Cash Flash Away

Life requires you to pay for a lot of things, for food, clothes, houses even a car. At the rate that cash are transferred, the cash in the your pocket can sometimes just seem to disappear. But there's a way to help track that; by budgeting.

Budgeting lets you to write down all the things that you have bought, and also the price of the object. Remember to write all the loans, rent, phone line and electricity power too!

Budgeting helps you to know how you spent your money, and also sets a limit on how much you want to spend, which can help you to save up everything to buy something you can't usually buy. You can set a new budget every year, every month or even every week.

Keeping receipts is crucial in setting up your budget. This way, in case you forget, you still have the piece of paper reminding of the things you paid for and the amount of it.

The End

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