Chapter 3:the beginning years

Of all the things that made her world the fact that her father and grandfather tokk her with them when  they went fishing  meant the world to this little girl.She loved to spend time with her favourite men.

They always went to the same spot  just near the peer behind the Lido beach.In the island you could fish mainly everywhere,the laws to prevent the kiling of young fish had yet been introduced but no decent or even smart fisherman would catch a young fish,for that meant killing the next generation and what would happen to their jobs ?

So,they had the fishing rods and the bait(worms-live ones),and a bucket and last but not least they had their chatter box.

She barely could stop still. A whole morning fishing with dad and grandpa was the best present anyone could ever give her,that was until she saw her father put a fish in the bucket.With very little water in the bucket and it being so small there was barely any room for him to swin.What was dad doing ?

So as soon as she aproached the bucket and peered in she desliked what she saw immediatly.No,she thought to herself this won`t do,you need more space so you can swim properly.

And then as if reasoning with herself she looked at both of them,but they were busy still concentrading in the bait already in the water and wainting for a bite.

It was up to her,she decided as  her hands catched  the fish and she walked very firmly to the edge of the peer and she open her hand and saw the fish go.

It landed in the water with a woosh and she giggled to herself."Go fishy,go."

The father and grandfather where so keen in the fishing that they paid nop attention on what she was doing,she had been told not to aproach the end of the peer.On account she couldn`t  swin yet and aldought she had a vest on it was still dangerous and she knew that when dad spoke in that tone he meant business.

But still the fish made their way to the bucket and as soon as their back was turn she took them out and back into the ocean it was.

It was a lovely morning until her dad turn to her grandfather and said."I  think we have enough now.We might as well turn home, she will be getting tired pretty soon."

And he picket the bucket up.Strange he thought, it should be heavier ?

But when he looked inside there were no fish.What ?

He looked at his father-in-law and then at his daughter who was very quite and that in itself was concernning because is youngest was not known for being quite.

"Carla,where are the fish ?" And pointed at the bucket.

"They are swimming back in the ocean.There wasn`t enough room in the bucket for them all." And she smiled and waited for her father to say she had doen a good job.

His father-in-law just started to laugh and shook is head.He on the other hand had nothing to say.How as he going to explain tho his little girl who spend most of her time rescuing animals that fish where meant to be eaten ?

His ears still rang from all the crying when she saw him kill the chicken!!

He let the bucket back on the floor and he just kneeled  in front of her.

"They are not pets,Carla.We were going to take them home and mama was going to cook them for us.Their food,honey."

"You can`t eat sparkly."

"Sparkly ?!"

"Yes.Dad,sparkly.You can`t eat him."

"You named the fish ?" Why was he surprised was beyond him,she named everything!


"But,dad mama can cook something else.She`s a good cook." And she smiled because for her if it meant one of her friends stayed alive and away from the frying pan,it was good news where she was concerned!

Her garndfather was wiping the tears in his eyes from the laughter.

"Come on now you."And he picket her up and let her little legs gop on either side of his neck.She giggled in hapiness and she said to her father.

"Aren`t you coming ?"

Her grandfather continued walking and soon enough her father joined them.

"I guess the lesson to learn here is never to bring her when we go fishing.That is if we want to actually bring some catch home."

And he laughed.

"Easy for you to say.I am going to be the one that will have to explain this to your daughter."

But that only make him laugh harder.

The End

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