Scene 10 (Continued)Mature

POLICEMAN #1: What are you doing?

Melanie looks quickly from the policeman to Jacob.

MELANIE: Trying to obtain information from the subject.

POLICEMAN #1: Look at him, Miss Chambers. He can barely speak.

Melanie nods, frustrated.

MELANIE: Sir, I need to continue the interview, whether he likes it or not. It's the only way we can help him.

The policeman gives her a worried look, then silently backs away. Melanie turns back to Jacob, leaning back in her chair and maintaining her composure, despite his horrified expression.

MELANIE: You need to calm down, please.

Jacob nods, but does nothing else.

MELANIE, after a short pause: You were found earlier today by the local police. You said that you were alone...why is this?

JACOB: You said it--you said it earlier.

MELANIE: You were taken by...she gestures for Jacob to finish her sentence.

JACOB: A man--he bursts into tears. I was--

MELANIE: Kidnapped.

Jacob simply sobs harder; Melanie smirks in response, happy with the information she's obtained.

The End

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