The Beginning Of The EndMature

Ever since he arrived at Mortdale on November 11th. Greg Winters has been trying to change the town for the better.
It is now March 1st four and a half months later Greg has seemingly achieved this.
However a final force acts against him, and in a final quest, Greg and his friends will face the ultimate challenge. Many will die, but Greg will finally know the answer behind the higher, behind his own family and the whole bizarre truth will be brought to light.

Act 1

Scene 1

(March 1st, it's been exactly 13 days after the morning of 16th February, when the higher left their message...) 

Greg (writing in diary): Hi I'm Greg Samuel Winters, I'm still 15 years old, and since I last wrote in this diary three months have passed, three very eventful months, since this began on November 1st when my house burnt down, and today is the 1st March so 5 months have passed.

Okay to begin, after Christmas my annoying cousins Joey and Jason came to live here after their business mysteriously failed; still they, like me, were naïve to the ways of Mortdale they adapted quickly. However, as we returned to school they were too many Americans that had suddenly joined to be natural. So we investigated and learnt that my old friend Wilhelmina was behind it, using her parents company the EHS, to trick employees to kill American families or just any decent family from anywhere abroad and bring them here, because she saw me as “friend” and in her sick, twisted mind and her parents knew she had gone too far and we had to hunt her down and kill her. 

However when we finally found her, she pleaded innocence, and thanks to Joey we gave her a second chance and it was then unveiled that it was her parents who did all this, and placed the blame on their daughter they wanted to fight the chavs in this town by forcing foreign students to be imported over here, they wanted to help me but their motives were sick and they were as bad as the chavs who they hated. They also forward thought, if I refused, they would use a cannon they built to kill several possible chavs but also possible innocents. 

Joey acted quickly and managed to fire the cannon to a place where it wouldn't harm anybody (the park I walked through every day) he lost his dad doing that though, although he gained a hell of a lot of respect and street cred so the chavs wouldn't kill him for his selfless act (and saving them of course).

Wilhelmina killed her dad and her mum died in the brawl that followed, we escaped her parents' snobby school before it was destroyed, taking many foreign students and chavs with it, the surviving decent foreign students settled down again, some with us at White View, and Wilhelmina learnt a lot from her parents death still life continued.

A few weeks later, Kyle returned, and killed Sarah who wanted to destroy a load of tapes revealing the pasts of people who lived in Mortdale, Kyle would, no doubt, learn the truth about us all and use our personal weaknesses against us, we managed to stop him and retrieve our tapes, but we decided to watch them to learn each other's weaknesses and I was generally curious. 

Many truths were revealed, including the fact my friend George was the one responsible for getting Frank Tibet into power in the first place and his reign of terror over Mortdale is what primarily caused the chain of events that made life miserable for me and others, so enraged we left George as me and the others went to go and end Kyle's reign of terror once and for all, when we reached the hospital he had killed many of our families figuring they were our weakness. We were in a perilous position, but George returned and he gave his life to finally kill Kyle and make up for his past sins.

I forgave George in his last moments, making me grief stricken at his death, therefore I found it a bit insensitive we had to return to school the next day and that there was a prom a day after Valentine's day, on Valentine's day, many of our classmates confessed their love to one another. I got a date (from Florence, so yeah not really a date) still I was angry at this town. Although things had improved since I arrived, there were still plenty of chavs and Black Crestors around to make mine and others lives hell, even after Kyle died.

So after a while, it looked like the chavs would simply regain their power again, I wanted a town where criminals were punished so me and many other residents of the town made a tape (my idea originally) a tape like Mr. Masterbate's tapes but this one would be full of our pleas to rally for change in this town and we planned to send this tape to Parliament so the MP’s there would consider tightening laws on criminals to change Mortdale and towns like it.

Chavs hardly let anyone leave Mortdale or the general rough areas, so we used the prom as a distraction as two of the quietest of us drove to London to drop the tape off, and weirdly enough it worked without any problems at all, it was all too good to be true, and so it was. As We found out it was a message from a group of people nicknamed the “higher” who knew about our tape and have been watching our every move, whoever these higher are, we know they apparently control the whole town, and have power over all of us and have something against the Winters family, even before I moved here they aimed for Daniel, so now that threat is looming over our head and they warned us of our impending deaths.

13 days have passed, there has been no word of any law changes from Parliament and the higher still haven't shown themselves and attacked us, so that's what I'm doing. Waiting nervously… 

(He shuts his diary) 

Greg (to himself): And the wait continues… 

(He goes downstairs, to where Daz is actually managing to cook a proper dinner) 

Greg: Whoa Daniel, first reading and now this? What's next cleanin'? 

Daz: Oh, you doe won't you're dinner then? 

Greg: No, I'd love it ,It's just weird seeing how much you've changed. You've got hair again… well, it's like I’m seeing the old Daniel back…

(Women pops up from the behind the counter) 

Women: HIYA! 


Daz: This is my new girlfriend Wez.

Greg: Wez? 

(Wez pops up from behind Greg)

Wez (whispering in his ear): Short for Wendy.


Wez (popping up from behind Lake startling the dog): This? Oh let's just say I'm a woman of many talents.

Greg: I'll say, Jesus you nearly gave me a heart attack.

(Just then Joey walks in) Joey: Yo guys, Whassup! 

Wez (popping up behind him): I AM! 

Joey: HOLY MOTHERFU… (He is so startled, he falls back into a pile of beer cans) 

Greg: Joey, Wendy or Wez as she likes to be known, and she has a habitat of popping up behind people, yeah I can understand scared me the first time too. Wez meet Joey.

Joey (getting up): I'll say.

Wez (back behind the counter somehow in seconds): Well Daz, these are you two cousins?

Daz Yeah.

Wez: They seem alright, still I'm helping him too cook, his helpless ain't he? 

Greg: Damn straight, you know I like you, I mean compared to Jamz and although she was nice. I barely saw much of Uraz, and Suz and Saz gave me a headache… 

Joey: I dunno what came over my dad, but then again, I suppose those were his last days alive, so I'll cut the old man in the sky some slack, hey? 

Greg: Yeah… so many people we have lost… 

Daz: So before things get melodramatic, ay the government watched that tape ya made? 

Joey: It was a disc actually.

Daz: Shut it smart arse.

(Joey is silent) 

Greg: Well if they have then, there not doin' anything about it. I've watched the news every day and… nuthin'… 

Wez: (beside the oven): Well the government are notorious for doing nothing about things, so it's only what's to be expected.

Greg: I know… but I'm so disappointed.

Joey: Well let's cheer you up hey? Let's call the gang and head out somewhere, hell I need to relieve the stress.

Greg: Well Sundays are a day of rest, guess I need to relax with my pals.

Joey: Damn straight, so we'll be headin' out.

Wez: (popping up behind him): Don't be too long you two.

Joey: We won't, besides yew, yeah yew Wez, there's a woman called Suzanne who is not gonna be happy about you datin' Daz.

Daz: I and Suza are… 

Greg: Suza? 


Greg: No, just weird.

Joey: Yeah, I still think Suzanne should be your girlfriend.

Daz: I had a girlfriend called Suz though. 

Joey: Well she can be Suz 2 then.

(Suzanne walks in at this point) 

Suzanne: Suz 2? What the bloody hell are you two on about? (No response) Anyhow I'm come to pick Pond up. POND! POND! (Lake is too busy humping her, for Pond to go to Suzanne) 

Suzanne: Jeez Pond is an absolute animal, still how you doing Daniel?

Daz: Alrite.

Suzanne: Oh, alright there Wendy, no sorry Wez.

Wez (popping up behind her): That's right baby, I'm Wez and don't you forget it.

Joey (opened mouthed): Wait Suzanne, yew know Wendy here?

 Wendy: WEZ!

Joey: Whatever.

Suzanne: Me and Wez go back years, we have been bezza's since high school, anyhow she ended up reporting in a town as shitty as this one, so when she finally got replaced by a younger woman she packed bags and came here. I told her Mortdale was bad, but she's 30 now bless her, looking for a man, for a long-term relationship so I suggested Daz here for her, both Wez and Daz are serial daters and look here they've clicked instantly.

Greg: Wow Suzanne you can play cupid.

Suzanne: I know, I love me.

Joey: So Suzanne you set up Daz with Wez here!?

Wez: Yeah she did and the result is a perfect match!

Joey: But no! This can't be it! Suzanne and Daz need to date it's density! Their dogs fuck, all their past boyfriends and girlfriends end up dead, there made for each other! Yew… yew can't come along and take that away!

Wez: (popping up from behind him): Can and have.

Suzanne: I ain't bothered; I don't fancy Daz I got a new boyfriend.

Joey: Lemme guess, his a cameraman?


Joey: I'll bet.

Suzanne: Me and Daz are platonic friends, end of.

Joey: But yew can't be, you'll end up together eventually, you have to kiss, have sex, be in a relationship, you just have too! I'm always right about these things!

Greg: Joey you criticise Chantelle for forcing people in relationships and look what you're doing right now.

Joey: This is different I…! 

Greg: Quit blabberin' like a sad wittle fan boy and let's get out. You were right, your stress levels are going through the roof.

Wez (popping up behind Greg): His right Joey, off you go.

Suzanne (to Wez): You still need to teach me how to do that.

Wez: One day Suzanne, one day my friend, you will master this art.

Suzanne (to Daz): Oh and can you tell your friends to stop hitting on me? I'm taken! 

Daz: Oh come on love, their desperate, old Dale ain't had sex in a week.

Suzanne: Old dale? The 60 year old with HIV and seriously bad breath? His the worst one, I swear to God his stalking me, just tell him to back off Daz.

Daz: I'll see what I can do, but doe expect a fucking miracle.

Suzanne: I wasn't begging for one, but still, I like the fact you've considered it, rather than telling me to fuck off.

Daz: I'm coming to that if you keep naggin' me.

(Suzanne is silent)  

Daz (to Greg and Joey): You two better be off then.


(The two leave the house and phone their friends, they all agree to meet up on Mortdale high street) 

The End

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