Chapter 1-The beginning years

Soon her father arrived,send by his wife in persuit of news instead of being left back with the kids that  by now where sound asleep.

"Any news ?" He was a big man her father,over six foot tall when he had first met him he was in awe of the man,but as he started dating her and slowly introduced to the entire family she being the eldest of the 11 children,that changed to respect.

"No,none." The others had arrive in a manor of hours but this one she had been in labour for more than a few hours.The clock in the wall stroke two in the morning.How much longer ? He thought.

They both would have to make their way home soon enough for both worked at the harbour and they had to be in for seven in the morning.But without furder news they both knew none would leave the hospital.

Her sister walked trought the white  doors a couple of minutes later.She seemed exausted.His expression was one of concern and somehow fear.

"Well ?How is she ? And the baby ?"

"What are you doing here dad ?" She was more interest in finding out what her father was doing in a place he always said he hated to put is feet unless he was dying and even then...

"She is fine,that baby was born at two.She is being cleanned  as we speak,they will allow you to go in and see her in a few minutes for a little while."

"You mother send me.Somehow I think she didn`t trust him with the news of her grandauther.I think I shall go in as well and take a look to be on the safe side,just in case she ask any questions of how she looks." And pushing his son-in-law in front of him they made throught the white doors.

Soon a nurse appeared to show them where his wife was resting.

The pillow allowed her head to rest and keep her staying upstrait as the two men in her life aproached the bed.

"Here is your daughter.Do you want to hold her ?" Her hands were already streached in front of her.

A little bumdle of life was then put in his own hands and he had is first look at her,her father looked in as well and they both stood tall of a little girl who would connected them both.

"She is beautiful.But she doesn`t look anything like you,Fatima."

"No,she looks like her father`s mother."

The baby choose that moment to open her eyes,green eyes that seemed to look very deeply into the two man stooding over her,as if reaching the conclusion they where safe enough she closed her eyes.

"She is precious.What are we calling her ?" He asked he had given up on even trying to have his say on naming any child,she always changed it anyway.

"Carla.We will call her Carla Maria."

"Welcome to the world Carla." They both said as a wisper for now she was sleeping.

It was the 15 of May.She had just arrived...

The End

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