Scene 7Mature

MELANIE: Based on the information you have given me, I'm able to assume that you have a selective memory.

George nods, holding his tears back with an exaggerated sense of stoicism.

MELANIE: This means that you may not remember the crime.

GEORGE, almost breathy; he has been on the verge of tears for a while: I don't, I don't remember it.

Melanie narrows her eyes analytically.

MELANIE: George, do you believe you have a selective memory?

GEORGE: I don't know--I don't know.

MELANIE, with an undertone of warning in her voice: I need a definite answer now.

A silence follows. George's eyes go soft in search for the seemingly correct answer.

GEORGE, softly: Yes.

MELANIE: Beg your pardon, sir?

GEORGE: Yes, I have a selective memory.

MELANIE, leaning back in her chair and smiling slightly: Good. (This "good" is spoken as a word of encouragement, though a mocking one.)

George looks somewhat horrified as he stares at his interrogator; he's about to speak when Daniel bursts into the room. Melanie, almost startled by his presence, quickly sheds her grin.

DANIEL: Miss Chambers...

He notices the tears in George's eyes and stops himself awkwardly. After a few seconds' stare, he turns back to Melanie and speaks quietly:

DANIEL: I need to speak with you.

Melanie does a quick double-take between Daniel and George, then gathers all of her papers.

MELANIE, offering George her hand: Pleasure working with you, George.

George takes her hand and shakes it slowly. After a second or two, Melanie forcefully withdraws and heads out of the room with her boss.

The End

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