It Eats Up At YouMature

Act 5

Scene 4

Suzanne: Priest… you killed him?

Sven: You don't understand our situation, do you!? There is no livestock around! There is nothing! We can't grow crops in this radioactive soil, it's a miracle our water is fine, but for our food, we have nothing! But each other! 

Suzanne: Oh god… you're all cannibals, aren't you?

Sven: You think I wanted this!? To become a cannibal!? We'd have died long ago without this human meat. I have family here, only me, Conor and Dale know about it, we go out hunting and bring back hunks of meat, all the other campers think it's animal meat, but I know different, we take travellers, corpses we find, any human meat cannot be wasted.

Daz: You're all sick… fucking sick.

Sven: The food we gave you was no-where near enough for our camp and out of date, so yes it was useless excess, but don't you dare, call me fucking sick. Earlier, I was looking for the oldest and most helpless one in your group, as well as someone tall and lanky for more meat and that priest met our criteria. I couldn't kill that innocent kid, I have grandkids, I'm not that much of a monster.

Daz: So that's what you did hey? Took priest out, Conor and Dale killed him and then you cook him and serve him as lamb chops to everyone here?

Sven: Yes, to put it in a nutshell, they shot him in the head, only one bullet, it's why we have so much ammo left, but a quick and clean job, there is no suffering. I'm am truly ashamed of what I do, but I can't bring myself to tell my family or anyone, but it has to be done. Only me Conor and Dale know, the three of us the strongest, the three voted most likely to lead.

Daz: Two of ya now. Dale was fucking insane, I finished him off.

Sven: I can see his body.

Suzanne: So what now, is he on the menu? 

Sven: Human meat cannot be wasted, I'll have to tell the campers Dale went on a hunting trip and never came back.

Daz: Or we could tell them the truth.

Sven: NO! I will shoot you here if you do! Give me my word, you won't! You won't tell anyone here! Just take your fucking group and go! Leave us be! If you tell anyone you'll destroy this community, my family will despise me! I'm begging you, just go! I don't want to kill anyone else! 

Suzanne: So you resorted to cannibalism, in five days? 

Sven: You don't understand, me and Conor could find no food, none of it! The food we gave you was no-where near enough to feed everyone here, so we decided not to give it out to avoid a riot. But we still needed food, we needed to keep our strength up, so we could fend of attacks, and deal with the side effects of the radiation, so fresh meat was the answer, human meat.


Sven: No one else had to know, but still we did it… we hunted humans and ate them. Old Dale only arrived here yesterday and yet he was instantly popular. Hence I could trust him with my secret, he responded well and promised to keep it too himself, now I can see his bloodlust, was not mentally healthy.

Daz: Well neither am you to be honest.

Sven: I know… maybe there was another way, but this way… it works. Everyone Is well fed, my family are fine and can sleep knowing that, now please give me your word that you won't tell a soul and I won't shoot you!   

Suzanne: We give our word… but what if I decide to tell everyone, when I'm not a gunpoint hey? 

Sven: Then you would tear this community apart and that would be on your conscious.

Daz: Su, we should just go.

Suzanne: What!? Dan his a cannibal, his sick, people need to know.

Daz: No, they doe. Ignorance is bliss I say and if these campers live like this, they ay doing anything wrong, he may be (points at Sven) but they ain't. If they join us, they'll probably die, and besides, he gave us food, only killed one of us and is offering to let us go when he could just kill us. Despite what his doing, there's good in him, the least we can do to pay him back, is just leave him be.

Sven: Thank you! Just please, please, just leave! 

(Suzanne sighs) 

Suzanne: Okay, you have my word.

Daz: And mine.

Sven: Get going then.

(Daz and Suzanne leave the building, escorted by Sven, they call for the others and Florence, Jack, Danny, Wilhelmina, Jaya, Thomas and Aaron show up. Confused campers ask why there back and Daz makes up the lie, that they lost something and came back to get it and that Daz was injured after accidently, being shot by Suzanne. After that, they leave the camp, as soon as the camp is distant Jack turns to Daz) 

Jack: Why did you lie back there? What's really going on? Did you find Priest? 

(Daz explains all to them) 


Mrs Conrad: It's been nearly half an hour! 

Eric: Good thing my watch, is somehow still working.

Greg: Come on Dan, where are you guys? 

Charlie: They'll be okay, they've got to be, right? 

Greg: I dunno Charlie, maybe… (Sees figures in the distance) GUYS! I THINK IT'S THEM! 

(Everyone looks up) 

Mr Tedious (to Charmaine): Well is it? 

Charmaine: Cor be bothered to check.

Gordon: IT IS! YAY! I mean glad to see em back hey? 

(Greg notices that Daz is limping and leaning on Suzanne) 

Greg: Shit Dan, what's a matter?

Eric: Let me… a gunshot wound? 

Daz: (panting) Yeah.

Jack: I guess somebody better tell them what Daz told us, about the place.

Joey: Did yew find Priest? 

Suzanne: Yeah we found him… but… 

(As Daz is patched up, she explains how Sven was a cannibal, yet the rest of the camp didn't know, Dale's death, how Sven let them go, as long as they promised not to tell the other campers the truth…) 

Mrs Conrad: I would have told everyone, the spineless coward would have simply broken down and I would have laughed.

Eric: He was nice man, he just had to do the unthinkable to survive, and he gave us food. Excess supplies maybe, but still a sign of generosity.

Greg: But they killed Priest and ate him! 

Eric: I know, but that could have been all of us Greg, were lucky it's not.

Joey: Still, the world is going to shit.

Danny: And we need to protect ourselves.

Joey: Yeah but we have nothing.

Danny: That's what you think… I happened to notice a few guns lying around and I couldn't resist.

(Pulls a few guns, from his large pockets)

Danny: I didn't take them all, but still enough to defend ourselves, right? 

Aaron: You jammy bastard!

Auntie Jeana (taking a gun): Only for defence, ya all here me! 

(The group nod in agreement, other than Jack who is eyeing the guns that are passed out, with a dark glint in his eyes) 

Chelsea: Can I have gun please?

Helpless TA: Now Chelsea, you plus gun, let's say the result, will have more devastating effects than a nuclear blast.

Chelsea: But I can't die, remember? So it won't harm me.

Helpless TA: It's not you I'm worried about. It's me and everyone else, because you wouldn't know where to point the thing and you'd shoot us all! 

Jack: How come I don't get a gun?! 

Mrs Conrad: In your state, no way.

Jack: My state! 

Mrs Conrad: Yes that angsty, grieving, teenage crap state/

Jack (fuming): Hey! I want… 

Florence: Jack please, calm down, you're starting to scare me.

(There is a pause, as Jack turns to Florence) 

Jack: I'm… err God… I’m… really sorry Florence. I don't want you to be upset with me.

Florence: That's okay, still are you going to ask how my film went? 

Jack: Well… 

Florence: It went amazing, thanks for asking.

Jack: Aaron didn't flirt with you, did he? 

Florence: No, he did not.

Jack: Good… (hugs her tightly) I wouldn't want to lose you to anyone else, in this fucked up world there are cannibals, thugs, criminals then there is you and me… innocent, pure and we have lasted this long, we are destined to love each other forever.

Florence: Okay Jack you can let go now.

Jack: You're all I have left I won't lose you. I will never lose you.

(Florence smiles, but silently in her head she is confused and creeped out, by Jack's ever increasing, stalker like behaviour, around her) 

Mrs Conrad: Well on we go, the sun is setting and there is absolutely no time to waste.

(The group continue onwards, now held back by Daz's wounds. As evening finally becomes night they exhausted group stop on open wasteland and agree to sleep there) 

Thomas: Here? 

Eric: There's no-where else.

(The group begin to settle down) 

Mr Tedious: Man, that poor Priest, didn't even know the guy's first name.

Charmaine: It's a fucking shame, we try and talk some sense into him, to try and live and yet he still dies, makes all my effort feel pointless.

Mr Tedious: He didn't commit suicide, he probably went down fighting. We don't know all but, I know is that his dead and were still here.

Charmaine: Lasted five days, fuck me.

Chantelle: (masturbating) I wouldn't mind actually, been without sex for too long.

Mrs Layton: It's only been five days since this thing started.

Chantelle: I know right, imagine having to go without sex for that long… well without masturbating.

Mrs Layton: Shock horror news flash Miss Deloris, since my husband died, no sex for me and I haven't masturbated in five days, in fact I think that applies for everyone here.

Chantelle: I don't know how you people do it.

Mrs Layton: I don't know how you do it, with that metal thing… how do you stick it in so deep? Doesn't it hurt? 

Chantelle: Oh, asking for advice? Just because ya husbands gone you wanna get kinky? It's okay I understand.

Mrs Layton (blushing): No I… I don't want that, I'm just concerned about the baby… in fact I wanted a child, me and my husband. I remembered when we tried the once… 

(Chantelle groans as Mrs Layton babbles on…) 

Greg: Well another day passes… another shitty day.

Imogen: Get used to them.

Greg: Already have, night you guys, night Dan! 

Daz: Night Greg!

(As Greg dozes off Daz tries to lie down, but winces in pain at the gun wound) 

Daz: Facck this aches… 

Suzanne: You okay?

Daz: Coping.

Suzanne: You erm… you were, real brave today.

Daz: Thanks.

Suzanne: And you did it, not just for me, but for yourself, you know deep down you're a much nicer guy than this basic thug and chav, I first knew.

Daz: Well It weren't easy, but at the end of the day, did I really want to end up like Dale? 

Suzanne: No you're nothing like him, today you showed me you're a real man, protecting a lady like myself, it's what real gentlemen do in my eyes and (leans closer to him) I like gentlemen, before, when I had my outburst I did want to die Dan. I really did, It felt like I had nothing to live for and survival was pointless. I was just a mouth to feed in this group, but today I discovered there is something still worth living for… and that's you.

Daz: What am ya saying Su? 

Suzanne: I… I like gentlemen ,the cameraman I dated… yeah you were right they were for my career ladder. I wanted to succeed, but there is the one gentlemen I have known for a while now, he won't help me get anywhere in any career, but I like him, and recently he has proven to me he is everything I want.

Daz (looks around but everyone is asleep, other than Danny who is on guard) Is it me? 

Suzanne: Yes, and thank you for everything…

(at this points their lips meet and they kiss passionately) 

Daz: (When they break apart) Wow, best one so far and I based that on a kiss alone.

Suzanne (whispering): I really like you. (as they cuddle up to one another) I want you Dan I want…

(She gets no further as Joey suddenly shoots up from his sleep) 


(This either scares everyone out their wits, or wakes them up) 

Daz: Stop fanboying about it you nosy bastard and get some sleep, heck we all need it.


TPM: Well? That camp they passed through, did they get through? 

Minion 1: Yeah, the leader there was a softie.

TPM: Where are they now? 

Minion 2: On the move again.

TPM: How far behind are Roger and his men? 

Minion 1: A few miles, they have the group's scent, their slowly catching up.

(TPM stares at the Walkie Talkie in his hand) 

TPM (thinking to himself): Later… give them a warning when they need it.

(Midnight comes and goes…) 

The End

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