The Man in the Mirror

For those who cannot believe in themselves, sometimes they have to rely on how others see them to get a true picture.

You looked in the mirror yesterday
Afraid to look today
The man you see looking back at you
Is not one you can face right now

The man in the mirror is a monster
The face you see there isn't your own
Your reflection is made up of demons
Pieces and fragments
Distortions of you

The past is sitting on your shoulder
Whispering lies in your ear
Telling you you aren't good enough
Making you see what isn't there

If you can't face the mirror
If the man you see there is a lie
My eyes will show your undistorted reflection
See the truth in how I see you
Let me be your mirror
Until you can look yourself in the eyes again

The demons that play in your mirror
Ones you are afraid to face
Some day you'll see they're no more than shadows
Until then, I'll be here

Because the man I see is you
I see the person you are today
Not the lingering ghosts of past misdeeds
But the man who makes me believe

The End

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