The Metamorphosis

As time passes by people change.

They transform into something new.

Like a catapillar inside a cocoon.

Until I don't recognise them anymore.

I don't recognise you.

You took what we had and you tore it apart,

Why couldn't we end this right at the start?

You never listened to a word I said...

You spread your ugly wings.

You chose the metamorphosis.

Drifting away,day by day,

Thats just the way it goes.

You think you're moving forward...

To bigger and better things.

But this is just the fall.

So just take a step back,

Just one step back.

Look down from the grey clouds

In the far away sky,

And open your eyes

To everything you left behind.

You honestly think that this will make you.

Let me tell you,its gonna break you.

The End

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