Scene 8Mature

Daniel starts to walk briskly down the gray hallway, strangely tense and even paranoid. Melanie struggles to keep up with him and stay at a walking pace.

MELANIE, after a few seconds: What did you need me for?

DANIEL: I got a call from a police station nearby, and uh...(He trails off as he exits the hallway.)

Melanie looks slightly confused as she searches Daniel's face for any indication as to what's wrong. She is presumably unsuccessful, as her confused expression does not leave.

MELANIE, now encouraging him to finish his sentence after a few seconds: Yes...?

DANIEL, as they enter the parking lot: They found our newest patient sitting on the sidewalk alone. Injured, even.

Melanie doesn't seem to have any emotional reaction to this statement, but nods nevertheless. Daniel suddenly stops in the middle of the lot and turns to Melanie with a solemn expression.

DANIEL: Melanie, I want you to go to the station and speak with the subject. Get all the information you can, I have a feeling we're going to need it. He pulls out a small piece of paper and hands it to Melanie: Here's the address. There are a couple directions on there, too. He watches her read for a few seconds, then continues: The case isn't technically ours yet, so this may be your only time to speak with him. Sternly, yet somewhat desperately: Do well.

Melanie stares down at the paper for a second or two, then looks up at Daniel.

MELANIE: Mr. Jones, is this...

DANIEL, slightly out of breath: No, no...this isn't a test. No, I wouldn't plan something like this. Now hurry up, and... (He trails off yet again.)

Melanie nods and heads towards her car as she opens the paper and reads the address. She inspects the rest of the paper, as well, in order to avoid further contact with her boss, but to no avail:

DANIEL, calling to her after a few seconds: Melanie!

Melanie turns to him wordlessly.

DANIEL: You're very capable of doing well and being successful. You know that. But also understand that this is not a test and that not everything is planned out.

MELANIE: Yes, I understand.

DANIEL: The answers aren't always there. Don't get attached and don't dwell. You'll only drive yourself insane.

Melanie simply nods, nothing more. Daniel holds awkward eye contact, seemingly evaluating her. After a few seconds, he seems to come to a conclusion:

DANIEL, shooing her away: Hurry up.

The End

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