Scene 9Mature

CUTAWAY as Melanie climbs into her car, attempting to escape from the awkward situation. Daniel's odd change in character has obviously frightened her quite a bit. She forces the key into the ignition aggressively rather than with fatigue this time; her mock investigation and general interaction with Daniel woke her up almost immediately.

Once the car has been started, she reaches into her purse and checks her phone: there are no notifications of missed messages or calls. Melanie raises her eyebrows slightly. She doesn't seem to be too affected by this discovery, as her expression is one of annoyance rather than disappointment or surprise. Yet again, the phone is dropped into her purse almost apathetically.

CUT - INT: Melanie's car
Ten minutes later.

Melanie is now in the city, nearing the station as she drives through the slightly decrepit streets. The businessmen that had previously ignored Jacob still line the streets as they rush to get to unknown destinations, just as emotionless as before. There is a sense of unnerving solitude in the car as Melanie stares out the windows and into the bustling streets.

After a minute or so of driving, Melanie pulls into another parking lot, this time near the police station. Though no fear is apparent through her body language, she looks around the area with a strangely wary atmosphere. She finally climbs out of the car with an almost emotionless expression and takes a long and silent walk across the lot.

CUTAWAY - INT: The station

As soon as Melanie enters the station, a very generic policeman walks up to her rather quickly.

POLICEMAN #1: Melanie Chambers?

MELANIE, turning to him, without any faltering: Miss Chambers, yes.

They quickly shake hands. The policeman takes a deep breath, then pats her on the shoulder as he walks closer.

POLICEMAN #1, somewhat quietly, gesturing to a closed door: He's back there, in that room. Doesn't talk much, that's for sure...seems pretty traumatized, actually. I don't know how you're going to get any accurate information out of that kid.

On the word "kid," Melanie looks quickly over to the policeman. He takes no notice, as he's busy explaining the situation. Melanie seems to be distracted for the rest of the small lecture; she locks her gaze onto the door.

POLICEMAN #1: Guess you're specially trained for this type of stuff, though, huh?

MELANIE, with a forced chuckle: Right.

The policeman looks at Melanie now, as if to find out why she seems so distant. Slowly, she looks back at him, making very awkward eye contact. They both quickly look away and back at the door.

POLICEMAN #1: Good luck.

He escorts Melanie towards the door, opening it for her. She gives him a quick and phony smile and continues inside, hiding her nerves within a businesslike expression yet again. The policeman continues in behind her.

The End

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