The Month Of May

A small exercise at life in the month of May...

If one thing is known to her is that time always brings no comfort.The pain will still be there when she gets up in the morning and for a few more days after that.No visit to the family doctor will be taken,for to advertise that she is fisicaly abused by relatives is of high shame that of course needs hiding.

The bruises will fade,but the guilt the shame she carries in her heart that will never disappear.This is the beginning of her years of abuse,this her story.


Fatima Silvestre was eigth months and three weeks pregnant and with five kids already under her feet she wanted to give birth to this six child as quickly as possible.The summer was almost here and in Madeira island if there is one thing to know is that you want to give birth before the summer hits.With temperatures that can go as high as 40 degrees Celsius,she was keen that this pregancy terminate as soon as possible.

Her husband was at work,a carpenter by trade and with so many mouths to feed he spend every spare second picking up extra shifts in the harbour where he worked with her father.

She raised her hand to put a lock of her black hair back in the bundle at the top of her head.Her mother was looking after the kids this morning so she could take care of another load of clothes.

With so many of them she had a lot to wash by hand.

The year was 1976 and her six child was about to came into the world.

A little girl,that last of the family of six,she already had a name for her.


The day was quite warm and she felt a little discomfort around her mide section,but after five births she knew she had some time before going in.

It was 3 o`clock in the afternoon on the  14 of May.

The End

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