A Collection of Choruses

Note: Quite often, I make up a chorus, and then can't think of verses to go with them. So, until I can think of verses for them, here they are.

No, Sir
So I say no, sir
There's no-one in the world who's quite like me 
So I say no, sir
I'm gonna be the best self that I can be
So I say yes, ma'am
You may have the big eyes, the beautiful hair
But when I'm myself I am walking on air
So you go be yourself and I will be me
'Cause that's who you and I were born to be

My Message
It's like you're screaming out
This is my message to you
I'll stay if you want me to
But don't think it means a thing
'Cause it doesn't mean anything

You'll Be Brilliant
First live up to your own expectations
'Cause for now who cares about anyone else's?
It doesn't matter what they say
If they think you'll do OK
'Cause you know you'll be brilliant anyway

Don't give up on what you believe in
You can be unstoppable
Prove it now, stop pretending and start being
Live up to all the lies you told
Don't give up and you can be unstoppable

Try Being Me
Try being me and falling asleep without you
Try being me in a stone cold bed
Missing the comfort of your caress
Try being me and falling asleep without you

Just remember that I'm not gone
I've just disappeared from view
Don't be scared
If you can only hear my song
Don't be scared
And it's entirely up to you
Because I've disappeared from view
If I have disappeared to you 

The End

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