Chapter 2 : the beginning years

The world is a wonderful place for those who have just  enter in  it.

Poor or rich alike for the first years of your life it will be of little matter if you parents are with or without the resources to send you to university.

So,it was with some love and a lot of eagerness that she was brought home and the process of growing started.

Her family home was a place of wonder for her has she learned to crawl and later walk.They lived in a house they rented from her mother`s family and with the house came the land.

And this land for her provided with shelter in the shadow of the banana trees or the other existent trees.And above all the animals.And freedom to roam and dream.

She learned to walk and shortly after she learned to clime,and then her mother`s problems to keep Carla rendered in the floor began.

She loved the hights of the trees and above all she loved freedom for her mother`s skirts.

She was mainly a tomboy and all the animals in their house had at one point changed names because Carla stated so,which presented a problem for her father when he had to slaughter a pig or a rabbit or even something as common as a chicken.

It was like killing a pet and Carla made everyone know she was not impress her pets where being killed for food.

Dogs and cats and pigeons.Her family at one point at more animals than she could name,but she made the effort and worst,to go out with her and see an abandoned animal in the street simply meant that the family animals would grow,because neither mother or father had the heart to say no to those green eyes and when the lips quivered there and then the decision was made.A strait dog,a cat and the family pets grew...

Until taking Carla out seemed more about not letting her get anywhere near any estranged animals than a normal day out!

Her mother tried to explain to her that naming the pets where quite diferent from the names they had given to Carla`s sisters or brothers but to try and reason with such a strong child proved more dificult than at firts thought .

"Why can`t I name the cat Roena Irioama Gouveia Freitas ?The cat is part of our family so it should have yours and dad surname." In her mind it made perfect sense,why was her mother being so dificult ?

"Because in order to have our surname me and dad would have had to given birth to it."

"Don`t be silly mama,it is a cat."

"Exackly.So why do you want to give it our surname ?Why two names to begin with." Her face always grew red when talking to her youngest child,maybe it was because they argued so much,all the others where so docile...

"Well first,just because she is a cat that doesn`t mean it can`t belong to our family we raised her and her mother,so there.The second part of your question you just have to look at her to see she looks like a Roena Irioama." And for her the matter shouldn`t even be brought to light.So having resolved the problem...

Her little legs took her close to the cat that was being argued about that was more entertained in washing herself by licking herself than in the talks of humans,but when the her owner aproched her she stopped and got up,she liked this little bumdle of joy.

Carla they heard the others called her but for all the animals in the house she was their  master and their joy.She played with them,gave them names and when no-one was looking feed them from the table.She was in one word one of them.

"Come on girl.Lets look for Bolinhas."

The big dog that Carla loved,given to her by her father.

And her existence was happy and cheerful,she was turning four this year.

She was happy.


The End

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