Life in the month of May

The clothes were hanging in the line in their backyard where they had the two dogs chained to the walls,one in each side of the yard with big enough chains so they could meet in the middle and play together,her husband sometimes toook the time to think of little details such as this.

The hand was at the lower back,trying to make the pain that had been quite persistent for the last few hours more bearable.With a sigh she knew it was time to make arrangments her daughter was about to come into the world and who apparently  was quite eager to make an entrance.

The sun was lowering itself in the horizont and from where she stood she could see what a glorious one it was.

She was 41 and she was about to give birth for the last time.Her little suitcase with some baby clothes done by her sister Conceicao were already packet as well as the her own.

She walked trough the rooms in her house tying a few knickknacks,not that it was necessary but it gave her some comfort in the few seconds before she had to call her mother in with the kids and make sure they where going to be settle for the night before she was taken to hospital.

She sat at the end of her bed,where this child had been conceived and she look at the pictures that where at the set of the bed on either side where she and her husband slept.

Two images could be seen.

One of Mary on her side and one of Joseph on his.

The parents of the Holy child,son of God.

And she closed her eyes and she prayed for this child,that she could come into the world free of pain,that she woould grow in a world surronded by love.

And when she was done the noices her family made told her she was running out of time...

The End

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