A Bridge Across Troubled WaterMature

Act 4

Scene 2

(They are all staring, at a partially destroyed steel bridge, which shines in the sunlight, hence the reason Mrs Layton spotted it, the bridge is deserted, but ruined cars litter the bridge, underneath the bridge is a large river. But the water seems to be steaming and several dead bodies lay decaying in the water…) 

Gordon: Oh God… (throws up) 

Mrs Conrad: Get a grip you balless, piece, of crap. You've seen dead bodies before.


Helpless TA: Hey Gordon, Want to take my place on Chelsea's chain? Then you'll know the true meaning of horrible.

Gordon (sniffing): It's just… 

Thomas: Well it looks like the water has been affected by the bomb, or another nuke, whatever the hell has happened, that water is superheated and probably highly acidic.

Chelsea: What? 

Thomas: (in slow voice) Big- river-is-poison-Chelsea-bad-don't-fall-in-river.

Chelsea: What? I still don't understand what you're on about? And why does your voice sound retarded?

(Thomas Faceplam) 

Jaya (The world's end style): There is simply no arguing with you.

Mr Rayne: Can we go around it? I don't like this.

Mrs Layton: Well looking at the map, there isn't another bridge for 5 miles and that could have been destroyed.

Greg: Well then, we'll find another way around, this bridge is a no go, it looks like it's about to collapse.

Mrs Conrad: We can't stay here through and wait for those gang of brutal imbiclies to show up and cut, us up.

Greg: But we… 

Zsa Zsa (suddenly): DANNY FLYNN! GET BACK HERE! 

(Everyone turns, Danny has leapt onto the bridge and is currently crossing it with a cocky swag) 

Danny: It's fine, I'm not going anywhere.

Jack: Danny, get of the damn bridge, it's gonna fall! 

Danny: Chill out, the load of ya, in fact just to check if it's sturdy  (everyone tenses up and he begins to jump up and down on one spot) 

Gordon: Jesus, I can't watch.

Florence: The tension is mounting.

Aaron: This will make nerve wracking viewing.

Mrs Conrad: (whispering to herself) please fall… please fall… please fall… please fall… 

Wilhelmina (also tense): Damien, get off that bridge! If you make it collapse how are the rest of us going to get across!?

Danny: Oh poor you, you won't get across.

Wilhelmina: Right's I've had it up to here.

(Leaps onto the bridge, to many gasps and stomps to where Danny is jumping and grabs him by the ear and the two of them cross the bridge) 

Danny (safe on the other side): Well come on, if me and Willie can get across the rest of you can too! 

Auntie Jeana: Kay, one at a time, maybe the smallest should go first… 

(Too late Gordon is already skipping across the bridge and screaming in terror, he doesn't open his eyes until Danny punches his face) 

Danny: No-balls, you're on the other side.

Gordon: I… I made it?

Wilhelmina: Yeah, don't see why you had to scream though.

Gordon: Erm… the bridge was cre-creaking… (Shivers) 

Auntie Jeana (rolling eyes): Ah Gaw-Dan, at least his safe, right you next little un.

Charlie: Right… (Charlie slowly begins to cross the bridge, as Joey watches his young friend nervously, the bridge creaks loudly but the petite boy manages to safely get to the other side) 

Charlie (in relief): I made it! 

Joey: Thank god.

Charmaine (to Chantelle): Think you better go next Bab.

Chantelle: Why me? 

Charmaine: Well you got ya Bab, ain't ya Bab? Better get you two safe.

Chantelle: Alright then.

(Chantelle goes next, crossing the bridge with confidence, until there is a snap sound and she freezes, but nothing happens. Wiping sweat of her forehead, she manages to reach the other side) 

Chantelle: Thank fuck, I thought I was a gonna.

Mrs Conrad: Right, Imogen you next.

(Imogen is halfway across the bridge when the walkie talkie, bursts static from Greg's pocket) 

Greg: What do you want now? 

Walkie Talkie: Just came to you warn you, like I did yesterday did you like how I warned you with that rhyme of mine?

Greg: I've been pondering on lot on it, how did you manage that? To get that paper there without any of us noticing and you're TPM? Aren't you?

Walkie Takie: My initials T-P and M guess what that means.

Greg: Just tell me, you sick fuck! Tell me your name! Tell me why you want me dead! Tell me how are you watching us! 

Walkie Takie: You know I can't answer that, but I'll tell you one thing, that warning that was in that book yesterday, it wasn't me.

Melody: Wait a second, Alan did inform me those thugs were sneaking up on us they… 

Walkie Talkie: They just wanted the job done, unfortunately for them, I like to be entertained.

Greg: Their getting fed up, aren't they? Their fed up because you're wherever you are… sitting comfortably, watching us all while their out here hunting us down, day after day… man there gonna be pissed at you.

Walkie Talkie: So they will, but in the end, they will have realised it was all worth it and I contacted you, because once again they are coming and I like a show, my assistant won't be able to drop you a note this time.

Greg: Assistant! What assistant!? HEY!

(Walkie Talkie goes dead)

Greg: His gone… 

Eric: Erm… you guys? (Everyone turns to where Roger and his gang of men are approaching, weapons raised and charging towards them) 

Mrs Layton: SHIT! RUNNNNN! 

Joey: Wait, what about going one a time!?


Joey: No, just askin', let's go! 

(The gang all run onto the bridge and it creaks horribly, the gang continue to run jumping over cars and vans, as the bridge begins to tilt downwards due to all the extra weight) 

Greg: Holy Moley! Their coming onto the bridge! 

(Roger's men do so and that is the final straw for the bridge, Roger stops in the nick of time and jumps backwards and do many of his men, but several remain trapped on the bridge as it collapses from Roger's side) 


(The gang all scurry to the sides of the bridge, to hold onto the railings) 

Priest: COME ON! 


(Screams as one Roger's falling men grabs onto her ankle, she tries to reach for priest but he misses her grasp by a millimetre and with a fresh found horror in her wide eyes, she plunges downwards with the man dragging her down, they soar through the air until they both hit the river below) 

Jack (bellowing in grief): MUM! 

(Just then a massive lorry falls into the river, in the spot where the man and Zsa Zsa fell, a red stain is seen coming from the steamed water, confirming her death) 

Florence: Oh my (begins to shed genuine tears) Jack, I'm so, so so sorry.

Melody: Told you so.


Melody: No, I am only telling everyone, that I was right, there is no personal gain for me.

Mrs Layton: LOOK OUT! 

(Vehicles begin to slip off the bridge, Mrs Layton moves just in time as a Vauxhall falls her way, but Mr Rayne who was above her realises this, too little, too late. The car hits him and he falls, he tries to grasp the railing again but in his old age he is not strong enough, he simply falls through the air, seemingly at peace before he splashes into the superheated water as cars begin to fall on top of him, confirming his death) 

Mr Tedious: Poor old guy, rest in peace buddy.

Aaron (recording this): Well I betcha he won't forget this if his watching as a ghost.

Mrs Layton: Please tell me you did not just record that? It's insensitive to record a death, like he said to you.

Aaron: Well them dead ay they? They ay gonna complain about it.

Charlie (lifting Joey up): Jesus, I thought that was it for you guys.

Joey: Me too.

(Meanwhile Greg is climbing up the side railing, when suddenly one of the rails he was holding snaps and he falls through the air, panicked, his hands grasping for anything and they manage to clamp around a chain, he looks up) 

Helpless TA: Come on Greg, me and Chelsea here will help you up!

(She is holding the chain, so that Greg caught it, as Greg grabs the rails again Helpless TA gently instructs Chelsea to climb and she manages to do so, as they reach the top familiar hands pull them back to level ground) 

Greg (wheezing to Helpless TA) T-thanks… you saved my life.

Helpless TA: It was nothing, I just acted in the moment right? 

(Helpless TA then feels her chain being cut) 

Helpless TA: Hang on, what…?

(Looks down, to see her chain, is indeed severed and she is no longer chained to Chelsea) 

Mrs Conrad (who freed Helpless TA with her axe): Well believe it or not, you have at long last, earned freedom.

Helpless TA: (Going wild) YES! YES! I'M FREE! I'M FREE!

(Goes to run off, but then she realises…) 

Helpless TA: There's no-where to run too, it's just wasteland.

Mrs Conrad: Exactly, that's why I freed you, you have no-where else to run too, you could take your chances but… 

Helpless TA: No, I'm staying, if you can finally let me go, I guess there is some inner good to you guys, plus I'd be bored as hell out there all by myself. 

The End

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