The Five Essences

They have ruled over our domain since the beginning.

Created all that could be seen.

Giving each world a bit of their power.






Sworn into secrecy, they look upon us from afar.

Always watching; never interrupting.

Core sighed as he rerolled the scroll.  Yet another parchment ruined by these claims.  The Essences?  Laughable.  The Elder Gods have been watching us since the beginning.  He turned to find himself looking into a mirror.  His lavender hair and aquamarine eyes were his most distinct features.  His pants were a bit on the torn side, but still serviceable.  A skintight white shirt hugged form, showing an outline of his muscular build.  Core pulled at the ends to his brown jacket, possibly cotton or polyester; he never could tell.  He stepped away from the mirror to put on a pair of shoes.

"Where are you going, Weapons Master Core?"

A voice called out to him from behind.  He looked to see a magi, the same one that brought him the scroll.  His green windswept hair, amber eyes, and telltale monotone voice all lead up to one fact.  This was Sane, the Wandering Magi.

"What brings you to my fine abode?  Also what is with the scroll?  I thought you knew better than to go against the Elder Gods."

Core questioned his good friend.  Sane simply shook his head before speaking.

"That is for another day.  Something is happening, not in our domain, but in another.  That is why we must go there."

"Wait, what?!"

Sane tapped his staff to the ground, and a magical sigil covered the floor.  It then started to glow bright colors before blinding Core.

The End

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