Scene 5Mature

Same time, same day.

Melanie, who has been questioning George for a few minutes now, fidgets with her pen. Her eyes, the eyes that once held a glint of pleasure, now held full-out passion as they stare into the disagreeable face of the accused.

MELANIE: George--if I may call you that--it would be beneficial not only for the victims of this act but for yourself if you took this opportunity to tell me about it.

GEORGE: I can't tell you anything.

MELANIE: And why's that?

GEORGE: I don't remember committing any crime.

MELANIE: Do you have...any recollection at all of any illegal acts within the past six months?

George pauses for a few seconds; the clicking of Melanie's pen as she fidgets is barely audible.


Melanie chuckles, shifting in her seat shortly as she speaks, then settles back into the chair.

MELANIE, (while she moves): Well, we have reason to believe otherwise.

GEORGE: What's the reason?

MELANIE, now still: George, we've got clear and ample evidence against you.

GEORGE: I don't see how, I didn't commit any crime. It must be incorrect.

MELANIE: Listen now: if you tell me about it, I can help you. If you don't, this interview as well as further punishment will continue.

George looks around instead of replying, taking in the uninteresting grey walls that enclose him in this apparent prison.

MELANIE: Are you positive that you did not engage in such acts recently?

A large sigh takes control over George's body, though the sigh is unnaturally shaky. Melanie's eyes pick up on this and widen.

MELANIE: Come on, it's alright. Tell me all about it.

The End

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