Scene 11Mature


Melanie sits at a wooden desk in a small room, surrounded by various mounds of paper. The papers are the only disturbance in the strangely clean room. Everything else is seemingly where it needs to be; even the old college textbooks, contained within the bookshelves standing on either side of the desk, are neatly organized.

Melanie leans on the desk before her, covering her mouth with a single hand as she hunches over a laptop. The brightness from the screen illuminates the room as the only light source. Every once in a while, Melanie clicks on something or types a few words. These occurrences are always interrupted by glances at her notepad.

Suddenly, Melanie's cell phone rings.

MELANIE, picking up: Hello?

DANIEL: Miss Chambers?

Melanie sighs slightly. After a few seconds, she responds.

MELANIE: Yes, Mr. Jones?

DANIEL: How was the subject?

Melanie spins in her desk chair, facing away from the laptop and towards the camera. She's visibly frustrated.

MELANIE: You didn't tell me he was a kid.

DANIEL: And...?

MELANIE: I'm not good with kids, Daniel.

DANIEL, with a disciplinary tone: That shouldn't matter. Did you get any information from him?

MELANIE: Of course I did.

DANIEL: So what did you gather?

MELANIE: Unfortunately, what he did tell me barely applied to our methods. He could hardly talk at this point. But there were defense wounds on his forearms and he was pretty disheveled, so I figure that something bad happened.

DANIEL: What do you think it was?

MELANIE: I think he was, uh...

Melanie looks downwards, searching for the correct wording.

MELANIE: He was kidnapped...probably held captive for a while under bad conditions.

DANIEL: By whom? And how long ago?

MELANIE: I don't know yet. Pause. Daniel, the kid was scared.

DANIEL, sternly: He has the information. You've got to get it from him either way.

There is a short and awkward pause.

DANIEL: Melanie, I'm going to get you involved in this case.

MELANIE, awkwardly: Mr. Jones, I--

DANIEL: That wasn't a suggestion, Miss Chambers.

Melanie sighs, now somewhat frustrated.

MELANIE: Alright.

Melanie fiddles with her notepad as she waits for Daniel to continue.

DANIEL: We'll have a meeting tomorrow. I'll give you the times later, but now I want you to get some sleep. I'll see you early tomorrow morning, Miss Chambers.

MELANIE: You too.

She hangs up without a proper goodbye, then focuses back on her laptop.

The End

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