The Lost World ~ A Musing

I'm starting to lose faith in humanity, and in the future that the world holds for us. Aren't you?

~I was cleaning out my room and found this crumpled up ball of paper. Written on it was one of my 'musings', you could say.  I've written this quite some time ago, but I thought I might post it and see what you all think. What are your thoughts?~

Sometimes I wonder why the world is the way it unbelievably "perfect". So many rules. so much pressure on how to act and how not to act. No more freedom of speech because we're forced to say what people want to hear.

The system we follow is just a game where brainwashed puppets play. Except talking about all this to others never works because they're too caught up in the game to look outside of the bubble. The so-called "governments", the media: almost everything distorts our opinions, and influences us. We no longer have the choice to do what we want to do, believe what we want to believe because the truth is...yes...we are brainwashed.

We are brainwashed into believing that we live in a perfect world and that we have to be perfect because it's the only way to be seen. And we bend down to the expectations of others in hopes of achieving this. The quiet voices are heard and the invisible individuals finally seen if they just 'follow the rules'. But then they might find themselves becoming the undesirables: not to the world but to themselves

Lost identities cannot be found when you've given up all there is left of it. How can you pick up the shards of glass and make a beautiful masterpiece once more when its already been shattered to the core?

Giving up...we give in. To what they want, to what society wants, to what the world wants. 

The End

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