A Sorry Ending

And now, at last, covered in Camoflage Cream, dirt, bits of foliage and sporting various small cuts and bruises, we limped back to the buses. As we had been going around, a burgeon had been passed among the various members of the group. Now it was my turn. Shredded hip or no, I had to carry the burgeon.

No rest for the wicked eh?

By the time we got back to school, I was in a rather miserable state. Despite all the fun I had, my leg was killing me, I had a headache and I was getting cramps in my abdomen. Plus, I’d missed dinner, so I was hungry into the bargain.
I nearly burst into tears when I realised I’d have to walk all the way back to school from the Parade courts. But, I told myself, crying isn’t going to get me anywhere. I’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it. Okay, so there were tears streaming down my face and I fell flat on my face several times on the way, but I got there eventually.

There was some dinner waiting for me, but not enough to soothe my aching tummy, so after getting the gunge off my face and having a long, hot shower and using half a ton of soap to scrub myself clean and trying to ease the pain in my leg, I accompanied my friends into the pantry and gorged on toast, butter and strawberry jam. Even with my leg feeling like it was going to drop off, I still felt better after some toast.

Limping back up the stairs, I collapsed into bed and was asleep in seconds. Yes I was in pain, yes I was exhausted and yes I felt like dung, but if I’m honest, I couldn’t have wished for a better day.

However, I will say this. Thank the lord for thermal tops and gloves. IT WAS FREEZING!!!

Typical Britain eh?

This is Cadet Robson, signing out.



The End

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