Pocket Money

           Pocket Money is when a kid's parents give them a small amount of money every week or month, depending on how the parent want it. The amount of pocket money can also be based on how much work and chores the kid had done around the house, kind of like working outside of home. Pocket money can add up to a lot over time, that is, if the kid decides to save it. The kid may decide to spend it on something he wants right when he gets the cash, others may never buy anything at all.

          It would be useful to determine how long it would take to buy something that you would like. This would let you count down to the number of days to the big day you get the get the stuff you want.

          Banks helps you to save your money for you in a safe place. Also, you can get a small amount of additional cash called interest based on the amount of money you put in. You should see which banks have the highest interest rate so that you can get even more cash. You should also ask your parents to get a tax number for you to give to the bank, so that the government will take less money out of your bank account when they tax you.

The End

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