all that emotional crap, all those pointless sex scenes, and recording from Aaron. All those deaths, all those…  

Florence: Thou lady doth protest too much methinks.

Greg: So we tell Chelsea not to fly and she flies? 

Helpless TA: Yep.

Greg: Y'all saved us, but if we only knew this sooner, Joey wouldn't have died… Jack… Charlie… Auntie Jeana… 


Mrs Conrad: I cannot bear it either, in the form that is you.

Wilhelmina: Hey guys here's a method to save time CHELSEA! WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TELEPORT US TO THE D BUNKER!   

(Pause, Chelsea does not teleport) 

Wilhelmina: Hey erm… yeah misses physically impossible up there? Teleport please?  Or don't teleport?

Chelsea: Don't be so stupid, I can't teleport, it's against the rules of physics.

Wilhelmina: And yet here we are flying with no support, gravity failing, the laws of physics failing, you can fly with no logic, live with no logic, but you can't teleport!? 

Chelsea: Pretty much.

Danny: Then how the flying fuck do you work? 

Helpless TA: Don't bother asking yourself, I've tried and it literally drove me insane, to try and gain freedom.

Eric: Still it's all on up, from here (Chelsea moves down) I mean it's all on down from here (Chelsea moves up) 

Mrs Layton: On we go Nor… I mean south.

(They group fly north, for half an hour as fast as Chelsea can physically go, before Jaya passes out from blood loss) 

Greg: Shit Jaya!

Thomas (who has been silent since he left Jaya in his cowardice): We have to head down! Find her something! Anything! 

Mrs Layton: Were flying over a small village right now and by the looks of it, many of the buildings are still standing.

Thomas: We'll head there then! Chelsea head up! 

(She heads down) 

Mrs Conrad: What are you doing? Foolish boy! We head down there, we are going to get killed! 

Mrs Layton: Greg and Jaya need supplies, they'll die without them, besides we've cleared three quarters of a day's walk, Roger's men won't catch up with us, we'll drop down, scour the village find supplies and then head back up again, simple as, simple is.

Eric: Come on honey, let's head down if Greg dies then our whole struggle for survival, will be in vain, we need to protect him.

Mrs Conrad (sighing):  Fine let's do this rubbish

(They touch down) 

Chelsea: Thank god for that, I needed a rest.

Mrs Conrad: Right Helpless TA guard her! And we'll go exploring.

Eric: Stay close everyone, Thomas give me Jaya, I can patch her up if we find something, how are you holding up Greg? 

Greg: (who is clutching his face) m'okay… for now, I can say I'm standing tall. (stumbles over suddenly and Imogen has to support him on her shoulder) 

Chantelle: Well ya cock's standing tall, now that's Imogen's close.

Greg: Great and now there's no Joey, to tell you how messed up you are.

Chantelle: I miss my convo's with that sexy hunk; still if my bab's a boy, I might name it after him.

Greg: Aw Chantelle, that's swe…

Chantelle: Or Daz, one of my favourite names, named after this bab's dad probably.

(Suzanne turns to Daz) 

Suzanne: What? 

Daz: Me and Chaz went out for a little while, Alrite? But it day last… 

Suzanne: But is she carrying your child?! 

Daz: Fuck if I know, I thought it was that Ryan's kid.

Chantelle: Probably is, but I shagged so many guys including you, so It could be yours, could be anyone's really.

Suzanne: Oh great! Bloody terrific! 

Daz: What am yow making a fuss over?

Suzanne: I thought you'd changed Dan.

Daz: I have, this happened before I… 

Suzanne: Changed! Yeah I should have known, probably got a whole army of kids you don't know about… 


Suzanne: All I wanted…! 




Florence: Well if we could have a DNA test, this would all be sorted.

Imogen: Yeah well the problem with that, is Jeremy Kyle is currently not available.

Voice: Oh I think not, I have the DNA results.

(Everyone jumps back, the voice sounds just like Jeremy Kyle until they see it's Danny grinning from ear to ear as he emerges, from a small, still standing, house)     

Wilhelmina: Do you get a kick out of scaring us all, out of our wits?

Danny: It's hilarious, still I ay got DNA results. But I have got (lifts up medical supplies) these.


Eric: Will do! Come on let's get her inside!


(He and Eric disappear into the house) 

Danny: I just got thanked… that was strange.

Wilhelmina: Never thought I'd live to see the day, first you thank me, than you save me and now you get thanked? What's next, a charity donation? 

Danny: For the record, I was always kind to my family and had to provide for them… 

Wilhelmina: Yeah and since you lost them, it's been all about you and no one else.

Danny: And since your family disowned you, it's been all about you and the booze and no one else.

Wilhelmina: Wouldn't want it any other way.

Greg: What did you thank Wilhelmina for Danny? 

Danny: (snappish) nothing.

Wilhelmina: Oh, let's just say Danny likes to swipe things.

Danny: Shut up! 

Wilhelmina: Wouldn't want anyone to think you're a maniac… (nudges Greg on the shoulder) get my drift? 

Greg: Not really.

Danny: Well, I don't have to stay and listen to this.

(He wonders off) 


Eric: Well that's bandaged tight… she'll be fine, now I'll go tend to Greg, you want to stay here with her?

Thomas: Yes, I would like that.

(Eric leaves, as he does Thomas watches over Jaya's sleeping form until finally she stirs) 

Jaya: Thomas? (Looks around) where are we… what…?

Thomas: It's okay, we stopped in this deserted village to find you and Greg supplies. You were gonna die without them.

Jaya: (looking at her bandaged stump) and I guess you found those supplies.

Thomas: Yes.

Jaya: That's good (There is a silence)

 Thomas (beginning to sob) Jaya… I… I'm so sorry (Jaya is silent) 

Thomas: You lost your hand because of me, because of my damn yellow streak! (Weakly punches to the floor)  I can't say how sorry I am and you're not worth me, I know that.

(Jaya is silent) 

Thomas: But I reckon our time is very limited and now were alone I guess now is the perfect time to ask you… well give you the present I've been saving up on.

(Jaya is intrigued, she looks at him) 

Thomas: Jaya… I'm not worthy of this… but…

(And with this he gets down on one knee, Jaya gasps when he realises what he is doing,  he pulls out a small black box from his pocket and opens it revealing a pure golden ring he holds the ring up to her) 

Thomas: Jaya, will you marry me? 

(Jaya is silent and then…) 

Jaya (so everyone can hear in): HELL YEAH! 

(Meanwhile outside) 

Mrs Layton: What's Jaya screaming about? 

Chantelle: Must be having sex with Thomas and that's her orgasm noise. I'd imagine it sounding like that.

Mrs Layton: Right… 

(Meanwhile back in the house) 

Thomas (face alight): are you sure? Are you…?

Jaya: Yes… 

Thomas: Look, I know were a bit too young and this is stupid, but you're the first and only girl I've fallen in love with, we haven't been together long but I know, with my brains that you're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Jaya: I want to be with you too, you may have ditched me, but that was one bad thing, you've done so much good.

Thomas: I still feel bad, but I promise you, mark my words, I will protect you, for as long as I live.

Jaya: Are we exchanging marriage vows as of now? 

Thomas: (laughing) No, but I saved up for so long, to buy this ring, back in Mortdale if that tape was a success, I was gonna ask you then. Give myself and the gang something further to celebrate and I was about to propose to you when we were celebrating in the pub, but I was nervous, I hesitated, wondering what everyone would think, I was too slow and that's when the bomb hit and since then, everything's been crazy. But now, I can ask you and… 

Jaya: Thomas… It's okay, it's a yes, both our parents our dead. There is no law and order anymore, in this new world, there may be bad, but we can create good.

Thomas: Yeah we can… now, come here. (they kiss) 

(Meanwhile outside) 

Eric: Okay Greg, that's stopped the bleeding.

Greg: Cheers doc.

Eric: (after an awkward pause) You know I'm not gonna tiptoe around it any longer, you and my girl… 

Greg: For the one billionth time, were just friends.

Eric: Maybe you are, but to me it doesn't look that way.

Greg: So what? Have you come here lecturing me? 

Eric: No, I'm giving you my blessing if you do… get into a relationship. I'm fine with it, I'll allow it.

Greg: Yeah, but will she?

(Points at where Mrs Conrad, is currently arguing with Wilhelmina, over personal hygiene) 

Eric: She wouldn't be happy, if Imogen dated any boy. She cares a lot more about Imogen then she lets on, so if she objects it's just natural, don't take it too heart, she's just looking out for her daughter, like I am.

Greg: I've always wondered… nice dude like you… how did you end up…?

Eric: With Helen? Imogen asks me twenty times every day and my answer is always the same. I gave her chance, I saw that beneath that stone cold heartless bitch, there is a human in there. A human who loves me, and I love her and we love our daughter, end of tale.

Greg: On that tape we watched, was that really the first time you spoke to her? 

Eric: I'd been mustering up the courage for months to speak to her, she just made me laugh in a way no one else could, when she dissed people, everyone thought I was mad but and this is gonna corny, I went with my heart and I didn't care what anyone thought. I got kicked off my football team, my mum and dad were horrified at my choice of girl, I lost everything, but I didn't care because behind closed doors, she loved me back… she's my angel… 

Greg (bursting out laughing): Sorry… sorry, it's just Angel and… y’know, Mrs Conrad… 

Eric (sadly): Yeah, it's what everyone thinks when I go on… 

(He is interrupted as Thomas bursts out of the house with Jaya in his arms, both of them have shiny golden rings on their fingers) 


Imogen: Engaged? Congrats! 

Danny: Ugh.

Aaron: When's the stag do? 

Thomas: You are not invited; you used to bully me all the time and… 

Aaron: Tom my man… see here, without me ya only gonna have 16 guests at the wedding.

Danny: 15 actually, I wouldn't go if my life depended on it.

Wilhelmina: Always the life and soul of the party, eh Damien? 

Thomas: Well I don't care what you all think. I'm a newly engaged man! And I'm on top of the world right now! 

Mrs Conrad: Newly engaged man? More like a silly, little, boy who wants to get married at way too early an age, to a girl with no brain stem. Just so he can shove his 1 inch cock into her pussy and claim to lose his virginity, so he can be a real “man”. Well it's pathetic and to me you'll always be a spineless, nerdy, cowardly, snake and every time you look at your “wife's” missing hand, you'll be reminded of you cowardice...

(As Thomas starts to get teary eyed, Eric laughs under his breath, Greg turns to him) 

Eric: Sorry, I know I shouldn't but, I can't help myself.

(Daz suddenly plonks himself next to Eric and Greg, clearly in a bad mood. As his face is a beet red)  


Eric: Well trust me, I know how you feel with my wife.

Daz (claiming down slightly): I'm surprised y'am still alive with your other half, to be honest.

Eric: Say that quietly, you don't want to lose your head.

Daz: But how do you handle her? 

Eric: Like I just told Greg here, she has a soft spot for me and Imogen, she doesn't show it.

Daz (grinning and cheering up): Yeah and Greg here, has got a soft spot for Imogen to.

Greg: This again?

Eric: I'm just giving him daddy's blessing.

Daz: There ya go then Greg, ya got her dad's blessing, ya got my blessing, the relationship can go ahead.

Greg: Yeah but you ain't my dad.

Daz: I look after ya though, I'm ya carer, might as well be.

Greg: Okay then, so I have double daddy blessings. What about mum's blessing.

Eric: Helen doesn't count.

Daz: And I'm sure, if Su calms down she'll let ya.

Greg: What is Su my mum now? Are you plannin' a wedding to Dan? 

Daz: Nah, I'm just saying maybe she could move in with us, after this whole thing blows over.  From Shaz to Su you can say my girlfriends have improved.

Greg: Suppose you're right, I don't mind Su at all, she'd make a good mother figure, like my ol' mamma… 

Eric: Well you're mum must have been nicer than mine. She chucked me out of the house after I embarrassed and disgraced the whole family, by dating that "good for nothing skank".

Greg: My momma used to take me down to old crop fields on the farms near our house, she was a real skilled lady my mamma, when it came to harvesting crops my grand-papa, her dad, was a farmer. His whole life, so she picked it up from him. I was good at farmin' but I guess I followed papa, into the world of fixing auto mobiles, he used to be my mentor, when I worked in the garage… man those were the days.

Daz: Yeah, back when I was in St. Louisville, It was Alrite.

Greg: I worship that town Dan! Dunno why you don't.

Daz: There ain't that many good memories for me, ay there? Dad dies of natural causes when am 2, and mum, well she was a fruitcake. One day when I was 10, she thought she'd amuse me by dancing on the roof of tractor. I thought it was hilarious until the fucking driver suddenly decides to stop the fucking tractor and me mum flies off the front of it and then he continues to plough forward and... (Sighs) Well it was a fucking mess, the image ay left my mind since, the driver apologised… etc… fucking etc… saying he was so sorry and that it was an accident, a freak accident. But I was 10 when I saw that, 10! Still messes with me sometimes! 

Greg: Well shit Dan, I never knew your mother's death hit you that hard.

Daz: It's just the way it happened Greg, I wasn't ready for it, one minute everything's fine and the next… me fucked up and traumatized, sent packing to live with Auntie Urlsa- Marie, in the middle of nowhere.

Greg: I never thought of it like that Dan, you've really… 

(He gets no further as Imogen plops herself next to him) 

Imogen: Hey Greg.

Greg: Hey

(He ignores Daz and Eric who are grinning at him) 

Imogen: You feeling okay? You've gone red, I see dad managed to patch you up though.

Eric: Yeah, it might leave a scar though.

Daz: Doe worry about it Greg, I got plenty of scars myself and like I said, they do impress the ladies.

(Starts laughing under his breath) 

Eric: Well we will leave you two to it.

(They both leave laughing) 

Imogen: What's that all about? 

Greg: God knows.

Imogen: Still Aaron let me borrow his camera, so we can look at that prediction Melody made.

Greg: Why did you wanna look at that? I thought we all agreed, it was nonsense.

Imogen: The note in your pocket said otherwise and although these notes are unnerving, they seem to tell the truth, there still might be a traitor in this group and Melody's prediction might help us figure out whoever the traitor is, well if there is one, or who the shadow following us is.

Greg: Let's hear it then.

(Imogen rewinds the camera to Melody's prediction and presses play) 

Melody: (suddenly freezing up): Stop! (Everyone does so) I… I… I can see them, the spirits the immortal spirits the realms of the darkest place… full of the rock that shines… and gives so much light… 492 feet underground, Greg Winters that is where you will find your destiny! (She returns to normal) what?    

(Imogen pauses the clip there) 

Imogen: Immortal spirits in the darkest place? and 492 feet underground? She must be on about the bunker, other survivors there, maybe?

Greg: Maybe TPM himself.

Imogen: Maybe, but we'll be ready to face him… or you will, at least it's your destiny… but there's one bit I don't get. The darkest realm, full of the rock that shines… 

Greg: Like gold… (Imogen looks at him in confusion) y'all probably just had coal mines in Mortdale, but in St. Louisville, we had actual gold mines. I went down one when I was a kid on a school trip and the pure golden rock, it shone so bright Imogen, even in that dirty, dark, cramped, mine.

Imogen: So basically, Melody's telling us you're going to meet your destiny in the bunker or just anywhere underground, with rocks that shine?  So we could make a fortune and kill TPM, if his down there, still this makes no sense.

Greg: Back at the forest Roger… he wants to get to the bunker too, but there's something else… something else we didn't know that he was about to tell us before Chelsea came… maybe he knows.

Imogen: Maybe, but I don't want to sit down with him and have tea and scones, if you get where I'm coming from?

Greg: I do… it's just so many questions, maybe were being lied too, I know that TPM is already messing with us confusin' us, making us paranoid, we need to keep a clear head on the matter and just focus on that getting to the D bunker, after that we can try and find answers.

Imogen: True…very true… 


Aaron: (approaching Florence) so um… you were pretty ace out there.

Florence: Ace? 

Aaron: Like boss, shooting all those guys.

Florence: It is not my nature to kill (Aaron raises eyebrows) anyone who gets in the way of me and my camera. (Aaron seems satisfied) But those men, although the one that killed Jack was dealt with, they were all the same to me. They all killed him, killed my friends, I just wanted to make them suffer, make them feel what we're feeling,

Aaron: I get ya, look Imogen's borrowed my camera for a bit… do ya reckon we could make that footage into a movie? 

Florence: Then I'd have to see Jack descend into insanity again, the one film I really don't want to watch right now.

Aaron: Ya don't wanna watch a film, with you in it!?

Florence: I know, shocking isn't it? 

Aaron: I'll say that's the Florence I know...look… everyone's getting as emotional as fuck and I just wanna tell you (adding quickly) without getting upset or ending up fucking crying (returns to normal tone) pick yourself up Flow, never thought I'd miss your attention seeking, but I guess I do.

Florence: Flow? Aaron: A mix of your name and flower, y'am like a flower y'know? Pretty… 

Florence: In touch with your feminine side Aaron? Never thought the big, bad, chav leader, could say the words flower and pretty, let alone call someone that. (Aaron shrugs) and I guess Jack may have been crazy, but I loved him and he picked out one fact, you defiantly have a crush on me.

Aaron: Cor lie, your fucking fit, I'd shag ya here and now, ya drew a lot of attention back at school, and I kept my gang away from you and Jack because one, ya promised us fame and two, you were fucking mint.

Florence: Like Lucy then? 

Aaron: Second to Lucy.

Florence: Well as she is dead now, I assume I am the prettiest and as much as I appreciate what you're saying to me. I just need space to clear my head.

Aaron: I understand I woe fucking rape ya, just keep strong, Alrite?

(Turns to leave)  

Florence: Oh and Aaron (he turns around) Jack was wrong, you're not a traitor, I'd never suspect you.

 Aaron: I know that… I'm just wondering who is? 

(Florence shrugs and Aaron wonders off) 


Chelsea: Miss?

Helpless TA: It's Tia Chelsea, remember that.

Chelsea: Tia? Okay then, is having a name that important to ya? 

Helpless TA: Yes… you have no idea, what it's like to be free at last.

Chelsea: From me? Am I that bad? 

Helpless TA: Well no… I know you're dumb but you're not bad and you seem to have a big heart, Chelsea… 

Chelsea: Not dumb… hang on a minute.

Helpless TA: What? 

Chelsea: I know how to breathe.

Helpless TA: Yes, thank the lord for that.

Chelsea: But I'm remembering now… (gasps aloud) I REMEMBER! MISS IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME! ALL OF THIS, TPM I KNOW WHO TPM IS! 

Helpless TA: You do! 

Chelsea: Yes! He made me swallow that stuff, when I was a kid in 1734! 

Helpless TA: Whoa, hang on, 1734? And swallow what stuff? 

Chelsea: Miss I know now! It's all coming back to me… my dumb aunt… she died in the rubble in that pub, but she wasn't really my aunt, she was just a carer assigned to me… because… because. I've been alive for a while… 

Helpless TA: Oh yeah you can't die… I was assigned to you in Year 7 and since then since you couldn't die. I guess you can't age too, so for 5 years, people have assumed you've aged from 11 to 16 but actually… 

Chelsea: I've been around for a while, I remember being at school in the 20's… 

Helpless TA: 1920!?

Chelsea: Yeah… then and a little later… but then something went wrong I was put in care… hidden for so many years, then recently I came back to school, back to Year 7 with where biologically I was 16, but I had to say I was 11 and so I “aged” people realised I was dumb beyond belief, dumb to bend the laws of physics, but my main secret remained hidden…and I know what it is now! I know who TPM is… and I know what he has and…!

(Tells Helpless TA everything she knows and has been through, by the end of it, Helpless TA's mouth is wide open) 

Helpless TA: Seriously? 

Chelsea: Yeah.

Helpless TA: Right, we have to tell the others right now.

Voice: I don't think so.

Helpless TA: You… you're the traitor, aren't you!?

(The traitor grins and holds up a knife) 

Traitor: Chelsea… you weren't supposed to remember all that, you had poor memory for a reason, tut, tut. Now, no one can know this, no one… it's all part of the plan.

(Helpless TA goes to fight the traitor, but the traitor silts her neck with a simple stroke of the hand. Helpless TA holds her silt open neck on the floor and slowly and sobbing Helpless TA goes still, as a puddle of blood spreads around her, and as she goes still Helpless TA is no more, as she lays there dead, the traitor turns to Chelsea) 

Chelsea: Ya won't get away with this!

Traitor: No, they'll all know eventually, but too little, too late.

(The traitor charges at a defenceless Chelsea)

The End

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