Further Fun

Having licked our plates clean, we moved (or in my case limped) off to our next station. It was a patrol exercise where they gave us paintball rifles (adapted to have twice the power of normal ones) and we were paired up to go and shoot the metal plates that posed for “enemies” in the trees. I was with a guy called McGinnes, a veteran who was joining us for the day to learn leadership skills. We had brilliant fun ducking behind trees and under piles of bracken to cover our “foes” in layer upon layer of green paint! McGinnes did the most amazing power slide into some low cover and our cries of “MOVE!” were apparently very professional-sounding.

A presentation on the gear and equipment used in Afghanistan was next, presented by a man who’d only just come back from there a month ago. We were shown all the bits and pieces as well as some info about food, sleeping conditions, terrain and all the other business. We also heard more stories of amazing courage, comradeship and some serious luck before finally heading off to our final station of the day.

My company's personal speciality. Stalking.

The End

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