Scene 3Mature

Melanie throws the door open, her slightly offended expression fading as she confronts a dark, empty hallway. There are no windows; the only source of light comes from the scattered and blinking light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

Melanie walks slowly down the hallway, her methodical footsteps muffled by the unkempt grey carpet. Her tired eyes stay alert as she searches for her boss. After a seemingly long and painful walk, she comes across the impatient man, leaning against the wall and tapping his foot.

DANIEL, turning towards Melanie and standing up as he comes into the shot: Miss Chambers!

Melanie picks up her pace, speed-walking towards her boss until she reaches him.

MELANIE, with wavering confidence: Yes?

DANIEL: What took you so long to get here?

MELANIE, bluntly: Sorry, I overslept. I stayed up late last night finishing your mock case.

There is a short pause as Daniel's eyes dart from Melanie's bag back to her eyes.

DANIEL: Do you have it?

Melanie fishes the file out from her bag, then hands the thick stack of papers to her boss.

MELANIE, in a mumble: Of course. It's right here.

Daniel nods and looks over her notes, a hint of suspicion in his faintly wrinkled face. After an intimidating pause, he looks up.

DANIEL, almost warily: Good. He pauses, then continues to interrogate his employee: And did you notice anything about this case?

MELANIE, with a humorously mocking undertone, an attempt to keep conversation light with her new employer: From the stories you've told me, it sounds like the first case you dealt with. Down to the very details.

Daniel is visibly not pleased; Melanie clears her throat nervously.

MELANIE, quickly: But, uh, it was a great opportunity to solve.

DANIEL: Mhm. Right. He looks around awkwardly, then seems to remember something: Oh, yes. Your next assignment. He gestures towards a heavy nearby door. In this room is a paid 'employee' of mine. Your job is to figure out what his crimes were and what his motives were based on the general interview format I taught you.

Melanie nods, saying nothing.

DANIEL: Alright?

MELANIE: Alright.

He opens the door and gestures for Melanie to enter.

DANIEL: Go ahead.

The End

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