Our Hero

Back down the road we went to see a professional sniper. He showed us all the toys he got to work with and even let us have a go with his enormous rifles! There were two, a smaller and older model known as “Widowmaker” which is being phased out and the half-ton monster that was replacing it, which he had named “Excalibur.” We of course fell head over heels in love with the things and asked when we could join the Rifles.

On top of that, our sniper instructor was instantly proclaimed our new hero after telling us some of the stuff he’d been through in Afghanistan, including an incident with a grenade that practically shredded his leg and rows of metal plates in his skull.

New hero? Definately.

Happily gabbling about rifles, explosives and the helicopters that kept whizzing overhead, we set off for the part of the day we looked forward too with a mixture of dread and longing.


The End

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