The meaning of; Love

She's the definition of beautiful. The most amazing, the most precious thing in the whole world. I would do anything and everything for her. Every single detail about her makes me smile, and she is completely perfect in my eyes. She doesn't believe a word I say, but she should, she should believe she's everything to me, my whole world, and I am completley in awe of how amazing one person could be. I'd die for her, everything I do is for her, she is my energy and strengh. Every argument or disagreement we have makes my world stop turning; I never want to argue with her. She doesn't deserve to be the tiniest bit upset. She's my complete utter whole world - so why can't I be hers? And well.. the beauty of this is that she'll probably never see it. I don't need anything when I am with her ~ she is my every need. 

The End

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