The StrangerMature

Act 2

Scene 3

(They all manage to settle down at the camp, where the gang and about 70 other survivors are gathered for a while, they discuss the nuke and what could have caused it. As the day turns into evening, a new survivor is seen on the horizon) 

Daz: Someone's coming! 

Auntie Jeana: Hope it ain't an insane un.

Gordon (nervously): What? 

Auntie Jeana: Insane un, they come to attack us for food and what not, chavs mainly you know, like scumbags.

Sasha: Like Gordon here.

Auntie Jeana: Nah Gordon ain't no chav man! I know him.

Aaron: Getting all this recorded.

(Gordon is shrinking in his humiliation) 

Daz: No hang on a sec… It's Suza! 

Greg: Suzanne! 

(The news woman is in bad shape, as she limps towards the camp, she is carrying her cameraman boyfriend) 


Suzanne's New Cameraman: Suz… forget it… babe… I'm done for… 

Eric: I'm a doctor, let me have a look.

(He does so, when he comes up, his face is glum) 

Suzanne: Well, can you save him?! Please, tell me you can! 

Eric: I'm sorry… his been exposed to high levels of intense radiation and his body is failing to function, I can't fix this, he'll die in a few days, maybe even hours.

Suzanne: NOOOOO! (Falls to the floor in tears) 

Daz: I'll, erm... take her away from here.

(He does this, dragging Suzanne away from the scene) 

Eric: I better put him out of his misery.

Mrs Conrad: No dear, I'll do it.

Eric: No please, I know the quickest and most painless way, just let me do this, as a doctor I know what's best.

Mrs Conrad (sighing): Okay.

Eric: Take Imogen and the others away Helen, they don't need to see this.

Greg: I've seen enough death.

Danny: And I'm 18, I'm not a kid.

Mr Rayne: Just let the poor man die in peace and no recordin' it, you nosy git. (referring to Aaron who turns his camera away) 

(The group slowly walk away) 

Imogen: God what a shitty day what a… 

(A sudden burst of static from the walkie talkie stops her) 

Imogen: What the…? I thought this was broken.

Walkie Talkie: Hello? Is Greg Winters there? 

Imogen: Erm… 

Greg: Give me that Imogen (passes it to him) who is this? 

Walkie Talkie: Take a guess and I promise, I won't hurt you.

Greg: You don't even know where I am, or… 

Walkie Talkie: You're at a camp ran by a woman referred to as Auntie Jeana, I can see right now… I can see Florence McKinney twerking, right as we speak.

(Florence who was twerking, freezes) 

Florence: Oh… did you like it? 

Greg: Never mind that Florence! WHO ARE YOU!? WHERE ARE YOU!? HOW CAN YOU SEE US!?

Walkie Talkie: I'm enjoying the show, watching you. I'll tell you this, the higher have cameras everywhere in Mortdale.

Greg (paling): Everywhere? But the towns destroyed and you… you're in the higher… 

Walkie Takie: I'm the leader.

Greg (mouth agape): This Walkie Talkie… 

Walkie Talkie: Yes, I'm using the other one, I made sure one of my members would be in pub, so when the nuke hit one of you would find it, especially ones with grubby, little, fingers.

(They all stare at Aaron) 

Aaron: What? 

Greg: (to Walkie Takie): So you knew the nuke was gonna hit?

Walkie Talkie: Of course, I arranged it.

Greg: Who the fuck are you, and why the fuck? 

Walkie Talkie: Well the nuke was meant to kill you, but it went a little off course, don't worry, my workers were prepared for the nuke, with their hazmat suits and shelters they'll be fine and hunting for you, making sure you and the rest of your friends, die for good.

Greg: Why us? Why the Winters family? Why did you aim for Daniel all them years ago? 

Walkie Talkie: You Winters have something I need, and something I will get, I'll lift it off your cold, dead, body.

Greg: Whatever you're planning, it won't work.

Walkie Talkie: Oh really? The nearest zone of safety, is a nuclear bunker which is a week's walk from where you currently are.

Greg: Yeah! Well we will get there! We'll be safe, I ain't fucking dying now.

Walkie Talkie: I knew you'd say that, I only told you about the shelter, so I could fill you with false hope, that you'd actually reach it.

Greg: We will.

Walkie Talkie: No you won't, my men will cut you down before you reach it, but I encourage you to try. I like a good show, watching you die while trying to fight, I don't want you dying, boringly and in a surprise attack.

Greg: You do realise, by telling me this; it will make it harder for them to catch us? As we'll be prepared.

Walkie Takie: We like the chase; it would be much less fun if our victims didn't go down fighting.

Greg: You. sick. bastard.

Walkie Takie: Aw, I'm loving the compliments I'm getting, anyway, my men will be on you sooner or later, peace out… 

Greg: Wait! (there is a pause) Shoot! His gone! 

(There's a long pause) 

Imogen: Well, were knee deep in this shit.

Thomas: So guys, now what? 

Mr Rayne: We find that bunker young un, what else? 

Joey: How do we even know it's real? I mean nuclear bunker, seriously? 

Mrs Layton (joining them) I know that bunker, it's the D Bunker, it's huge and it's a week's walk from here, usually a few hours' drive… but seeing as we don't have an car...

Daz: You're a geography teacher? You know the way there?

Mrs Layton: I always keep a map on me… (pulls it out) okay, so we need to head north, five days, solidly walking north and then two days solidly walking to the west to the coast, and there it is.

Thomas: Why not just hole up in this camp, build up the rubble and fight it out?

Greg: This guy, the leader of the higher, his watching us at all times, God knows how, I can't see a camera anywhere, but he knows where we are, he'll just order his men to us and we'll be killed.

Mr Tedious: Well the plan's obvious then, get to this bloody bunker and hole inside and survive this nuclear fallout.

Charmaine: You can actually be bothered to walk there?

Mr Tedious: Don't talk about it, I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Charlie: Were just gonna leave Mortdale behind?

Joey, Sasha Melody and Alan: Thank fuck for that.

Greg: Charlie, this town… it's dead .

Charlie: I guess you're right Greg, but hold on, won't up north be fine? I mean, they didn't get nuked, it was only here.

Auntie Jeana: That ain't the case, I'm afraid, listen to this… 

(All the survivors gather around a small buzzing radio, Eric joins them with a sullen expression on his face)

Suzanne: Is he…? 

Eric: It was quick, his at peace now.

(Suzanne nods and accepts this, as the survivors hear nothing but static from the radio) 

Chantelle: What, are meant to be listening too?

Chelsea: Whatever channel this is, I like it.

Helpless TA: You like hearing this buzzing on a loop? Well then, at least you know what you sound like Chelsea.

Wilhelmina: Same thing with you Helpless TA.

Helpless TA: For the record, I fucking hate that name, Helpless TA. I am the last thing from helpless, I… 

Auntie Jeana: Will ya shut it back there! I still have mango's on me!

Aaron: Ohh, were scared.

Auntie Jeana: And watermelons! 

(There is silence at this) 

Melody: Static… nothing mystical about it.

Thomas: Exactly, it's nothing.

Gordon: Then what's the fuss? 

Thomas: That's exactly what the fuss is about, we can't hear anything, we can't pick up a signal and we should.

Mr Tedious: But miles of telegraph poles and radio stations have been destroyed, this could mean nothing.

Auntie Jeana: No this radio may be small, but it broadcasts throughout the whole of da Ukay, and if it's picking nothing up then… 

Greg: Oh my… we weren't the only place attacked!

Imogen: Are you saying, the whole of the UK is… is… well has been Nuked!?

Danny: Or the radio's broken.

Jack: It's working fine! 

Danny: Only joking, trying to lighten the tone.

Mrs Conrad: Anyhow with all that evidence, I think it’s safe to say that yes, the whole UK has suffered a nuclear attack.

Greg: Holy shit, and the guy responsible… I was speakin' to him a few seconds ago! The guy who has killed millions! Ruined the UK! A mass murderer! A terrorist attack the fates of millions centre around me! 

Aaron: This just got dramatic.

Florence: The drama has amplified, still Greg you must die now, so the fate of millions is inherited to me, as I undertake the perilous journey! 

Zsa Zsa: Florence… not now.

Imogen: Greg calm down, there was nothing you could have done to stop this, his after you because you're a winter, that's it. None of this is your fault, look what have you done other than exist, to be in the position you are in?

Greg: I know, but sometimes I wondered if I just died… then… maybe things would be better.

Imogen: Don't even to begin like that, too many people have died, George, Lucy, Steve, Bastian, Terry and Kerry and what did they die for?! So we can self-pity ourselves to death!? They all died to save you, to save us! We can't let them die in vain! 

Joey: Nice speech there Imogen, now you know what you sound like Greg.

Greg: Thanks for that Imogen, you're right, there's nothing that can be done, other than get to the bunker and show that sonuva bitch, that we can live and survive this attack.

Wilhelmina: Didn't one guy, once say that living well, was the greatest revenge?

Greg: That's the plan.

Helpless TA: Living well doesn't apply to me.

Auntie Jeana: Shut ya gob love! Now everyone grab what ya can and we'll set off in a few hours!

Imogen: Sounds like a plan… 

(The evening drags on, at midnight, the 70 other survivors and the main gang are ready to move however…) 

The End

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