The Melancholy Calls

A series of monologues on the theme of melancholy

Melancholy- A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness


So, this is it: we just forgot the whole thing? I thought...I-I don’t know. I don’t know what I thought would change, but, at least I thought things would be better. I guess I was wrong. No change there then. 

It’s not the first time, though. Stop, forget, move on. C’est la vie, d’abord. Well, we can’t keep going round in circles. That, I despise. It scares me, not moving forward. Ha! I...get scared far too easily. Or is the term ‘worried’? Sometimes, I can’t even tell the difference. 

Why? That’s all I ask. Should I forgive? I’d do anything to feel the same happiness…and I can’t stop it growing when I’m around you, no matter how many times I want to say ‘no. Stop it, girl!’

Yet…I have to show you how much you’ve hurt me. You betrayed my trust; you went, without consulting me, to someone whom I cannot ask for help. Now, I can no longer trust mankind at all. If I’ve lost what trust you fed through to me, I’ve lost any possible trust there is for me in this world.

I myself cannot ask for help at all, but I thought that you’d at least spare a few words of your sweet wisdom…

Are you a coward? Vengeance says yes, but I know that you think you are doing what is best for the both of us, even if, instead, it is driving me even close to the edge of the cliff.

Still…I’m trying, honestly. Once again, I promise you that I’ve tried to change. It’s as hard as life. 

Yet, your eyes say yes, and your words stay silent… And my heart burns, divided in the agony that you’ll follow your mind, your sense and knowledge of political correctness and justice. I’m not insane, but I’m losing it, and your company solely can heal my mind.

The End

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