The Misadventures of "Charlie Company" - The Carnage Continues!

More mischief and mayhem from the world's worst Army cadets!

I crept out of bed at around 0630 and got dressed as quietly as I could. I’d laid all my stuff out the previous night as I didn’t want to wake up my friends... more for my own personal safety than their comfort! I didn’t fancy being ripped apart, so I kept quiet.

Anyway, down to the Boy’s School by 0715 and wolfed some of their (very yummy) cooked breakfast. Scrambled onto the bus and off we went to a small-ish barracks with a long-ish name near Lark Hill! Had a massive debate with Sminge about Stonehenge when we passed it, trying to decide exactly what it was for and all that... we settled on either ancient ritual site or simply an amusingly shaped structure designed to frustrate archaeologists in the future.

Once we arrived at the barracks, we unloaded and dumped our gear in the gym. As we walked past we recieved several very curious stares from passing soldiers. Predictably, one remarked: “Look! They’ve got girls!”
Err, sorry sir, only the one.

The one and only, I guess you could say...

The End

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