"My Shoes smell" said the man,

"Would you like to hear poem?"

"Sure, why not?"

"The once was a woman called jane, she was walking down the lane, it ended at china, she lost her vagina, and didn't go down there again..."

"Wow, how creative id like to meet this woman.."

"There was also a man called pete, he had shiny shoes on his feet, he was hot on the plane, he went to complain, but he fell out of the side from the heat.."

"Oh did he... I hope he's ok..."

"yes hes fine... because he whipped out his....

Kalashnikov, and pulled the trigger after giving it a shake... it fired, all over the wandering.. Pigeons below..."

"What happened?"

"They took flight, got into formation... and the shat all over his... mother AND his Kalashnikov"

The End

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