United In The Broken KingdomMature

Act 2

Scene 2

Chelsea: (drooling) Pretty light.

Mrs Conrad: Well observed Chelsea.

Alan: W-what's t-that's for?

Sasha: It's a flare, they use those at sea, to get rescued or to let people know where they are.

Melody: Well that's it then, it's a meeting point, the spirits tell me to go there, we will find others.

Sasha: Probably your common sense speakin' louder volumes, but I'm all for going.

Greg: What if it's a trap or something bad? 

Mrs Conrad: Then they haven't met me yet, if they had, they wouldn't dare set up a trap while I'm around, and if they have, it will be last trap they ever set.

Danny: Getting cocky I see.

Jack: Bro, the word hypocrite ring a bell with you? 

Danny: No I'm afraid it doesn't.

Florence: Well let's not stand around here all day, doing absolutely nothing, let's go! And find other people (walks in front of the camera) but keep me in shot, others are merely backing characters.

Aaron: I'll keep you in sights, sexy.

Florence: Thanking you dearly (blows a kiss at him) 

Aaron: Fucking fit… (At this point, Aaron and Florence both notice Jack, shooting daggers at them) 

Florence: Oh what is matter Jack, my dearest beloved? Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless flirting.

Jack: Didn't look like it from here.

Aaron: Fucking hell, calm down.

Jack: No! Keep the fuck away from her, or I'll nut you one! 

Aaron: Fucking hell… doe threaten me ya nutcase.

Jack: I don't have time for this. (he stomps off in a huff, Aaron holds his ground but Gordon who is behind him, is wetting himself in fear) 

Florence: I notice you are highly stung by my gestures, I do apologise.

Jack: I know it was playful, but I can't lose you, if mum's gone… then you're all I have left.

Florence: But Jack you have your brother Danny and Wilhelmina and… the others.

Joey: Thanks for the touching, tribute, to the rest of us, Florence.

Jack: Yeah but I don't love them, like I love you… you've always been there.

(At this point Chantelle throws up) 

Charmaine: You alrite bab? 

Chantelle: Thanks for the concern, which is rare from ya, but I'm fine.

Thomas: Was the reason for throwing up, the radiation sickness? The pregnancy or the cheesy romance in front of you?

Chantelle: To be honest all three.

Thomas: I thought so.

(They move forward) 

Daz: Hang on a sec, we get nuked… and we got a warning day we? 

Greg: Of course! Daniel that's it! 

Joey: What's it? 

Greg: The higher! They warned us they were gonna kill us. I should have known, they nuked this town trying to aim for me or Daniel.

Imogen: And yet you survived and the Winter's family are still alive, and they have just destroyed the town they apparently control, this makes no sense at all.

Joey: I can't imagine a gang of thuggish chavs, getting their paws on a nuke if they managed that, we'd all be dead by now.

Thomas: Besides chavs don't even know how to fly planes? Do they?

Imogen: They could have links in the military.

Greg: Well one chav, or any thug would need very high links, to get along with someone who had power of a nuke.

Joey: Maybe this had nothing to do with chavs at all, maybe it was just high ranking or posher people, who did this for a reason. I mean do the higher sound like a gang of chavs to yew?

Greg: But why do this after a law denouncing chavs? And tightening crime laws? This has chav attack written all over it.

Sasha: It could have been a cover up, so people would blame chavs.

Greg: Could be, None of this makes sense, my head aches just thinkin' about it.

Joey, Imogen and Sasha: Same here.

(They continue to walk on) 

Eric: This green flare… we nearly there, but damn this walk is taking forever.

Greg: Fucking hell this leg feels stiff.

Gordon: Like my dick.

Sasha: I could snap that thing, if y'all don't stop the toilet humour.

Gordon: Yeah well I am… (Suddenly screams like a girl) AUNTIE JEANA, COME SAVE ME! 

Thomas: What have you seen? (Adjusts his cracked glasses and peers in Gordon's direction) ah yes, other people and a lot of them! 

Mrs Conrad: We arrived under the flare then.

Danny (mocking Gordon): Auntie Jeana come save me! What the hell was that badman?(shoves him) 

Gordon (whimpering): Thought they'd be a threat, you get me?

Danny: Pa-thet-tic.

Wilhelmina: Don't criticise yourself Damien.

Danny: For the final time, it's Danny and I've been through enough shit today, so I do whatever the fuck I want!

Wilhelmina: What like bullying people!? 

Danny: I don't deal with crap!

Wilhelmina: Well neither do I! So I'm telling you know, shut the fuck up and lay off us all! 

(Danny is about to answer back before…) 

Voice: Guys! 

Greg: Mrs Layton! 

(Their Geography teacher approaches, followed by their four other teachers, Mr Rayne, Mr Tedious, Miss Wellington and Miss Henshell and the Priest) 

Jack: MUM! 


(They embrace)  

Jack: Okay mum… you can let go now… people are staring.

Zsa Zsa: Sorry… just had to know you'd be alright, I'd die, if my only son died before me.

Jack: Yeah well, I'm fine mum, really.

Zsa Zsa: You've been bandaged.

Eric: My work.

Zsa Zsa: Oh, thank you! 

Mrs Conrad: See my husband has his uses.

Chantelle: Bet his useful in the bedroom.

Mrs Conrad (pulling out an axe): One- more-remark-I-swear-to-the-high-heavens-above,-this-axe-will-meet-flesh 

(Chantelle is silent) 

Mrs Layton: Are you all okay? 

Imogen: Were fine, are you okay miss you look like you've been crying.

Mrs Layton: I do? I... erm… I gotta go back and tell the others you've arrived (hurries off) 

Greg: What's up with…?

Mr Rayne: Lost her husband, crushed by rubble, by the time we got him out his ribs were crushed, a lung had been punctured he died slowly in her arms. We just finished burying him and some of the others… 

Joey: Well yew remember a lot.

Mr Rayne: Four words for you young un. I-ain't-forgetting- this.

Greg: I don't think I'll be, either.

Mr Rayne: How dare they nuke this town, every injustice I'm going to remember up here (taps his forehead) 

Aaron: You and your memory, why bother with that crap, when I'm recording it on this camera? I'll showcase our struggle here.

Mr Rayne: You young un's, all you can do is stand there and record things, as the world goes to hell, you don't bother to help others. No you don't, it's disgraceful… 

Florence: Okay he has had enough screen time… now BACK TO ME! 

Mr Tedious: I can't be bothered for screen time.

Charmaine: I'm surprised he survived to be honest.

Mr Tedious: What with his age? Please, Mr Rayne is as stubborn as they come, we'll all be long gone, before he finally pops his clogs.

Charmaine: Agreed, still I ay bothered whether he lives or dies.

Mr Tedious: Join the club, our minds think alike.

Miss Wellington: Well you are bothered with me! Aren't you!?

Mr Tedious: Yes Margaret dear.

Miss Wellington: Oh of course and this nuclear attack, reminds me of the scenes of destruction that the atomic bombs of 1945 caused… (She babbles on) 

Charmaine: You and her still going strong after the prom hey? Thought you weren't bothered about people.

Mr Tedious: I'm not, but Margaret's different , she's just always been there and… well (as she babbles on, he genuinely smiles at her) I just feel… happy with her.

Charmaine: I love teacher on teacher relationships.

Chantelle: And the scandal that follows.

Joey: Yew just love trouble, don't yew?

Chantelle: Life wouldn't be worth living, without it.

Joey: Yeah a bit of trouble alright but with yew… 

Chantelle: I like to live a little, let's say that much.

Priest: Blimey Melody! I thought you were toast, it's great to see you.

Melody (hugging him): Nice to see you too Uncle, but I knew you were not dead, or else you would have appeared as a spirit to me.

Priest: Well I ain't going anywhere… too many funerals to do, even now the church is gone.

Melody: Yes, the scent of death is strong here.

Mrs Conrad: So all the teachers are here? Where's the P.E teacher? Mr… 

Mr Rayne: That old perv? Six feet under, metal bar smashed his head in.

Imogen: YES! 

(Everyone stares at her) 

Imogen: What? He was a creep and a paedophile, I ain't taking that back.

Sasha: Damn gurl, that's cold.

Imogen: You didn't have him touching your tits every P.E lesson.

Chantelle: Again, what tits?

Imogen: One's that don't fall off, unlike yours.

Wilhelmina: OOOHHH! She went there! 

Chantelle: Right, Charmaine hold my earrings.

(Charmaine does and Chantelle charges at Imogen and the fight begins)


(He drags Imogen off Chantelle) 

Mrs Conrad: Fight with my daughter again…

Chantelle: I get it, jeez, still ain't got no tits though.

Imogen: Just because I don't shove them into everyone's face, doesn't mean there not there.

Chantelle: You'd be happy to shove them in Greg's face though.

(Imogen and Greg blush Mrs Conrad steps in) 

Mrs Conrad: Okay, enough of this rubbish.

(Other survivors approach) 

Voice: Greg! 

Greg: Charlie, is that you! 

(Tiny Charlie runs up to Greg) 

Charlie: You're alive! I am too!

Greg: I can see that.

Charlie: I lost my parents and my sister, but I'm okay, but I think my arm is broken.

Greg: It's okay, Eric here is a doctor, he'll know how to patch you up.

Charlie: Oh good, I'm glad you guys made it, otherwise I'd have no one else. The camp we set up, is full of adults and the Jamaican woman who set the flare off, is quite scary.

Gordon (nervous): What Jamaican…?

(Too late, Auntie Jeana is already fast approaching) 

Auntie Jeana: GAWR-DAN HARRIS THERE YA ARE! (he squeaks in terror before Auntie Jeana Pulls him into a bone crushing hug) I SENT UP THE FLARE IN HOPES YA WOULD COME AND HERE YA ARE! 

Gordon (in a muffled voice) et… go… 

Auntie Jeana: (letting Gordon go, as he gasps for air, she turns to the others) Still we are all here now. We've set up a small camp over there, feel free to join us, we have food, supplies, whatever ya need…

The End

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