Scene 6Mature

Same time, same day.

A determined look forms on Jacob's face as he reaches for the door. The slightly injured Herald stands, now enraged by the sudden bout of violence, and grabs Jacob around the waist. Jacob screams as he does so, though it is not a scream derived from fear; it's a frustrated sound, slightly resembling a growl.


Jacob, after a bit of struggling and cursing from the both of them, wordlessly grabs the knife from Herald's hand (it's right in front of Jacob; Herald grabbed him with the armed limb in his rush to catch him) and shoves it through Herald's forearm.

They both freeze completely. Jacob stares down at Herald's newly injured forearm as it bleeds, a look of genuine horror and disbelief on his face. Slowly, he looks up at his captor.

Harold shouts in Jacob's face at the top of his lungs, withdraws, and steps back. Jacob backs away slowly, watching him writhe and attempt to pull the knife from his arm. After a few seconds, he successfully seizes the short moment of freedom and bursts through the door, escaping his undeserved prison.

The sudden light of the morning blurs the shot for a few seconds. As it focuses, Jacob is seen visibly limping along the sidewalk of a small suburb, obviously affected by the business of the city close by. Houses that bear an unnerving resemblance to each other surround him, each with their shades shut, cruelly denying any contact with the outside world.

The child looks around desperately, tears forming in his red eyes as he tries to find help. His journey towards the large city is contained within the next thirty seconds. As he comes closer and closer, crowds start to enclose him; businessmen jostle him around without a second glance.

Jacob, after a long struggle against the crowd, finally gives out. He falls down onto the curb of the thick sidewalk with a small (yet stoic) grunt as the tears that he has been holding in finally stop threatening to appear. His eyes simply close as the memories of his traumatic experience refuse to leave.

A patrolling policeman suddenly spots Jacob from across the street and sprints over, his obvious authority slowing cars as he crosses the street.

OFFICER #1, as he runs: Hey, kid! Kid!

Jacob's eyes close even tighter; the officer bends down next to him and speaks gently as he attempts to pry information from the child.

OFFICER #1: Hey, kid, are you alright?

Jacob shakes his head, a motion that is just barely noticeable.

OFFICER #1: What happened to you?

Jacob doesn't respond this time.

OFFICER #1: Where are your parents?

Jacob looks up this time, revealing his large and frightened eyes. The officer moves backwards slightly to get a better look at him.

JACOB, interrupted by deep breaths every few words: I don't know. I don't know where I am--I don't--

OFFICER #1: Kid, I need you to calm down and tell me what you remember.

JACOB, as his tears return: I can't! I can't rem--I can't tell you--I need help!

OFFICER: Sir? Sir, I need you to stay calm. Excuse me, sir. Excuse me!


The officer's voice has been replaced by Melanie's firmer (yet more businesslike) voice as she speaks to George.

MELANIE: Excuse me, sir. I need you to look at me.

George is shown now--newly-formed tears are in his eyes, as well. He rubs them and sniffs, attempting to fix up his appearance before he turns back to his interrogator.

MELANIE: Thank you.

The End

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