Bang-Bang Sticks!

After a quick briefing by their Colnel, we set off to the first of our activities. It was a teamwork exercise consisting of nine boxes all laid out in a taped off area with only two planks to use to get across. Oh, and the half-ton “medi kit” we had to transport over as well. Basically, we had to find a way to get the whole team across without dropping the medi kit or falling off ourselves. After several failed attempts, we finally found a strategy that worked and managed to scramble across. The (presumably Fijian by his accent) man who took us seemed to think us very amusing and kept poking jokes at us as we went. As offputting as it was, we couldn’t help but laugh. Even if he did try and dislodge us from the planks, he was rather funny!

Next, after a VERY LONG walk/jog trek to the other side of the camp was a shooting exercise. Now, we’re only used to shooting with out clunky, ancient, dusty and downright evil cadet issue rifles and were expecting something similar.

But no.

They gave us brand spanking new, top of the range machine guns! Sweet...

Our whoops of delight as we hammered holes through the steel targets at the other end of the range could be heard for miles, together with the extremely satisfying rattle-and-bang made by the rifles themselves. When they brought our targets over to look at, they gave us each a small tidbit of praise as to how well we’d done. Now, due to a combination of nerves, excitement, and a helmet that was at least three sizes too large, I hadn’t been able to aim very well (heck, I’d scarcely been able to see!) so my shots weren’t particularly good. However, by way of appreciation, I was told that if my target were an insurgent, he may not be dead, but “he’d be scared absolutely sh*tless.”

I consider this a very appropriate synopsis of my shooting abilities.

The End

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