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Act 5

Scene 3

Daz: Right we'll spilt up… Danny ya go with Jack, Wilhelmina go with Florence and Aaron, I'll go with Su here and Thomas you go with Jaya.

Danny (to Wilhelmina): Hope you die out there.

Wilhelmina: Right back at ya.

Daz: Right, let's go… 

(They set off, sneaking around camp) 

Jaya: You spoke a lot of sense back there Thomas, and I found it brave of you to suggest we go back to find the Priest.

Thomas: Your point? 

Jaya: You made me proud (kisses him) in fact this whole trip, has highlighted your better side.

Thomas: Trip? More like a trek through hell. In fact, it reminds me of when the school was destroyed.

Jaya: I was sealed behind bars then.

Thomas: And I just ran… that damn yellow streak in me, it's still there sometimes I just feel like running.

Jaya: Do not reminisce on that, you faced those Black Crestors in the end.

Thomas: And lost, I don't want to be a coward again.

Jaya: And you won't be, look at the two of us, with have retained our calm heads in the group and made it this far, I tell you, your parents would be proud of you.

Thomas: I miss them Jaya, Greg was right when he kept going on about how cruel the system was back in Mortdale, seeing my parents on the rooftop of that hospital and then going to school the next day, the world is cruel… too cruel and I'm too weak to face it.

Jaya: Yes the world is very cruel, but it's also a very wonderful place, if you want it to be. That in mind, you are not weak. 

Thomas: I am, why'd you think I used to hide in that bunker? I couldn't face the world Jaya, I was too weak.

Jaya: I lost my family on that hospital rooftop to, and I miss them to. I don't show it because I don't want to be weak either, we react differently, but maybe weakness is not a bad thing, it shows we are still human.

Thomas: Maybe, but I don't want to break down or anything like that, or become too hardened too it, like Jack.

Jaya: He scares me, his whole tone has changed, to put it simply, I'm trying to avoid him.

Thomas: Me too 

(Silence as they creep around camp spying on people) 

Thomas: Nothing too suspicious.

Jaya: Hey Thomas? 

Thomas: What? 

Jaya: Remember before this fallout, you promised me a present? 

Thomas: Yeah and I still have it on me, I'm planning to give it you when the time is right.

Jaya: When will that be? 

Thomas: I'll just know… okay?

(They embrace) 


Jack:… rip their fucking guts, out of their fucking ribcages and fuck their wives… and fucking eat the eyeballs of the children… 

Danny: Hey… erm half bro? 

Jack: … burn the livestock, rip the cows with my bare hands…lick the blood…

Danny: You are seriously, starting to creep me out.

Jack: (turning to him) Am I? Shouldn't bother a macho man like yourself.

Danny: You know, as your brother… 

Jack (snarling): Brother… brother… brother… brother… FUCKING BROTHER! (Slams Danny against the wall) you use that word to torment me! You're not my brother! You're just some fucker I barely know and by bad luck we have the same dad! You're fucking nothing to me, you're not family! I wouldn't mind it, if you died.

Danny: Geroff... lunatic…. 

Jack: I'm not insane, I just know, there's a traitor lurking amongst us and I want them to pay for killing my mum.

Danny: And you think I'm the traitor?

Jack: It can't be you, Wilhelmina or Florence, you lived with my mum, yet every day the list of people I trust grows smaller.

Danny: You’re going bananas you know, looks like little momma's boy means business now that she's dead. The little baby has to face the big, bad, world, alone and the only thing he can do is lash out at everyone.

(He smiles and walks on, however a few seconds later he is once again pinned to the wall this time with the metal dangling in front of his face) 

Danny: What the…? 

Jack: (enraged) Don't you fucking say that! YOU HEAR ME! Don't you fucking dare! There is a traitor in this group and I will find out whoever it is, and as for you, you may not be traitor but you lash out too! I know why you do it! To impress her!

Danny (paling): You're insane, you don't know… 

Jack: I do, you're fucking pathetic, trying to impress her with your tough guy image.

Danny: I… 

Jack: So stop trying to impress My Florence, or else.

Danny: What? Oh Florence? Yeah… I mean no, I don't have a crush on her, jeez and what's with the "my Florence", she your pet now? 

Jack: She's all I have left, that's why I came here, to protect her, not find priest.

Danny: Deadly, murderous, emo, stalker, guy, is my brother great, great going Daz, pair me with him.

Jack: Or you could have been paired with Wilhelmina and your bickering would have you caught out in an instant, now let's go! 

(They do so… meanwhile) 

Florence: Oh my… (Trips into a puddle of mud) NOW THY ART GRITTY! AS PROOF OF MY HORRIFIC IDEAL! 

Aaron: That's it babe, keep rolling around in the mud.

Wilhelmina: Don't say that too loud, or her physco boyfriend will show up.

Florence: Now, now Jack is not a sociopath, he is actually very boring, yet a level headed man.

Wilhelmina: Yeah he was all that love, before he lost Zsa Zsa and now his bat shit crazy.

Florence: He is just… 

Aaron: Highly stung?

Florence: Yes! That's the word, still I now look as gritty as you Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina: Tar, Florence.

Aaron: Well ya always do, ya skin's filthy, your black hair's overgrown and what the fuck am ya wearing? They look like rags for homeless people.

Wilhelmina: I was homeless.

Florence: Yes, but you lived with us and you still look like a tramp, what happened to posh girl I once saw?

Wilhelmina: Well she ain't here anymore, she'll never be.

Florence: I get you now, believe it or not, you try way too hard to be different from what you hate.

Wilhelmina: What are you trying to say? 

Florence: You became a homeless alcoholic, because you felt like you weren't good enough for your parents, after you failed the Penti-present tournament. You were ashamed of them.

Wilhelmina:  I had good reason to be… look what they turned into! 

Florence: I know, but you became the polar opposite to who you once were, posh girl, hygiene at 100 per cent and now you don't care about it one little bit, Zsa Zsa was always complaining about how filthy you were.

Wilhelmina: Okay, so I want to be different, I have a bit of an obsession with not being like my snooty, evil, parents, what's so bad about that? 

Florence: You're trying too hard.

Wilhelmina: Says you.

Florence: You are through; you are striving to be different, so much so you have a bit of an identity crisis, to who you really are.

Wilhelmina: Whatever , you sound like Zsa Zsa nagging me all the time, even before she died she told me… she told me and Danny were actually more fond of each other than we made out. Just because we argue a lot, (laughs) heck, poor, old, gal, lost her mind at the end didn't she? 

Florence: Actually, she was spot on.

Wilhelmina: What? 

Florence: Me and Jack bicker most of the time, but we still love each other because it shows that we care and make effort with each other, you and Danny are probably the same you just don't know it yet.

Wilhelmina: Oh whatever, like I'll ever start caring and getting cuddly with a twat whose head is gonna float away, because it's that full of hot gas, especially if he survives this little venture into this camp. I'll say though, since when did you become such love guru Florence?

(Florence smiles and that's when Wilhelmina notices the camera behind her where Aaron is recording) 

Wilhelmina: Oh of course, I forgot, when the camera shows up.


Daz: So… you wanna talk?

Suzanne: No.

Daz: Am ya sure?

Suzanne: No, it will only make the situation worse.

Daz: Only be trying to be nice.

Suzanne (laughs): You can do that? Seriously? 

Daz: Yeah seriously, you got a fucking prob…!

Suzanne: SSSH! Look!

(They both spot Dale, sneaking into some sort of house built from burnt tree trunks) 

Daz: Let's go see what's in there.

Suzanne: Yeah, let's go see your "friend" again.

(Despite this, she follows Daz into the wooden house, as they sneak in quietly) 

Daz: Bloody ell, stinks in here.

Suzanne: Smells horrific… it's coming from that room.

(They move forwards, as they do Daz spots guns stockpiled on the wall) 

Daz: The guns for hunting no doubt.

Suzanne: If they use these to hunt everyday, then why are they still full of ammo? 

(They shrug at each other, before sneaking into the room where the bad odour is emitting from) 

Suzanne: Mother of God...

(In the room, several sharp objects are strewn all over the place, in the middle of the room is a large white table. Blood is littered all over the swords, axes', saw blades and other assortment of sharp objects in the room. On the table is a human body, that is currently being skinned by Dale, Suzanne recognises the hunk of bloody meat that was once a person, she recognises Priest's blood coated face and the hunk of his body, on the white table as Dale slowly chops him up, in horror Suzanne screams, as a blood drenched Dale turns to her) 

Dale: (smiling) Ello sexy, see you're back for a bit of Ol' Dale.

Suzanne: Y-you you killed P-priest… w-why…?

Dale: Need him to survive… but he can wait for later… right now… (grabs her by the wrists and pins her to wall) 

Suzanne: LET GO OF ME! 

Dale: Nah babe, first I'm gonna have some "fun" with ya, then I'll keep ya here. Can't have you go running and blabbing to everyone, what y'ave seen, ya can be my own little sex toy.

Suzanne: No… (begins to sob as Dale rips her shirt off, revealing her bare breasts) 

Dale: Oooh, I could bury myself in them.


Dale: Dan ain't here love, it's… 

Daz: Oi Dale, get your hands of her.

(Dale looks up to see Daz pointing a gun at him, Daz remained hidden during the confrontation between the pair, but finally decided to stick with Suzanne so he grabbed a gun from where they were lined against the wall and has come to rescue) 

Dale: Daz, were mates, we can share her… right? 

Daz: No we cor, now let her go! We're leaving this shithole! 

Dale: What sort of a disgrace of a man are you, you're fucking queer y'know? A fucking disgraceful, insult, of a lad.

Daz: I'd… (Sighs and looks down, before regaining his courage and looking up again) I'd rather be a disgrace, than be like fucking you! 60 years of age with fucking HIV, a fucking ugly mess and a no life, fuck it, I'm proud of who I am, now let her go! 

Dale: NO! (Pulls out gun of his own and aims at Daz) Yeah I keep my gun on me and use it, in case of…

(He gets no further, he has used one hand to restrain Suzanne and the other to hold the gun, Suzanne catches him off guard, by kicking him in the balls, he winces as she breaks out of his grip, as she does a panicked Dale fires his gun at Daz. Just as Daz fires in return, Daz is hit in the hip, but Dale ends up with a bullet in his brain and is dead before he hits the floor, as he does, Daz slumps onto the floor in agony) 

Daz: You-happy-now? I stood up for ya? 

Suzanne: Shit! Stay still Dan, I gotta get this bullet out.

Daz: That… (despite her shaky hands, she manages to press on his wound and push the golden bullet out from under his skin) 


Suzanne: Sorry, I have to remove it, too lessen the risk of infection… can you stand? 

Daz: I think... think... so...

Suzanne: Then let's grab the guns and get out of this hellhole…

(They stand and limp to the doorway, but just as they do Suzanne hears a clicking near to her head) 

Sven (sobbing and holding pistol at Suzanne): I was afraid you'd find out like this, I told you not to come back.

The End

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