You'll Never Die AloneMature

Act 6

Scene 2

(Meanwhile In the subway)

Thomas: This reminds me of the bunker.

Greg: Then we should be safe here, right? 

Mrs Conrad: Why bother asking, it's obvious were not going to be.

Eric: Those men are gone… I think… 

(And that Jinxs them, as 4 of Roger's men leap out of the darkness) 

Greg: SHIT, RUN! 

(One of them recognises Greg and makes a beeline to stab him, with a sharp piece of metal but before they can reach a frozen Greg, Daz tackles the man to the ground) 

Daz: GO! 

Greg: DAN! 

Suzanne: GO! I'll help him! 

(Greg is forced to run on the deserted train track, to catch up with the others) 


Mrs Conrad: Greg shut up and follow me, the rest of you hide! 

Eric: WHY!? 

Mrs Conrad: I've got a plan.

(The three remaining men spot Greg's red cap and chase him and Mrs Conrad on the deserted subway track, they approach fast, ready to kill him and when they are close enough and Greg is sweating heavily…) 

Mrs Conrad: GET DOWN! 

(Greg does so, as Mrs Conrad turns around and pulls the trigger to her shotgun blowing the three men to bits) 

Greg: (panting) Holee shit.

Mrs Conrad: Had to get them in a narrow space and close enough, to make sure one shot was fatal.

Greg: Well it worked… but shit, Dan! 

(Back to where Daz was left behind, he has a massive cut on his shoulder where the man slashed at him, after Daz saved Greg. Now the man is slowly strangling Daz with his bare hands) 

Man: Fucking… Winter… just die… already… 

(He hears a footstep behind him and sees that Suzanne is about to drop a large concrete slab on his head, that she managed to pick up. He reacts by using his feet to knock her off balance she falls and hits her head of a protruding metal pipe in the subway, but the concrete slab still falls and Daz manages to scurry away in the distraction, so just as the man turns, the concrete slab crushes his skull with a gory crack) 

Daz: Shit… (Pants and looks up) Su? Su you alright? 

Suzanne: I'm… I'm… (Winces in pain at head injury, as blood now rushes down her head) I'm dizzy… 

Daz: Stay with me Su! 

Suzanne: Hey, all this blood… we look pretty badass, hey?

(As she says this her eyes roll to the back of her head and she passes out) 

Daz: Oh fuck! Fuck! HELP! 

(Eric runs to a prone Suzanne) 

Eric: It's okay (pulls out a stitching kit) she'll need stitches to stop the bleeding. (sees wound on Daz's arm) and you'll need some too.

Daz: I doe need any pussy medical treatment (just then Eric pokes his wound and it sprouts blood) what the fuck was that for!? 

Eric: You're telling me that didn't hurt? 

Daz: Nah, it day hurt! 

(Eric raises his eyebrows) 

Daz: Okay so maybe it did… 

Eric: Hey Greg, can you patch up your cousin here, while I take care of Suzanne? 

Greg: I reckon I could, but I put cars together, not people.

Eric: Just try your best… Imogen help me with Suzanne.

Mrs Conrad: I'll stay on guard, you two useless sods be lookouts, any sign of movement, shout okay? 

Thomas and Jaya: Okay.

(Greg manages to slowly stitch Daz's skin back together) 

Greg: Man, never done this before, but I reckon I get the basics, it's like sowing, only more gory. Good thing I'm squeamish to fire and not blood.

Daz: Your doing good.

Greg: You wouldn't have had that if I hadn't froze up and simply jumped outta the way.

Daz: I'm ya carer right? No matter how many times you fuck up, I guess I have to help you right?

Greg: If you want too, I mean you help me and now, I'm probably gonna give you a messed up scar.

Daz: So? Messed up scars are badass Greg.

Greg: Tryin' to impress Suzanne? 

Daz: Yeah, I ain't denying it.

Greg: Reckon she's the one? 

Daz: She's lasted 24 hours and not been killed in this nuclear wasteland. Greg, she has to be the one, like Joey said, its destiny hey? 

Greg: … destiny… 

Daz: Thinkin' about that note? 

Greg: Yeah, we… we just gotta get to that bunker to be safe, but at the same time I want answers, the further we go the more I want em.

Daz: Well listen, no fucker is gonna lay a hand on ya alright? I'll make sure of it, besides were both Winters, were both on the same sinking ship here.

Greg: Yeah I guess so, I wonder how Joey's holdin' up.

Daz: I dunno about Greg, I really dunno but if he does survive I reckon he'll have a few scars.

Greg: All Winters getting scars expect me.

Daz: Wanna lend one, fucking hell Greg I know why you're trying to be so masculine.

Greg: Why am I? 

Daz: To impress her, (nods head at Imogen) 

Greg: Were just good fri…

Daz: Don't feed me that crap Greg, ask her out already, it's obvious to everyone.

Greg: Just cause Chantelle says a few things, don't mean… 

Daz: She's saying what everyone's thinking and trust me, people think what she says for very obvious reasons. So I doe mind her, just knock her mum off and we'll be fine.

Greg (laughing): Kill Mrs Conrad? Yeah they'll be world peace before that happens…


Eric: Okay Imogen pass the scissors… 

(She does so, Eric finishes patching up Suzanne, but notices that Imogen is preoccupied as she is silently gazing at Greg, whose talking to Daz) 

Eric: So, you like watching him don't you? 

Imogen (snapping out of it): What!? What are you talking about dad?

Eric: Don't play dumb with me Immie, you know you're so much like your mother. When she used to look at me, when she first started dating me,  she had that look in her eye to.

Imogen: A look of love? Mum? Yeah, the two don't connect.

Eric: Odd to think about, but I know when my little girl likes a boy.

Imogen (going crimson) I… dadthat’snoneofyourbusinessandi’mnotlittle… 

Eric: But you are, you're titchy, but I just want you to know, that I'm fine with you and Greg, his a nice boy, his just got a lot on his shoulders at the moment and I know you’d be great for each other.

Imogen: Dad… well even if it did happen, mum wouldn't approve of it.

Eric: Helen wouldn't approve of it, if you dating a millionaire, she cares about you a lot more than she'll ever let on and Greg's being targeted right now. So yeah, you're in danger if you get close to him but as much as I hate to see it. You're growing up and I need to let you make your own choices, but you'll always be my little girl Immie and I'll look out for you.

Imogen: Thanks dad.

Mrs Conrad: Well? Are we ready to move!?

(Everyone stands) 

Eric: Yeah Suzanne and Daz are patched up.

Thomas: We gotta move fast more of those men could be coming and there were a lot of em. We could be swarmed in here.

Mrs Conrad: Let's follow this track out of here then and head north.

Eric: I'll carry Suz, Daz are you… 

Daz: I'm fine, it's just my arm, now let's get the fuck outta here already.

(They proceed to do so…) 

(Meanwhile Danny is running through city alley, chased by at least 20 men including  Roger himself, eventually Danny finds himself surrounded by the men, trapped in the ally as they approach)

Roger: Just give me the pass to the bunker and we'll spare your life, little boy.

Danny (eyeing a fire escape to his left) yeah, thanks but no thanks for the offer, but I'll just be going now…

(He runs for the fire escape, but one of the men lunges for him and manages to pin him down) 

Danny: FUCK! 

Roger: Now little boy, give me the bunker pass.

Danny: No, wait a minute, why do you want the pass? Aren't you here just to kill us all and then fuck off, back to whoever you came from? 

Roger: No, were getting in that bunker and killing you.

Danny: Didn't TPM give you orders to simply kill us?

Roger: TPM… that fucking bastard! (Punches wall in rage) His been telling you we've been approaching, hasn't he!? He's been…!

(A bottle falls on his head and shatters, shutting him up. As he winces in pain, another bottle falls onto the man restraining Danny, the man crumples in pain as Danny scrambles free and runs up the fire escape to the roof) 

Roger (holding his bleeding head): GET HIM! 

(The men follow him) 

(Danny reaches the roof, to find Wilhelmina chucking a stash of empty Stella Artois bottles onto the men below) 


Danny: Are you insane? 

Wilhelmina: Maybe I am, lucky I was clever enough to go up onto the rooftops and follow these men, so I could eventually save your ass from them, it's sad really out of everyone it had to be you.

Danny: And I had to bump into you, so now what, genius? Were trapped on a roof, with no way out! 

(Wilhelmina grins and jumps onto the roof of the nearest building) 


Wilhelmina: ARE YOU CHICKEN!?

(Danny sighs, the men have nearly reached the roof he takes a deep breath and jumps to the roof Wilhelmina is on) 

Danny: Phew… made it one piece.

Wilhelmina: They'll follow us, prepare to go roof jumping Damien.

Danny: This will be the time of my life. *Note the sarcasm*

(They end up travelling north, keeping to the rooftops as they outrun Roger's men) 

(Elsewhere at the top of an empty hospital) 


Mr Tedious: Oh God, more stairs, alright everyone head up! 

(He, Charmaine, Chantelle, Mrs Layton run to the top floor) 

Chantelle: Now what!?

Mr Tedious: The lifts… we can climb down using the elevator cables.

Chantelle: Down that many floors? In my state, I'll fall! 

Mrs Layton: It's that or nothing Chantelle.

(They do so, an exhausted Charmaine pries the elevator doors open, with her bare hands) 

Charmaine: There open.

Mr Tedious: Good girl, Mrs Layton you first! Chantelle you next!

(Mrs Layton and Chantelle descend the lift shaft, as fast as they can, when their half way down, Mr. Tedious turns to Charmaine) 

Mr Tedious: Okay, it's your turn to go.

Charmaine: No sir, you go first.

Mr Tedious: Charmaine, listen to me! Once they get up here they will cut the elevator cable and we will fall to our deaths, someone needs to hold them off.

Charmaine: I get it, a self sacrifice, but one person won't be enough. I need to help too.

Mr Tedious: Hell no! Get moving! 

Charmaine: Sir, you said we need to go down fighting, this ain't giving up, this is helping my friend and her baby escape alive.

Mr. Tedious: No, Charmaine, I won't let you.

Charmaine: Sir if there was any other way, I would take it but there ain't! 

(Before Mr. Tedious can argue back, Roger's men reach them and Mr. Tedious shoots at them)


Mrs Layton: (From below) HARRY, CHARAMINE! COME ON! 


Chantelle: NO! CHARAMINE! 

Charmaine: JUST GO!

(Chantelle and Mrs Layton continue to move down the cable)

Mr Tedious: Let's fight them off then! 

Charmaine: And whatever they do, I ain't gonna be Bovvered.

(Chantelle and Mrs Layton manage to reach the floor of the shaft, a few gunshots are heard from before they fall silent and there are a few yells and screams, Charmaine is hacked to death first and Mr Tedious uses the last of his strength and effort to fight the man and give Chantelle and Mrs Layton more time to run out the hospital, a man raises a crowbar and Mr. Tedious is bludgeoned to death) 

Chantelle: Charmaine… 

Mrs Layton: I'm sorry Chantelle but if we don't move, then they died for nothing.

(The two leave the hospital behind them, as they run north) 

(Elsewhere running down an alleyway)

Florence (panting): I-I think we l-lost them… 

Jack: Good (holds piece of shrapnel in his hand tightly and looks down the alley he can see it is indeed empty and lowers his guard) 

Florence: Now where too? 

Jack: Were alone…we, we need to hide somewhere. (spots a storage closet and drags himself and Florence inside) 

Florence: My God there is barley any room in here! 

Jack: All squashed up.

Florence: And were sweating, this is gross, and to make it worse there's no camera around to record this!

Jack: What a shame… (Suddenly, leans against Florence making her shuffle uncomfortably) 

Florence: Jack, what are you…? 

Jack: I fucking love you so much. (lunges forward to kiss her deeply but she holds him back) 

Florence: Jack no… you are seriously starting to scare me.

Jack: I know and I'm sorry Florence, but you're all I have. I don't trust anyone now, not even my half-brother, they could all be the traitor, but I know it would never be you (leans in closer) now please… please just show me that you love me back.

Florence: Jack… I'm not ready to lose it…my virginity! And besides you lost yours to Sarah. She truly loved you, whereas me and you, break up all the time! And without Zsa Zsa you're losing it! Jack I…!

Jack: (beginning to cry) Don't tell me this! Please! All I want is you! To show that I love you… that's want you want, isn't it? Attention and love? I can give you that.

Florence: I don't know Jack,  I really like you, but I mean, right now? 

Jack: Florence there might not be another time, I want to make love to you now, plus what happened to Sarah was tragic and yes I loved her, but she's dead now, you're still here and you have been since we were kids.

Florence (smiling at him): My handsome prince, I do want you. My parents left me, and I grew to your family, you and your mum. Maybe we can start a family someday, if this all blows over? 

Jack: Yes, now come here… 

Florence: I love you… 

(The two proceed to have steamy, sensual sex in the closet having the experience of their lives…) 

(On the other hand) 




Chelsea: Forgot how.

Helpless TA: Oh for pete's sake, not now Chelsea… (As the men approach) oh fine then, just stay still and let us be killed! 

Chelsea: Wait… (Begins to move again to Helpless TA's relief) 

Helpless TA: Can't believe I stopped with you back there. I still can't get over the fact I was chained to you.


Helpless TA: Yes, remember? 

Chelsea: I have poor memory miss.

Helpless TA: Oh yeah how could I… 

Auntie Jeana: DUCK! 

(Helpless TA does so, as she shoots one of Roger's men who was sneaking up behind them, he is killed and Chelsea is also shot as she believed Auntie Jeana had actually seen a real duck, but because of her inability to die she remains fine) 

Helpless TA: You okay? 

Chelsea: These bullets tickle.


(They do so, elsewhere by the Warehouse) 

Joey: Well damn...

(He and Charlie are in the empty football changing rooms) 

Charlie: Oh I loved a good game of footie, shame there ain't a football around.

Joey: Least the stadium still standing.

Charlie: I know, gives me a sense of nostalgia. I used to go to Birmingham games when I was younger with my dad, Birmingham FC is my favourite team, have you got one? 

Joey: What? Teams? Sorry Charlie boy, I ain't into your soccer.

Charlie: Man, football's the greatest sport invented! I'll have to teach you all about it and how to play.

Joey: I heard Greg was keen on soccer, you'll have to ask him about it.

Charlie: Yeah… but still what sport were you into then? 

Joey: American Football, little bit like your rugby, I used to be a quarterback and according to dad I was one the best players.

Charlie: Used to? 

Joey: I got into a fight with some dickhead, hurt him pretty bad and after that, I got kicked off the team and eventually I got expelled from that school.

Charlie: So your businessman and a sport's star? 

Joey: Don't be jel… I mean yew… 

Charlie: Another thing I gotta teach you, you pronounce you as Yew all the time, it's you.

Joey: Yew teaching me now? 

Charlie: No, say, Are you teaching me now.

Joey: Yeew? 

Charlie: No, you.

Joey: Yeow?

Charlie: No you… 

(Pauses, as the two have walked out of the stadium and onto the street, their passing the warehouse when they hear someone banging on the door, they race over too it) 

Joey: HELLO! 


(Joey and Charlie use their lock picking skills, to open the chained up door, on the other side, Roger's men are closing in on Gordon, Chelsea, Helpless TA, Aaron an Auntie Jeana) 

Auntie Jeana: Fuk me man, I'm out of bullets! 


( As Auntie Jeana turns to run towards him, one of Roger's men picks up a broken shard of glass and uses it to stab Auntie Jeana in the hip, she crumples in pain as a horde of Roger's men stab and maul her to death) 

Gordon: NO! (Remembers his drug in his pocket and thinking to himself) Fuck, why didn't I use this! I could have saved her, I could have…!

(Just then door opens, there is no time to grieve for Auntie Jeana, Gordon, Chelsea, Helpless TA and Aaron run straight out of the warehouse, with Joey and Charlie trailing behind them)

Joey: We got to them just in time! 

Charlie: Wait, where's Auntie Jeana? 

(Gordon is silent and Joey and Charlie understand that she is dead) 

(Meanwhile the subway group reach the north of town and spot the warehouse group, with Charlie and Joey. The two groups join up and keep on running to escape Roger's men. As they do, they bump into Chantelle and Mrs Layton and finally on the ground, they find Danny and Wilhelmina. The final pair to show up are Jack and Florence. The pair of them look very sweaty, with their clothes and hair messed up. But they continue to run, and that's all the group can do… keep running until finally at sunset, when the buildings from Liverpool are miles behind them and Roger's men have lost track of them, the group finally stop. They are panting like thirsty dogs) 

Mrs Conrad: So whose still here? 

(She head counts herself, Eric, Imogen, Greg, Daz, Suzanne, Thomas, Jaya, Mrs Layton, Chantelle, Wilhelmina, Danny, Jack, Florence, Joey, Charlie, Gordon, Aaron, Chelsea and Helpless TA) 

Eric: 20 of us remain.

The End

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