Now, seeing as we were rather late in getting to the station due to my *ahem* condition, we decided to scrap the plan of working in pairs and work as one larger stealth unit. There were a group of Regulars hidden in the bushes and we were supposed to creep up on them. The only problem was that there were helicopters (formerly doing flight exercises, but who had decided that hunting cadets was much more fun) looking out for us. However, being the sneaky cretins we are, we had one team going out and making their presence VERY obvious to get the Regulars to chase them. The rest of us were lurking under the bushes and, when the Regulars got close enough, we raised our battlecry:

Let me tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than bringing a 6 foot-something professional rifleman crashing to the ground and wrestling him into submission. Our instructor was in fits of hysterics the entire time, and we were dubbed “the craziest cadets in England” by our two victims. Apparently they’d thought we’d be far more obvious than we were... Sneaker Robson strikes again!

You’ve got to hand it to us, if there’s one thing Charlie Company can do, it’s perform a pretty good stealthy ambush.

The End

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