The Finale Part 1- The Stars Of The ShowMature

Act 10 

(It is Christmas Eve at, 9:58PM the officials have arrived for the light show contest, people are scattered around the street, there is an eager and Christmas like atmosphere) 

Jaya: I would request everyone wear sets of these.

(Hands out ten pairs of sunglasses, for one person each) 

Danny: It's okay, I got my cap, well I'll take one anyway. (notices George watching him sullenly) What's up with you George?

George: I just can't believe you're leaving Greg, after all that inspirational talk about fighting the chavs. You're just giving up and packing bags? 

Danny: What? Sad to see your friend go? 

George: Greg, this town will fall back into its usual misery if you leave now, you can't leave! You've given us all hope and you're just gonna crush that?! 

Danny: George I'm sorry but… 

George (gripping him hard): Yeah well, I had to do some pretty fucked up stuff and messed up shit, to get here, to be alive and a non-chav! With these Chavology skills… (he pauses) I've never told anyone that… why I would say that?

Danny: Wait a minute George, what are you on about? You've been avoiding chavs your whole life, I've heard,  I mean I know, you're a Chavologist.

George: That... has not always been the case.

Danny: Tell me what you've done George, it can’t be that bad.

George: Some things are best kept secret, maybe I would tell you. If you stayed, but obviously you're weaker than I thought.

(Walks off) 

(Meanwhile on the rooftops) 

Frank: (with a large number of Black Crestors behind him) Okay, get ready my pupils.

Leanne: Good idea, getting our lot of prison. Now we can gun them down like you instructed headmaster. 

Kyle: Bloodshed will be ours.

Frank (to other Black Crestors): You lot stay on the roofs, we planned this all day. The second they start the light-show you'll open fire, any of the survivors that manage to flee into the nearby houses, me, Kyle and Leanne will finish off. (They produce knives) personally.

Black Crestor Boy: Why just you three, sir? Why not just have us all come. And why haven't you got guns?

Frank: This isn't about a perfect massacre, it's about fun. Having a gun makes it too easy, you're job is too keep the police away and make sure no one runs for it. You shoot them, once Greg's friends are dead, we pull out. By this point our friend Greg will have gone mad in grief, in that state he'll be easy to kill, or even better, my replacement. 

Black Crestor Boy: But why...

Frank: Us three? He knows us three best. He set us free first. Added to the fact, we are the most powerful Black Crestors, we will be the one to restore order to this town. To install fear into people with guns is one thing, but with knives alone. (smirks) they will never even dare to breathe out of term. 

(Below them)

Officials: Well, well, you two great competitors, are you ready? are the performers ready for sexiest Milf award? (Miss Danica and Zsa Zsa nod) are the performers for sexiest male ready? (Ricky and Jack nod)are you ready to press the red button that will turn on the lights!   

Miss Danica: YES! 

Florence: YES!  


Frank: NOW! (Lights come on, and as they do, gunfire from the roofs, rains down upon the residents of the street, for a few seconds there is confusion before panic sets in)

Chantelle: (Being shot in shoulder) FUCK MAN, THIS HURTS! 


(All the main characters, manage this, Miss Danica and her son are not as lucky they are shot down almost instantly)


(She dies, her son dies a few seconds later, many other residents retreat into her house, while the main gang, are in Florence's house. Right now they are barricading the doors and treating the wounded)

Frank: (coming down from celling) Well this is a mess, still we will start over there (Points at the Sue's house) I saw a lot of them flee into that house. 

Kyle: (smiling) This is going to be pleasing for me!

(The slaughter begins) 

(Meanwhile in Florence's house many people are wounded) 

Terry: Everyone calm down! We'll be fine! I promise that!

Chantelle: I've been shot! I'm dying!

Imogen: You're fine Chantelle, it's been patched up.

Kerry: Greg! Greg! You okay?

 Danny: I'm okay, I'm alive… 

Imogen (bitterly): So who did we lose? 

Mrs Conrad: No one, other than the Sue's (whoops) thank Frank for that.

Lucy: Well that's respectful *Note the sarcasm* 

Imogen: So this was Frank's plan then?

Mrs Conrad: I saw him on the rooftops, it's an all out slaughter once again. Expect this time they snuck up on us.

Jack: And we can't leave because there are a load of people on the rooftops with guns.

Thomas: Looks as if there has been a mass breakout from Mortdale prison once again.

Jack: There is one expected per week.

(Meanwhile outside of the house and shielded behind a bin) 

Greg: We got in too late guys! We can't run in there they'll gun us down!

Wilhelmina: Literally.

Steve: We ay come this far to fail.

Greg: My friends are all gonna die, and it's my fault.

Wilhelmina: I'm sure the others will be able to take care of Frank anyhow, we can still sneak out of here.

Greg: Wilhelmina and Steve you can go, there here because of me, I'm gonna run to Florence's house, and whether I make it or not, I don't care. I have to try.

Steve: Well you ain't dying.

Greg: What are you talking about Steve? 

Steve: I brought you here day I hillbilly? So it's my duty to get you out of this hell-hole.  I have no reason to go on, I’ll end up doing something bad again, Greg you will too but there's still hope for you, both of you. NOW GO ON AND LIVE! 

(He picks up Wilhelmina and Greg and shields them from the figures on the roof, as soon as he comes into sight they fire at his broad back, he stumbles on and eventually collapses near too Florence's front door) 

Greg: Steve… no… 

Steve: (weakly) I'm glad... I.. got... to do that... now kill Frank for me.

(Wilhelmina and Greg manage to fling themselves into Florence's house, the next round of bullets from the Black Crestor's finishes Steve off).

(Inside Florence's house)

Wilhelmina: (panting)You okay?

Greg: Yeah.

Wilhelmina: Steve's d...

Greg: I know! (Pants for a while, then he regains himself) but he died a hero. Something that everyone wants. And something...

Voice: GET THEM!


The End

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