The Finale Part 3- The Christmas Spirits.Mature

(The next day is Christmas; the whole gang is assembled in Florence's dining room they have been patched up and are recovering from the events, with a good old Christmas party) 

Wilhelmina: (Drunk once again and singing along): DO-THEY-KNOW-IT'S-CHRISTMAS-TIME-AT-ALL! 

(Several people laugh, at the dance moves she is trying to make) 

Mrs Conrad: Ooh this is pitiful, well Imogen I'm going home to spread some… ugh Christmas cheer over your father, enjoy your stay.

Imogen: Thanks mum I will.

(Mrs Conrad leaves) 

Jaya: Well well… 

Imogen: I know, maybe my mum really does care about me, somewhere deep down.

Thomas: Well I never thought I'd see the day Mrs Conrad would actually have a heart.

Imogen: Don't say that too loudly, or she’ll have yours in her merciless fingers.

(Outside the house the police are cleaning up the mess, according to them Kyle still hasn't been caught and there are still several black Crestors in the jail, to Greg it is not over) 

Florence: My lights, are ruined.

Jack: And in the end no one won that flipping competition, great me and mum are homeless for nothing.

Florence: You can move in here if you like.

Zsa Zsa: Seriously? 

Florence: Yeah, my parents are never around anyway, this house needs to be filled, feels quite empty at times.

Jack: Oh thank you… oh thank you… thank you!

(kisses her on cheek) 

Florence: Oh Jack, let's just enjoy Christmas now, shall we?

Zsa Zsa: Yeah… maybe I'll get myself a man by this time next year.      

(Jack groans) 

Daz: I Cor believe Taz was a man the whole time. She fucking tricked me! No wonder she day want any sex or I would have known, still Weird Christmas Greg ain't it?

(Greg simply nods) 

Daz: Greg… I am that bad? Do you wanna leave this town?

Greg: Daniel, I can't move now anyway.

Daz: I'm sorry, Kerry and Terry are gone but... I try. Alrite. It might be shitty, I might be awful but...

Greg: It's okay Daniel, I know.

(Just then he notices Danny slipping off and follows him) 

Lucy: So George, I've been thinking Lorge would be a great pairing name for us.

Charmaine: Oh my god no Gucy is much better.

Chantelle: Anyhow babe,  looks like my bab will be ready to come out soon.

Charmaine: Oh that's great bab, more benefits for yow.

Aaron: And we’ll be at the club later.

Ryan: Damn fucking straight.

Gordon (smirking): So you two still want some gfrynmjuhskfuhdmnkghfunmfhbvnmfvhmuirjeuyhtjrfyudhjf?

Aaron: God no, how the fuck do you cope with that drug Gordon? It's mental.

Gordon: (Lying through his teeth): Yeah well I'm so hardcore I take it like 5 times a day… 

Richard: Any way’s I wish everyone’s here’s a merry Christmases! 

Andrew: Ugh God, why I am related to you at all?

Suzanne: Ah it feels nice to finally be in a happy place without reporting depressing news.

Priest: Come to my church love, it's a different story.

Chelsea: Been to your church too much in Act 10, time for a change.

Helpless TA: Yeah let’s try to enjoy Christmas,  bit hard when you're in my position… still

(Presents begin to open, George notices Danny and Greg have gone and goes to follow them) 

Greg: (to Danny) Where are you going Danny? 

Danny: Onwards… let me tell it you straight Greg, I am not a likeable guy, and Christmas parties are not my thing, so yeah I'm going, no point trying to get attached to people anyhow, they just go and die... 

Greg: Danny, yeah you might be an asshole, and you might have wanted escape so badly you resorted to something terrible to do it. But the fact is deep down I know you're not a bad guy. Have a happy Christmas before you go back onto the streets, you need it.  

Danny: Greg I want you to know what I did, killing my dad… it got to me y'aknow? I couldn't stay here, he was a bastard but he was my dad and I killed him… 

Greg: Don't worry about it… your dad... well was such a monster, I couldn't class him as human.

Danny: That's what I'm afraid of Greg are we becoming more like him. He was serial rapist you know? Cheated on my mum all the time, apparently he raped one girl so bad, she was traumatized by it, kept repeating it whenever she could. She wanted everyone to know.

Greg: (Thinking of Lily) Damn...

Danny: Is that the kind of people we are? Having to kill others? I wanted to get out of this town so badly before... but I guess it's too late for that right? 

Greg: No, were still gonna go on Steve, and Terry and Kerry didn't die for me, just so me and others like me could self-pity ourselves to suicide. The town kills you inside, but for all the people who have died, I won’t let it break me… and it shouldn't break you either. So go and have a good Christmas Danny, you really need it. 

Danny: Thanks Greg you really are something different y'aknow, those police officers would have been proud, and maybe I'll try and have a little fun. (pauses before he leaves he turns back to Greg) tell anyone I got this emotional with you, I'll kick your ass all the way back to St. Louisville, you got that? 

Greg: (Smiling) Sure thing street rat.

(Danny gives him the closest thing to a smile he can muster, before he walks off and bumps into an eavesdropping George) 

George: Well hi… 

Danny :( Interrupting) You're going to tell him.

George: Tell him what? 

Danny: Tell him what you were about to tell me.

George: It's not important.

 Danny: I have a feeling it is, you don't have to tell him now, but soon you have too. You have your girlfriend to think about as well as Greg. If you keep whatever you’re hiding secret for too long it may come from someone else and that will break him.

George: So...?

Danny: So, if you were a good friend you'd tell him soon, his been through enough shit… you have to help him… anyhow merry Christmas

(goes downstairs back to the Christmas feast Wilhelmina's boom of “YO DAMIEN” confirms he is downstairs… George approaches Greg whose is in the corridor) 

George: Greg... are you okay? 

Greg: Yeah George I'm fine, well not really.

George: But you can cope right? Because I've got your back man.

Greg: Losing Kerry and Terry is tough George, but I'll get through it right? 

George: Sure... (he is about to tell Greg his secret, but decides against it and heads down the stairs)       

(Greg is left to stand alone, outside it has begun to snow) 

Greg (pulling out his diary and writing in it): My name is Greg Samuel Winters… I'm 15 years of age… I'm a killer and I've just lost my only hope of getting to a non-chavvy place… I’ll have to see Mortdale through till it's done with me or I'm done with it… 


Greg: (Writing): I hate my life… but I'll keep going no matter how much it hurts… because well I have too and leaving this town would just be selfish… people rely on me… the weight of the world is on my shoulders… 


Greg: (Writing): It's too much for a 15 year old boy to deal with… I can’t cope at these times… but I will try… I'm gonna have a merry little Christmas… 

(And under everything he has had to do, all the pressure, fear, guilt and anxiety he feels in his head he drops his diary his vision goes blurry his legs turn to jelly). 

Greg: It's too much… 

(He collapses on the spot) 

(Meanwhile downstairs) 

Danny: (singing at Wilhelmina):  You´re a bum, you´re a punk 

You´re an old slut on junk 

Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed    

Wilhelmina: (singing to Danny): You scumbag you maggot 

You cheap lousy faggot 

Happy Christmas your arse I pray god it´s our last. 

Both: And the boys of the NYPD choir's still singing Galway Bay 

George: (muttering to himself): And the (added word) Warning bells were ringing out...

Everyone: For Christmas day! 

The End

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