Love/Hate RelationshipsMature

Act 4

Scene 1

(March 4th, it's around two in the morning and many people are asleep curled up on the rough wooden floor of the partially destroyed house) 

Mrs Conrad (on guard and thinking to herself): No one coming.

Eric (sneaking up on her): BOO!

(She jumps a little and turns to face him, her eyes blazing) 

Mrs Conrad: You think that was funny! Honestly, that was the most immature and childish thing I've ever seen you do.

Eric: You say that every time, love… so how…?

Mrs Conrad: Am I? I'm dying of Cancer Eric and 1000 thugs are currently cutting me into pieces. Oh and I'm depressed, (raps his head with her knuckles) I'm obviously fine numbnuts.

Eric: But seriously, I don't like the way you're so hardened to all of this, just give me something… anything! I just need to know, especially after today, after losing Miss Wellington and that Sasha girl. I thought she'd be one of the last of us to fall, but they got her, so they'll get any of us.

Mrs Conrad: Your point? 

Eric: Isn't it obvious? Sasha was the powerhouse, Miss Wellington had information! Their aiming at those of us who are knowledgeable and powerful, sure they'll take down a few weak links, but what I'm saying is honey, I'm the medic here, you're the new powerhouse with Auntie Jeana.

Mrs Conrad: I'm not the "new" powerhouse, I have always been the powerhouse, Auntie Jeana and Sasha are inferior to me.

Eric: Which is why I'm so shook up about this, my bet is that they'll aim for us next, or Mrs Layton, as she has the directions, and Greg especially, Greg and maybe Imogen too.

Mrs Conrad: Because her and Greg and close? 

Eric: You notice that? 

Mrs Conrad: Everyone's picked up on it.

Eric: Well… I like the kid.

Mrs Conrad: I don't, his repulsive.

Eric: Helen, it could have been much worse, I mean it could have been that Danny kid, if Imogen was still seeing him, I'd give him a taste of my mind.

Mrs Conrad: And yet, you patched him up.

Eric: His an asshole, but his a good thief which saved all our lives, so yeah were gonna need him and as much as Wilhelmina can rub him and me up the wrong way, she's a pretty decent fighter too.

Mrs Conrad: Humph… 

Eric: Well Auntie Jeana's on guard in a minute, come on in with me.

Mrs Conrad: Alright… no activity, but I guess I'm wary.

Eric: Ha! I got something out of you! 

Mrs Conrad (as they head back inside):  I'm wary about losing you and Imogen, I will not repeat that and that's as far as I'm going to open up to you. So be the manly, man of the Aldington family and make us girls feel better.

Eric: (Seductive tone) it's my job honey (begins to kiss her neck) to make you feel good.

Mrs Conrad (shoving him off): No, absolutely no sex right now, you horny retard, not with Chantelle in close proximity.

Eric: Oh right… 

(The night drags on, as Auntie Jeana takes guard) 

Gordon: Hey… 

Auntie Jeana: Gaw-dan my lad, why ya here?

Gordon: Couldn't sleep.

Auntie Jeana: Nightmares?

Gordon: No way fam i… i… (As Auntie Jeana glares at him) yes.

Auntie Jeana: I thought so my boy, sit down (he does so) so tell me what's scaring ya?

Gordon: Nothi… (Sighs) what I saw today.

Auntie Jeana: Hmmm… well that's normal. I dunno why ya try and hide it and act like one of those thugs all da time.

Gordon: I… I just want to fit in, that's all, it's not hurting anyone ay it? 

Auntie Jeana: Kay, one Gaw-dan Harris, drop the ridiculous accent and two, I don't take your fake act and crap like others, but I can't fix that only you can find da cou-rage, inside yerself to change.

Gordon: Yeah… I guess…

(Goes back inside and looks at the last remaining bits of powder, that make his drug in his pocket)

Gordon: I'll have to use you soon…


Joey: (Producing coin from behind Charlie's ear) and that's how yew do that.

Charlie: Whoa… will you teach me how to do that one day?

Joey: Yeah, when were safe hopefully.

Charlie: You could set up a school, or some sort of business, Joey's tips for tricks, or something like that.

Joey: That sounds like a good idea, hell you can be my plus one.

Charlie: Really! 

Joey: Yeah, my dad used to mentor me, like I could mentor yew, yew could move in with me, Greg and Daniel when this thing blows over, seeing as Lake's gone we could have a new house of 4.

Charlie: That seems cool; still, I'm sorry about your dog.

Joey: Don't be I hated that dog; don't tell Daniel, or Daz as he likes to be called, that because I think his really cut up about it.

Charlie: Oh okay, still all of these plans… we can do this, when this all ends.

Melody (drifting into the conversation): IF this all ends.

Joey: It has too… Melody are yew okay? Look, I'm sorry about Alan he was an okay dude...

Melody (ignoring him): Zsa Zsa will be next to die.

Joey: Spirits tell yew that?

Melody: Maybe.

Priest: What's going on here? Melody what are you…? 

Melody: I'm sorry Uncle, but Zsa Zsa will die next.

Priest: Don't say that! 

Melody: She will, I think the spirits told me.

Joey: Again yew "think" the spirits told yew?

Melody: I don't know anymore.

Joey: But you're always babbling on about how the spirits tell yew this and that and yew are one hundred per cent certain.

Melody: Zsa Zsa will die... 



Melody: (tonelessly) When I was 3 or 4, I used to have a friend, my best friend she was called Terra, she lived next door to me… and then one day she decided to skip across a road and a car hit her while on 70, I saw the whole thing… and… I got the sugar-coated version of her death. My parents told me she would always be there… 

Priest: Melody… 

Melody: And that night she came to me, and I spoke to her, I can speak to the dead, or maybe I've just been imaging it my whole life, all I know is that the more I stop believing in the spirits, the more they fade from my vision and my life.

Priest: Melody…I… but why Zsa Zsa, why…?

Melody: Adds up doesn't it? Just as you get Zsa Zsa, I lose Alan, the way the world works us Mita's are destined to be alone.

Priest: Okay, come on Melody, you need rest.

(He drags her off) 

Zsa Zsa: What was that all about? 

Priest: Nothing… (Kisses her) nothing.

Danny (loudly): Melody thinks you (points to Zsa Zsa) are going to die next.

Wilhelmina: Can you not be a dickweed for 5 minutes? 

Danny: Nope.

Jack (paling): It's not true.

Florence: Exactly, Zsa Zsa you will fine.

Zsa Zsa: Exactly, if anything I'll be fine, I didn't even expect to get this far.

Danny: If you think like that, then you are going to die next.

Jack: W-what? Bro shut your fucking mouth, if anyone going to die next, it will be you, with your wounds.

Danny: Yeah but if you think you're going to die, most likely you will, I think I can survive this, and I may come across as arrogant, but I know I can get through this because no matter how shit things get. I keep telling myself I'll survive this.

Wilhelmina: I would pay millions to see you fall flat on that promise and die, the look on your face would be priceless.

Danny: Oh, you'd love it, wouldn't you?

Wilhelmina: I sure would Damien, anyhow why the hell did you try and rape me today?

Danny: Don't get your hopes up, I just didn't want any drunkards in the group.

Wilhelmina: I wasn't getting drunk and even if I was, you can't tell me what to do! You physically threatened me you know? You're more like your dad than I first thought.

Danny: And you're more like your pathetic parents than I thought.

(They glare at each other, before settling down again) 

Jack: Jeez you guys.

Florence: Yes, no need for unnecessary drama at a time like this.

(Says this to the camera she is recording herself with, as Aaron is asleep) 

Zsa Zsa: Jack don't get yourself worked up about what Melody said, I'll be fine, I'm more worried about you.

Jack: I'll be fine and yo'’ll be too (they try to get back to sleep but Florence notices Jack looks panicked) 

Florence: What is the problem in you? 

Jack: Florence… tell me one time ,where Melody has not been right with one of her predictions.

Florence: When she told me I would never be famous (laughs) oh how wrong she is. I am working my way up.

Jack (gulping): Yeah, not a real help… maybe she was joking, or not thinking straight after Alan's death.

Florence: Yes, that is the problem, now let's sleep and ignore Melody, with her preaching's of pure nonsense.

Jack: Yeah… (tries to sleep and then says to himself) I hope what Melody is saying IS nonsense.

(The sun begins to break over the horizon as…) 


Mrs Layton: Okay, so Chelsea's flight yesterday as well as our power run and leaving Mortdale, covered just over a day's walk, so we trek directly north for 4 more days and then west for 2 days and we should arrive there.

Charmaine: Six days of trekking? Fuck my life.

Chantelle: Gonna be difficult with me carrying me bab.

Wilhelmina: Not to mention the wounded.

Mrs Conrad: Well you shouldn't have got yourself wounded, or pregnant then, now move you foolish, little, girls.

Wilhelmina: Your concern for us, is touching.

Mrs Conrad: Isn't it always?

(The group proceed to move through the rubble) 

Eric (taking a drink from a flask): Does anyone know which month it is? 

Thomas: March, how could you forget? 

Eric: Feels like July… is the sun meant to be that hot?

Thomas: Must be the aftermath of the blast.

Helpless TA: How does it automatically get hotter after a nuclear blast?

Danny: Because I survived.

Chantelle: Fuck me you am arrogant am ya? But I was gonna say it's because I surv… 

Mrs Conrad: Will you big headed bigots shut up, some time this year!? 

Thomas: As I was saying, the effects of a nuke can be devastating and if more than one went down… then there is gonna be all sort of factors affecting the climate, the nuclear fallout and radiation in the air… 

Chantelle: Wait, don't you like… mutate, if ya get radiation in your system? 

Thomas: Well, it can lead to cancers, yes, which is why we need to get to the bunker sooner rather than later, or we could suffer serious health defects.

Chantelle: This ain't gonna affect my bab, is it? 

Thomas: Most likely.

Daz: Why do you care anyhow? I thought ya just used your babes for benefits?

Chantelle: Well it could be Ryan's and it's all have left of him.

Imogen: You have a softer side? That's impossible to believe.

Chantelle: I ain't soft! It was just, Ryan was a good mate.

Charmaine: And shag buddy.

Jaya: But remember, Ryan had his condition with his poor lungs, if that spreads to the child then… 

Imogen: Oh it could be anybody's, even Greg's for all we know.

Greg: But Chantelle didn't… 

Imogen: Not when you were awake.

(Greg shivers) 

Chantelle: I day shag Greg actually, what's ya problem with me? Thinking I'm that Disgusting?

Imogen: Whoa, firstly Greg ain't Disgusting, and secondly I do have a problem with you cause, you're a disrespectful, little, whore, with no dignity.

(Chantelle goes red) 

Joey: Ouch.

Chantelle: (charging forward): FUCKING CUNT! 

(They begin to fight, before Auntie Jeana separates them) 

Auntie Jeana: Right enough da pair of ya should be ashamed of yerselves! 

Imogen and Chantelle: She started it! 

Auntie Jeana: And I’ll finish it, now stay away from each other, we already have (hears a thump behind her) those two to deal with. (referencing Danny and Wilhelmina who are fighting once again) 

Mrs Conrad: Imogen, stupid girl! Looking for fights at every opportunity.

Imogen: Mum I… 

Eric: That was very irresponsible Imogen, I'm disappointed in you.

Imogen: It's not my fault, I…! 

Mrs Conrad: It is… now take some responsibility!

Imogen: You don't understand mum! 

Mrs Conrad: You think you know it all, when you don't, you…


(Silence at Florence's outburst) 

Jack: Look guys, Florence may have done that for attention but… (Puts an arm around her) she's right, now let's just put our differences aside and keep moving.

Mrs Conrad: Fine, but you're not out of this young lady.

Imogen: My hopes weren't high anyway.

(The group leave the house and continue to walk) 

Zsa Zsa: My god, at my age I'm surprised I'm still walking.

Priest: Hey (panting) you and me… were alike… we've survived years of being on our own this is nothing in comparison.

Zsa Zsa: (kissing him) yeah… maybe… if we get outta this… you and me… we can go on a proper date.

Priest: I'd like that… screw my job as my priest, in Mortdale everything was so wrong… I… well… my job was pointless.

Jack: So mum? You finally find me a step dad, in priest here? 

Priest: Erm… 

Jack: Dude its fine, my mum's brought back worse guys.

Zsa Zsa: I'm proud of you Jackie boy, after all we've been though, you're still willing to accept priest here… and (they both turn to where Florence is being recorded by Aaron) she can be daft 90 per cent of the time, but her outburst earlier today… just goes to show she has a good heart deep down and whichever direction you take with her, Jack, I just want you to know I am proud of you.

Jack: Thanks mum.

Melody: You say all this, yet when Zsa Zsa dies… 

Jack (angry): She won't! Shut up you crazy bitch! 

Melody (smiling): You're denying the truth, but in the end… we shall all die… the spirits… I talk to them…I know the truth I… 

Priest: Melody, can we just sit down and talk about…?

Melody: NO! (Begins to mumble to herself under her breath) 

Daz: Fuck me, that chick is losing it.

Suzanne: Daz, she always been pretty bonkers to me.

Daz (mouth agape) You just called me Daz? 

Suzanne: Well I know you like the name, and to be honest Daniel sounded… 

Daz: A bit too formal? Yeah I feel the same about it.

Suzanne: You know what, I'm just gonna call you Dan from now on.

Daz: I'd like that and I could call you… Suz 2? 

Suzanne: Suz 2? 

Daz: Well my past girlfriend were called Suzy, so she had to be Suz and you can be… 

Suzanne: What why Suz 2? Why not Suza anymore? Dan are you saying what I think you're saying? 

Daz (stuttering): Well… no erm… it's just… well maybe Su would suit you better, you know Su, as in like Mary-Sue? 

Imogen (from behind them): Don't mention that name! 

Daz: Anyhow, what do you think? 

Suzanne:  Yeah, I'd like that.

Greg: So Dan and Su hey? I like your new nickname Daniel; in fact I think I'll stick to Dan from now on as well.

Joey: Yeah how's it hangin' Dan? 

Daz: Alrite.

Imogen: Aw, that's kinda cute you guys, you know Greg, Dan sounds a bit like something else.

Greg: Hmmm… (Thinking to self) Daz… Daniel… Dan… Dad.

Charlie: Hey Greg! 

Greg (snapping out of his train of thought): ah… what is it Charlie? 

Charlie: Your cousin Joey, has been teaching me loads of cool tricks and stuff, you know like how to pick a lock… how to… 

Greg: Yeah I get where your coming from, my cousin is cool and I'm not.

Charlie: Oh no, you're cool… it's just, well… did you know he could do all that stuff? 

Greg: Yes I did, still how are you doing Charlie?

Charlie: I’m fine… as scary as this can be, I reckon everyone might just be okay.

(Meanwhile listening to this conversation) 

Mr Tedious: Humph! That naïve little brat, thinking everything is gonna be okay, it won't! 

Mrs Layton: Harry, Jesus I'm sorry about Margaret, but she's gone there's nothing you could have done.

Mr Tedious: No, I left her to die and… and… 

Charmaine: You keep going on about it, sir you need a… (Slaps him in the face) reality check! Sure you did a bad thing, but grieving about it ain't gonna get us or you anywhere, if she loved ya she would have wanted ya to carry on so, just try will ya! 

Mr Tedious: Whoa girl, you really put effort into that speech.

Charmaine: I know it was horrible, still my parents never bothered with me, so that's why I decided not to bother with anyone else, it just seemed like people didn't deserve my time or effort but now… 

Mr Tedious: Were not in that environment… you know I'm going make effort, I'm proud of you for bothering with me, and now to return the favour were gonna help each other and live on. I guess you're right, it's what Margaret would have wanted.

(Charmaine smiles at him as Mrs Layton watches the scene) 

Mrs Layton: Aww, I'm glad to see everyone's, keeping each other's spirits up.

Mr Rayne: With the obvious expectation, of those two brawling brutes, at the back.

Mrs Layton: Oh Danny and Willie… whatever it is. I'm seriously considering just ditching those two.

Mr Rayne: I know… they played their part, I may still be old, but I have the greatest memory, now that's Margaret's dead, only I can remember vividly what she said, so I know how to get us into the Bunker. I'm needed.

Mrs Layton: Me too, to lead the way… still (peers ahead and spots something shiny) hang on, what's that?

(Begins to run toward it) 


Wilhelmina: …Fat my arse! 

Danny: You are through! 

Imogen: Danny just shut up already, you too Wilhelmina, everyone here is sick and tired of your bickering!

Danny: Well as long as she's here, I'm going to keep going off at her.

Imogen: Oh Danny why!? What happened to sweet guy I once loved? I know you're in there somewhere; you're still as cocky as can be but… 

Danny: I'm fine with everyone else… well okay with them, it's just... HER!

(Points at Wilhelmina) 

Zsa Zsa: Right, that's it, I'm getting to the bottom of this now, why do you two hate each other so much! Is there something we should know! Like you meeting in the past or… 

Wilhelmina: No! I just can't stand him, end of tale.


(The group runs forward, but Zsa Zsa holds Wilhelmina and Danny back) 

Danny: What!? Let us go woman! 

Zsa Zsa: Not until you sort this out.

Wilhelmina: There is nothing to sort out!

Zsa Zsa: Oh… oh I get it now… I can see it, you two, when asked about your relationship or when you're in front of each other, you're defensive, closed up, rude, arrogant and insulting to those around you and too each other. But I can see it now… as a mum I should have known… 

Danny: Known what? 

Zsa Zsa: My diagnosis, is that you two are actually a lot more fond of each other than you make out, you're just scared of getting close to each other. Because you're both afraid you'll lose each other.

Wilhelmina: Wat? 

Zsa Zsa: You two are fond of each other, I don't care if you deny it. I can see it, you hide it well, behind all your arguments, but you only have those so you have a reason to hate each other, so if one of you dies, you won't be heartbroken.

Danny: Heartbroken?! What are you getting at you mad old…! 

Zsa Zsa: There we go again, as Florence would say, you are highly strung when it comes to this topic (as Mrs Layton calls them over) we'll have this chat later.

(As Zsa Zsa sets off, Wilhelmina and Danny look at each other) 

Wilhelmina: What are you looking at!? 

Danny: Nothing, stop looking at me! 

Wilhelmina: I… oh fuck this, I can't be arsed with you.

(Runs off to join the others and Danny soon follows her) 

Danny: And the big fuss is about? 

Greg: Holee… shit… 

The End

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