A Prophecy FulfilledMature

Act 4

Scene 3

Thomas: Maybe we could split up?

Imogen: The thugs would just aim for Greg, in whichever group he went into.

Thomas: And what about Daz? We could split them up and… 

Daz: No, I'm lookin' out for Greg, we ay splitting up.

Jack (darkly): Maybe there is a point; one of us here is a traitor! 

Florence: Jack… 

Jack: No! You heard what that guy said on the walkie talkie, someone here is working for him! Someone who dropped that message yesterday, in that book!

Imogen: He also said he liked to play games with us; this could be a lie to get us riled up.

Jack: I prefer to stay cautious, because if there is a traitor they helped kill my mum… and others (grabs his weapon of a sharp metal blade) when I find out who did this, I am gonna get them, so fucking bad... 

Greg (gulping) Man, trust is going down the drain, still we can discuss whoever the traitor is later, right now we need to move.

(Looks at the other side of the bridge)

Greg: Where did that guy called Roger and his merry men go? 

Mrs Layton: I saw them, they went to the left, the direction of the next bridge. If we don't haul ass, they will catch up with us once again, this bridge collapsing has given us a time boost from these guys, we need to use that.

Danny: That's true and thanks to my brave risk, we were able to cross the bridge.

Wilhelmina: That's not being brave, that's being a cocky prick and I'd wished you would have fallen.

Danny: Then why did you come and get me then?

Wilhelmina: Because watching you was cringe-worthy and I just wanted to get across the bloody thing and so I did, so yeah… and don't bicker with me, not now. I'm not in the mood.

Danny: Zsa Zsa? 

Wilhelmina: Yeah.

Mrs Layton: Aw crap, I just remembered, Mr Rayne was the only one who remembered what Margaret said, without him we won't know how to get into the bunker! 

Aaron: Chill ya beans, I got it all not up here (points to his head) but on here (points to his camera, he rewinds it and the group are relieved to see, he recorded the moment when Miss Wellington was telling the group about how to get into the bunker) 

Mr Tedious: Margaret… (Begins to get emotional) 

Priest: I can see Zsa Zsa too… God… 

Mr Tedious: It's tough ain't it? I never thought the chavvy girl would talk me back into living, or trying again, but trust me heart to heart's actually help and I'm putting in so much effort...

(Priest laughs) 

Priest: Hard for you? 

Mr Tedious: Yeah. But Charmaine helped me, and I'll help you, because I know the shit you're going through and yeah I'll bet you'll wanna give up, but you gotta keep going, it feels pointless and you feel like a waste, but you suck it up and keep breathing. 

Charlie: Yeah! Joey's dad used to say the strongest spirits survive! 

Priest: Yeah, but I don't think I really want to go on… 

Charmaine: You have your nephew Melody and well, there's always something worth living for… for me it's a good party, but hell, I'm carrying on and so should you.

Priest: Well thanks guys that helped.

Greg: And so did that camera, Aaron… I could kiss you for recordin' this! Were saved! 

Aaron: Please doe you queer, but yeah I saved us alrite.

Florence: See!? Films aren't all bad.

Auntie Jeana: Well when you lot have finished, the sun is setting, we need to move.

(They do so, walking in silence for two hours as it begins to get dark and then) 

Melody (freezing up): Stop! (Everyone does so) I… I… I can see them, the spirits the immortal spirits, the realms of the darkest place… full of the rock that shines… and gives so much light! 492 feet underground, Greg Winters that is where you will find your destiny!(She suddenly returns to normal) What? 

Priest: You had another fit Melody.

Melody: Did I? Oh… well I guess… (begins murmuring to herself) I fucking hate this… hate this gift… everyone thinks I'm insane. I don't want to fucking to do this anymore, my friend Sasha dead, and Alan is dead… the spirits may not be real… am I insane? Why do I have this gift? Why?! Is it a gift? I… why can I not speak to Alan and Sasha? If I imagine them, will they appear? 

Priest: Melody hon, are you okay? 

Melody: I'm… (sighs) I'm just frustrated, that is all. It's been a long day, ignore my fits everyone, they were just words of nonsense… I think.

Joey: Yew "think".

Aaron: again I can't be sure with you Melody. Anyhow, got that rant recorded.

Mrs Conrad: What a load of fuss over nothing, come on you lot.

(They continue to trek on through the night, until finally...)

Eric: Let's rest here.

(Unable to find shelter in a house, they decide to make camp around a small bare and burnt tree) 

Greg (falling to sleep next to Imogen and thinking too self): What a day, but how much longer does this tirade have to go for? Why did this happen? (glances at walkie talkie in his pocket) who is this guy?

Imogen: Hey, Greg still thinking?

Greg: How could you tell? 

Imogen: You just have this…look.

Greg: (laughs): I remember when George told me all about that, when I first moved here… I mean when I first moved to Mortdale.

Imogen: It's impossible to believe, we left everything behind. It still looks the same.

Greg: Wasteland? empty, destroyed… 

Imogen: Yeah, the whole of UK is a shithole now I guess.

Greg: I just want the answers, but maybe I won't get em, (looks up at the stars above him) you know, sometimes back in Alabama me and my friends used to sneak behind old eddie's garage… he was this mad old hermit, who fired his 12 gauge at people for so much as so lookin' in his direction.

Imogen: Sounds a bit like Mr. Masterbate.

Greg (laughs): yeah… but we used to sneak into his backyard because old eddie had a house on top of St. Louisville's highest hill, where you could the best view of the stars, way to escape reality I guess and have a thrill seeking adventures. My mates would go with their girlfriends, I never had one of course, but if my parent's house hadn't have burned down. I reckon I would have done… and been normal… and happy.

Imogen: You hardly ever mention your friends back in Alabama.

Greg: Probably long forgot about me now, I dunno, it just makes me jealous I guess, while their still living there normal lives, in St. Louisville. I'm in this nuclear wasteland.

Imogen: That sucks.

Greg: It does, I just wanna know why. I was the same… just like em… why me? Why my family? That's the only question I want answered before I die. Heck, I'm probably sounding like a whiner right now, so I'm gonna shut up.

Imogen: Relax cowboy, you're not annoying me,  your hometown interests me. In fact I wanna know more… maybe when this thing blows over, I could come with you back to your hometown? 

Greg: Really, but what about Mortdale? I told Steve I was gonna hold out until this town was done with me.

Imogen: And it has, it's none of our fault, the town is done with you, it's done with us all, we didn't trample on, or betray each other, just to get an early pass outta there. We fought the chavs right till the very end, and before everyone was obliterated, we won! We got that law passed and guess what? Were still alive! 

Greg: Yeah, imagine all the stories I'll be able to tell to my friends if I ever made it back home.

Imogen: Yeah… I could invite mum and dad over there too and mum could meet old Eddie.

Greg: It would be a bloodbath.

Imogen: Hell yeah it would.

(They laugh and shuffle closer) 

Greg: I'm glad I have you though, I'd be dead ten times over if you hadn't been there.

Imogen: And in return, you punched me twice and drowned out your sorrows.

Greg: I apologise, still I killed Frank Tibet!

Imogen: Jeez big head, starting to sound like Danny (they both chuckle again) but I like it when a guy is confident with himself.

Greg: You do?

Imogen: Yeah, still (yawns) I need to sleep, I'll speak to you in the morning alright? Blondie or Cowboy? I just can't come decide between them for your nickname.

Greg: What about Greggie- Kins?

Imogen: Shut up. (They both laugh) I've decided anyhow, night cowboy. 

Greg: Night, Immie.

(They smile at each other, before she dozes off, as Greg slowly does, Priest is on guard as midnight approaches) 

Priest: (To himself) Oh Zsa, Zsa now what? Your son is lost in grief, I feel helpless and…

(He pauses as he hears a cracking sound and jumps upright) 

Priest: Hello! (Silence) 

Priest: It came from the tree, maybe Wilhelmina snuck a firecracker in Danny's hair, or something, still I...

(Turns and sees what made the crack, he digests the site for a second and then let's out a scream of grief and horror)

Greg: Whoa, what the…!? (Priest's scream wakes everyone up and they all rush to where he points shakily at the scene in front of him) 

Joey: Oh... Jesus... Jesus Christ!

(Melody Mita took the group's rope from Auntie Jeana's bag and tied it around a high hanging branch, she tied it around her neck and jumped, hence the snapping noise as she broke her neck and now the group can see her still form as it hangs from the tree. Noose around the neck as the wind causes the body to move in the eerie moonlight) 

Eric: Why… why did she do this? 

(This question goes unanswered, as Eric cuts the body down, and after a quick talk with the group, Eric decides to bury Melody's body, a few feet away from the tree) 


Minion 1: Sir, it's midnight.

Minion 2: It's March 5th.

TPM: Let's hope they make it.  

The End

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