Scene 12Mature

The next day.

Melanie wanders through the automatic doors of the building and into a nicely decorated lobby. In the middle of the room, expensive couches surround a small coffee table on which a few abandoned drinks lay; a janitor seemingly appears and swipes them up. On the other side of the room is a small desk where a secretary sits. Melanie seems more comfortable in this building, in contrast to her awkward behavior earlier.

As she travels partway through the lobby, Daniel exits from a nearby elevator.

DANIEL: Melanie!

He rushes towards her.

DANIEL: Did you bring your notes?

MELANIE: Yes, they're right here. She casually lifts her notepad out of her bag.

DANIEL, grabbing the pad: Good, good. He flips through the scrawls frantically, then throws them down. The profanities he now mutters are barely audible.

MELANIE: What is it?

DANIEL: We think we know what happened to the kid.These confirm our fears.

MELANIE: You know who it is?

DANIEL: Technically, but--

MELANIE, failing to understand something is wrong: Well, that's good! Why are you angry?

DANIEL: We don't know exactly who or even the area in which he lives...we only know his alias.

There's a short pause as the excitement fades from Melanie's face. She stares at Daniel.

MELANIE, furrowing her brow, but without emotion: There have been other victims. Their injuries match, don't they?

Daniel nods.

MELANIE: This kid was almost killed.

DANIEL, continuing to nod: Yep.

Melanie pauses again, then gathers the courage to speak to her disgruntled boss.

MELANIE: Which one was it?

DANIEL: The Keeper. Quickly, preventing Melanie from asking another question: But before I tell you any more, Melanie, you need to come to my office for the meeting I mentioned. I've got some men that refuse to let you in on the case. I'm, uh...he looks slightly ashamed. I'm attempting to convince them otherwise.

He heads towards the elevator, signaling for Melanie to follow him. She stays where she is, haunted by the news and neglecting the world around her.

DANIEL: Melanie!

Melanie looks up and sees Daniel gesturing for her to follow him. The two step into the elevator as it opens and wait awkwardly for the doors to close.

The End

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