The Finale Part 2- Good-Byes.Mature

Voice: GET THEM! 

(Greg is tackled to the ground by somebody familiar, he finds a kitchen knife to his neck. He gulps,the girl on him quickly recognises him) 

Imogen: Greg? 

Greg: Imogen? 

(She helps him up)  

Imogen: I'm sorry, I thought you were Frank and his two cronies.

Greg: Yeah well, it's me, Greg.

Imogen: Wait a minute, it can't be Greg is… 

(Everyone else rounds the corner, to see the new arrivals. There is confusion as there are two Greg's) 

Imogen: What the? (To real Greg) who are you? How'd you get here? 

Greg: Imogen, it's me!? Remember Steve from the roller-coaster, he helped me and Wilhelmina escape from prison to come here and stop Frank Tibet.

Mrs Conrad: In prison? With this fool (points at Wilhelmina) and escaping with Steve the lunatic, where is he now? 

Greg: He died getting us in here, we came to warn you guys, but we were too late and ended up stuck behind a bin, he knew he was insane so he gave his life, so I could carry on providing hope to the anti-chavs everywhere and beating the Mortdale system.

Jack (guffawing): Good luck with that.

Priest: Why were you at the prison anyhow?     

Mrs Conrad: Why are you even here? Do you have a life at all? 

Priest: Not really.

Mrs Conrad: Pathetic priest.

Greg: I was at prison, (sighs) because I wanted to kill Frank and Kyle and Leanne myself but they overpowered me and escaped.

(He meets an accusing silence) 

Imogen: They didn't kill you? 

Greg: No... because Frank, was proud of me. Saying I was becoming what I wanted to destroy.

Wilhelmina: I was there and can verify that.

Mrs Conrad: Yes, the drunk is such the great eyewitness.

George: But if you're Greg (grabs Danny by the arm as he tries to run) whose this? 

Danny: I'm Greg don't listen to this madman, he's well... high!

Gordon: Truth be told, I can see some gfrynmjuhskfuhdmnkghfunmfhbvnmfvhmuirjeuyhtjrfyudhjf in your pocket.

Terry: What? 

Thomas: Don't ask.

Greg: Well it's because he gave me the drug, he took my cap. That's Danny you idiots! How could not have known! 

Daz: He just said he dyed his hair and had it cut.

Greg: And you believed that…his eyes are blue, mine are brown! 

Danny (finally having enough): Oh for crying out loud! (Lifts his cap showing his full face) It's me! Danny! 

(Confused stares) 

Lucy: Greg, why are you wearing contacts?

Chelsea: No, there's a simple solution to this. Greg's been cloned!


Imogen: I wish aliens would beam me up right now and probe me, it would less painful than being here.

Danny: Oh for the love of… (Takes cap off) 

(Everyone gasps) 

Imogen: Danny, it is you! 

Zsa Zsa: Oh yeah, now I can see the difference.


Danny: (In bitter voice): Wow you idiots finally figured it out. How dumb are you?

George: (embarrassed) I was so close too.

Greg: Danny, where on earth did you think you were going with this? 

Danny: I've had enough of this town Greg, I wanted out! And when I heard about these two police officers (points to Terry and Kerry) were gonna bust you outta here. I saw my chance, using my amazing abilities, I planned to escape and I would have too! Besides you deserve a taste of failure after you two (points to Greg and Imogen) made me lose the Penti present tournament, and I failed my family... so yeah I wanted out. (sits down with a cocky demeanor) and what?

Kerry: Well sorry kid, were not taking you, were taking Greg.

Greg: (Unaware): Taking me where?

(Terry and Kerry explain the adoption plan, at the end Greg is thinking hard) 

Kerry: Greg, so asking the real you now (glares at Danny) do you want to go back to Alabama?

Greg: (thinking about what the town has done to him and what he has been through): I dunno, I'll think about it I really will.

George: Greg you can't leave, what about all the stuff you said about being an anti-chav?

Greg: George I am thinking about this logically, if I wanna move then… 

Mrs Conrad: None of us will be moving anywhere, if we don't sort Frank Tibet out first.

Imogen: Mum I hate to break this to you, but we will be torn to pieces if we step outside.

Wilhelmina: (taking knife from Imogen) and we ain't got no guns? Only this.

Terry and Kerry: We do. (They produce pistols)

Aaron: Well then, we'll wait for them too come in and then gun them down.

Greg: No, people are dying in the Sue's house. 

Mrs Conrad: Who cares? Foolish souls deserve to die, for daring to follow that vain cow.

Greg: You can say that miss, but I can't, I'm not like that. It's my fault Frank is outta jail, so I'm going to go over there myself, and make things right!

(Meanwhile Taz's clothes have been burnt to bits, she's covering herself but Daz approaches her) 

Daz: Taz? 

Taz: Dazzy, I'm… 


(Everyone turns) 

Imogen: Oh dear looks like Tanya here is… 

Taz: I'm not a man! How can you even suspect that?! 

Mrs Conrad: Tanya darling it's hanging out.

(Looks down a very visible penis is there) 



Daz: Yeah well, I don't go that way! So it's fucking over between us! 


(In her, well his grief, he runs out the house and is shot dead instantly) 

Mrs Conrad: Well, another girlfriend down as expected.

Imogen: Well that fell apart fast.

Chantelle: Oh well, back to business.

Thomas: We have to get across the street.

Greg: Great so we’ll have to lose more people just to cross the street.

Aaron: But guys, there's Chelsea and nothing kills her remember? 

(Everyone turns to Chelsea) 

Helpless TA: Oh great what's the plan? Hide behind Chelsea? Get to the Sue’s house kill the three Crestors in there, save the people and rejoice!?

Terry: That will have to do.

Greg: I'm going, I'm gonna kill Frank humanely, not the way he wants.

Terry and Kerry: Were coming too we'll protect you Greg.

Helpless TA: And I'll go, I mean I'm chained to Chelsea right (thinking) then I can throw myself out of her shadow.

Mrs Conrad: Wilhelmina, give me the kitchen knife (Wilhelmina does) right now (cuts Helpless TA free from Chelsea for a moment Helpless TA is free, before Mrs Conrad grabs her by the collar)   

Helpless TA: Oh come on!

Mrs Conrad: Nice try, I know full well you were planning suicide, so until Chelsea gets back you are stuck with me.

Helpless TA: Great my only hope of Steve is dead and I'm stuck here can my day get… actually I better not say that.

Thomas: You learn fast.

Danny: This whole plan is so stupid.

Greg: You got a better idea, asshole?

Danny: Yeah actually, for one using that Immortal lump as a shield is useless, considering the people on this roof will just shut you from behind. So what I suggest is that before you four tip toe over there. We play our part.

Wilhelmina: And that is?

Danny: I'll sneak up on them, we take there guns and fight back, shoot the one's on the other roof, in the distraction, you lot get into the Sue's house and kill bloody Frank already.

Wilhelmina: Brilliant plan Damien, beats you're last one.

Danny: For the final time it's Danny and this isn't to help you guys, it's too prove I can be useful too. I hate being oppressed by Frank fucking Tibet as much as you do. 

Helpless TA: I can relate.

Greg: Danny, you don't have to take this risk, none of you do.

Danny: Greg I'm never safe and never will be, besides there ain't enough room for more than you three behind Chelsea, so you have to go, if we meet on the other side we’ll speak again.

Greg: Good luck then. All of y'all don't die.

Danny: Yeah you too, you're going to need it.

Daz: (To Terry and Kerry) Take care of him.

Terry: We will, don't worry about that. We'll do a better job than you.

Daz (Wincing): Look... I know...

Kerry: How many have died?

Daz: What?

Kerry: Just then, when your "girlfriend" ran out and died, no one was bothered. It was like it was expected. Do all your girlfriends die?

Daz: Yeah but that ain't my fault...

Kerry: You might mean well, but you can't care for him. His emotionally scarred, and it's time he left this place.

Daz: I... I just need ya to know... I try.

(Greg approaches Daz)

Greg: Daniel.

Daz: Greg.

Greg: Sorry about Taz.

Daz: Eh. Don't be.

Greg: It must be hard on you, living here.

Daz: I cope Greg, I was hoping I could help you adapt in the same way.

Greg: What? Make me your own mini chav?

Daz: Nah, just... oh heck... listen don't die alright?

Kerry: Okay, it's time to go! 

Greg: (To Daz) Alright, don't you go dying either and we'll carry on this conversation later.

(They set off after lots of good lucks. Charmaine still isn't bothered though, Chelsea, Kerry, Terry and Greg wait behind Chelsea, when they hear gunfire from above, that's the signal)

Greg: Let's go!

(They step out of the house, above them shoot out is commencing, it seems as though Greg's gang of friends have managed to take over Florence's roof, as the only bullets that strike Chelsea come from the Sue rooftop)

Greg: Forwards Chelsea.

Kerry: This is bizarre she ain't dyin' and she's been shot at constantly.

Greg: You get used to it.

Chelsea: Forgot how to move! 

Terry: One foot in front of the other girl! 

Chelsea: Alright God… 

Kerry: So Greg, are you sure you wanna leave this town? your friends back there really look up to you?

Greg: I know but I'm scared of what sort of monster I'll become if I stay.

Kerry: That's right, you are too good for this shit-hole. You wanna save these people trapped in this house, no one else would even think about doing that.

Terry: I can hardly blame ya, still there's no pressure, it's your choice, not ours.

Greg: Thanks guys, no matter what happens the pair of you will be great parents.

Kerry: (beaming) We appreciate that Greg.

Terry: Hell, wait till ya see what me and Kerry got you for Christmas pres...

Kerry: Shut your piehole! That's a meant to be a surprise!

Terry: Whoops, (smirks at Greg) well as your new parents, I guess you can say... (his face drops) hang on, that drug in your pocket has melted!

Greg: Well shit, this ain't going be effective any more!

Chelsea: CAN'T MOVE! 

Greg: She's hit the wall were here! Let’s get in… ermm Chelsea come on in, we’ll need you as a shield.

Chelsea: Alright then (tries to move, but fails) 


Greg: Of all the places, they manage blow off your feet? 

Chelsea: Seems like it, now I can't move.

Greg: Well, you learn to move, and get your feet back, and we'll finish this.

Terry: Let's hurry up and get in there, we are sitting ducks out here.

Chelsea: Alright then, get going!

(The three enter the house without getting shot, it is silent and creaking) 

Terry: Okay Greg, be careful they could be anywhere… 

Greg: (looking at dead bodies) Were late, they'll be upstairs, we’ll finish them off. If I'm gonna leave this town, they need to at least die first.

(They creep up the stairs silently, Terry and Kerry draw their pistols)

Kerry: Ssssh there he is… 

(Frank Tibet is finishing off his victims) 

Terry: I’ll finish him (aims Pistol) Greg I…

(Suddenly he leaps back in pain, a knife is protruding from his chest, behind him is a smirking Kyle) 

Greg and Kerry: NO! 

Kyle: Another kill, so much warm and moist blood. (He swipes up Terry's gun)


Kyle: Fool! (Aims gun at Terry's head)


(Leaps on him, they both go flying, the pistol slides from Kyle's grip)

Leanne: My time for a kill bitches!

(Comes in with a knife and attacks a defenceless Kerry) 


(Slashes at Leanne with his knife, to his surprise she screams in pain and blood flies everywhere) 

Kerry: Greg thank y'all… (gets no further, she gasps as a knife is in her chest, behind her Frank's arm is outstretched as he threw the knife) 

Greg: No, No, No, No...

Frank: Your last shot of Freedom Greg. (Gives insane laugh) IT'S ALL GONE! HA! 

(Terry, stands up, despite the pain he is in, he reaches for his pistol and aims it at Frank, one bullet hits Frank's shoulder) 

Leanne: NO! (Dying, she punches Kerry in the face, a dazed Kerry falls to the floor, as Leanne snatches her pistol)

Leanne: Like- I- said- before,- no- messing- with- us- Black Crestor’s!

(With the last of her strength, she aims the gun upwards, Terry whips around but it's too late she fires, and he is dead before he hits the floor, a small hole in his head) 

Kerry and Greg: NO! (As Terry falls dead, a wounded Frank lunges for his pistol,) 

Greg: No, fuck this! 

(Enraged, he slashes at Kyle who falls backwards, and then reaches Leanne, raising his knife, he stabs her in a crazed frenzy, as he does he throws the pistol she had, back to Kerry)

Kerry: (Sobbing) YOU ANIMALS! I'LL KILL YOU!

(She aims at Frank, and fires again, but she is too weak, the shot only hits his leg, he crumbles to the ground in pain, but smiles)

Frank: You lose.

(Greg looks up, but it is too late, Kyle rises from behind Kerry, before he can yell a warning a laughing Kyle silts her throat, while looking a shocked Greg in the eyes)

Kerry: (gurgling) So...ree... eg...

(She dies)

Kyle: Aw what a shame *Note the sarcasm* 

(Greg lets out an inhuman roar and the two begin a viscious, brawl, using their knives they slash at each other, a minute into the fight, a bleeding Greg and Kyle face each other)

Kyle: Game over? Huh Greg?

Greg: (smiling crazily) Oh yes, Game over alright!

(He attacks with all his strength, slicing open Kyle's chest, a shocked Kyle falls backwards into a pool of his own blood, satisfied, a blood-thirsty, Greg turns to Frank who is watching the scene, crying with mirth)

Greg: This is funny to you? Huh!?

(Frank tries to aim his pistol he gained from Terry's body, but Greg kicks it aside, along with the knife Frank has, and pins him to the floor) 


Frank: Why? You really want to know? Because I like it, it makes me popular. I know what I do is wrong morally, but fuck Morales it's about the rewards Gregory. We only live once, Mortdale is a town that allows that, I can't let your ruin the fun we have, the birds, the money, the power it's all that matters in life, not your flaming fucking morality! Where is “being nice” ever going to get you? No-where is the answer. You ditch your Morales and your guilt and life is but a breeze.

Greg: I'll never be like you I’ll kill you once and for all.

Frank (weakly): I was about to end your life Gregory, or maybe I won't because you will be a great successor, make my death slow, painful, enjoy the luxuries of life you can gain them, so easily just by being someone like me.

Greg: You think this whole thing is just fun!?

Frank: Life is about "Fun" Greg. You and that damn pink car, you had "fun" right? You had "fun" with your friends right? I never had much "fun"  Mum and Dad had "fun" with Riley, I had to kill him to become noticed, to create a society that I made sure everyone was happy with! And So I did!

Greg: You abandoned your Morales, but it was easy for someone who was never shown much love in the first place. Basically you became a tyrant, just so you could create your ideal society? You chavs call yourself streetwise, but I never seen a group of people so deluded.

Frank: You understand, now, your friends are also deluded, I met an old friend of mine. Who is also your friend.

Greg: You're a liar, you just want to destroy me!

Frank: Then you want to destroy me too! Think like me Greg! Become me Greg!

Greg: NEVER!

(Before Kyle can stop him, Greg lifts his knife and plunges it into Frank Tibet's head with a final gasp the leader of Black Crest is dead) 

Kyle: What… what the fuck have you done? You've killed Frank… you hacked Leanne to death like she was meat. (Grins) does the blood feel moist on your hands?

Greg: Stop it…

Kyle: Does it? Want to lick it off?

Greg: Stop it! Or I'll...

Kyle: Kill me too? Go on then. Watch my brains slither through your fingers,  my internal organs beat in your palms. You've wanted me dead since I killed Bastian, return the favour Gregory Winters… and be Kyle… you'll like it. After all Frank gave me the "fun" I wanted.


Kyle: Oh Greg are we still gonna fight or what?

Greg: (staring at corpses) Why are you still alive? I cut your chest open Kyle.

Kyle: I can live through that, and it sounds as if my fellow Black Crestors are dying above me, I will flee.

Greg: No... I will kill you! (Tries to lunge at Kyle, but due to his injures he falls into a heap)

Kyle: Pathetic… stupid weak boy, when I return you will die for real.

(He flees the scene at this point) 

(Greg sobs over the corpses over Terry and Kerry, he then hears a clicking and turns to see a group of terrified people behind him)

Man: (aiming pistol at Greg) Y-y-you aren't...?

Greg: No.

Woman: Their dead then?

Man: Don't get too friendly with this guy! Look at him!

(Greg stares at his reflection in the pools of blood around him, he looks deranged, covered in blood and cuts, his clothes torn, his cap off his head, his eyes wide and demented)

Greg (scooping up his damp cap and placing it on his head): I...

Man: You're not a monster? Are you?

Greg: I... (pauses) No. I'm a good person. I killed them. I saved you.

(The rest of the gang, who are alive, rush out to meet Greg in the street)

Chelsea: (From corner her feet are back to normal): Hi guys its okay I'm still alive! 

Helpless TA: Just my flaming luck.

Imogen: You okay Greg, we managed to kill the majority of the Black Crestors, and guess what? None of us got hurt at all! It was tense shoot-out but we did it! We survived!

Danny: (Looking at people behind Greg) Well looking at these folk, you also survived, but where are those police officers?


Daz: Greg?

Greg (in outburst): THEIR DEAD! TERRY AND KERRY ARE DEAD! (Sobs) I k-killed Frank and Leanne, but Kyle escaped.

Imogen: So Frank Tibet is dead? 

Greg: Yeah… 

(Street explodes in celebration) 


Lucy (elated and approaches George): IT'S OVER! Well partially but still… 

George (beaming): I know, Frank made our lives hell but with him gone, I guess Steve and all our dead friends are avenged.

Lucy: Yeah… hey George guess what that is?

(Points upwards) 

George: Torn up Mistletoe.

Lucy: Yup (leans in closer) know what that means?

George: This Street is ruined and needs serious cleaning...

Lucy: Oh come here, you half soaked prat!

(They… “At long last” as Thomas phrases it… kiss) 

George: (Blushing and breathless): L-lucy I've been trying to tell you for ages, I like you… 

Lucy: I like you George, the way you protect me, all these crazy events. I've gotten to know the real you and I love you.

George: I've liked you for a long time, Luce.

Mrs Conrad: (In disgust) Ugh, it's worse than Sarah and Rhys.

 Lucy: So is it official? Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

George: Luce (He grins widely) of course it's official were going to… 

Chantelle: (ruining the romantic moment completely): … get this on red tube. Right you two keep kissing then undress, then Lucy you give George a BJ and then you'll go 69 on each other… 


(Walk with each other arm in arm) 

Greg: (Bitterly): So once again the day ends…

The End

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