Bios of all multi-genre collaboration characters.
Moneymaker- Suspense
Cassi- Romance
Rachael- Fable
Dylon- Action/Adventure
Hirru- Fantasy
Linda- Comedy
Celine- Historical
Max- Sci-fi

Name: Nina Catlin and Rein Randal

Age: 20 and 22

Bio: Nina lives in Seattle, Washington. She is currently moving in with her boyfriend, Rein. Rein is a professor at the local high school in Seattle and Nina is self-employed and works at home. They have one pet; Nina's black-coated, green-eyed female cat named Katrina (Kat for short). The young couple has recently  been engaged and are excited to start their life together. There is very little that they don't know about each other.

Something weird has been going on lately, however. The weather has been very cloudy recently and the sky is often an odd pink-orange kind of color. Katrina's also been acting out of character. It seems like there's something fishy here. . .

The End

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